Hillary trends for all the wrong reasons and yesterday’s links

Hillary Clinton is supposed to have the best team when it comes to social media and they’ve been doing a pretty good job so far. Unfortunately for her, it’s what happens outside of her team that gets her in trouble. She has been trending on social media for terrible reasons lately and it’s wearing on her campaign.

As Trump slumps, Cruz’s play in convention speech looks smarter

Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump deserves praise, not boos

Ted Cruz, vindicated

Trump Optimism
Dire… optimism?

…RedState: Swing states even worse than national polls

…Trump is getting crushed in state polls

…538: Trump may start dragging GOP Senate candidates down with him

…Da Tech Guy: Trump is exactly where he wants to be despite GOP “chaos”

…NR: Trump is a postmodern candidate

…Shapiro: Who will be blamed if Trump implodes?

…WaPo: Two new polls show just how much Donald Trump could damage the GOP’s Senate hopes

Obama commutes sentences of over 50 with firearms violations

Pastor Abedini drops bombshell on Obama narrative: “Waiting for another plane to arrive”

In Venezuela, people eat ZOO animals to survive

Breitbart caught using picture of Cavaliers’ victory parade to pump Trump rally

Insurgent conservatives closer to Island party takeover

Turkey detains 20 suspected Islamic State members

DC police officer charged with helping Islamic State

Egypt military says killed leader of Islamic State in Sinai

North Carolina man arrested for allegedly trying to create Islamic State terror cell

NOW President: Even if fetuses are children, women should be allowed to kill them

Australian mother will fight ‘bubble-zone’ law after arrest outside abortion center

Democrats sacrifice Zika research for Planned Parenthood

New group wants women to brag about their abortions: “Spirituality and abortion are one”

Hillary for Prison

…Soshable: Hashtag trends on Twitter with Hillaryous results

Government expansion in the west and its economic consequences

We must reclaim our freedoms or live with the consequences

New Snowden movie depicts traitor as hero. Profiting from his treason may violate law.

Pence won’t endorse McCain, Ayotte

Gary Johnson gives credence to Black Lives Matter

Will the Freedom Caucus go the way of the blue dog Democrats?

A law clerk’s reflections on Justice Scalia

Harvard Republican club will not support Trump

Trump might be in real trouble this time

House Republican releases ad attacking Trump

How deferments protected Donald Trump from serving in Vietnam

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand that God is anti-abortion

Black Lives Matter founder: “The Clintons use black people for votes”

Oliver Stone’s new PSA ahead of “Snowden” movie is as chilling as Hillary’s emails

Buy a drone… or literally anything else through this Amazon link and you’ll be supporting The New Americana, conservatism, and the United States itself (sponsored)

Trump’s supporters are much-maligned, and he is letting them down

Sean Hannity has meltdown as Trump train derails

The real reason Trump won’t endorse Ryan and McCain

Donald ♥︎ Vladimir

Levin to Trump camp: “Something better change”

You knew damn well Trump was a snake before you let him in

Melania Trump may have committed visa fraud, now she’s flat out lying about it

Mainstream media wants to give the Clintons a marriage makeover

Public is highly suspicious of Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails

Hillary is a late-term abortion extremist

Socialism has killed the Big Mac in Venezuela

Records relating to Hassan sex abuse cover up get covered up

Obama jailbreak releases drug-kingpins

Paul Ryan’s primary challenger: “Why do we have Muslims in the country?”

BoE cuts interest rates and a new round of QE, Godfrey Bloom responds

Trump’s downward spiral

As Trump falters, his apologists’ search for scapegoats will only accelerate

Republican Party reaps the whirlwind

Distraught Trump staffer: “He’s basically gone rogue”

ISIS kill list names 15,000 Christian Americans targeted for death

Netanyahu warns Islamic terrorism like nazism

Congress should get serious about verifying Iran’s compliance

The complete infidel’s guide to Iran

Both parties must be demolished before America can be rebuilt

Buy Brad Thor’s thriller – “Foreign Agent” (Sponsored)

When it comes to Islam, western leaders are either liars or idiots

The minimum wage “domino theory”

The new demands of Black Lives Matter

Hillary Robot suffers unexpected programming malfunction

Clinton accused of using Black Lives Matter for photo ops

Hillary’s issue-free campaign

Gadsden flag treaded on by EEOC
Gadsden flag treaded on by EEOC

…LI: Paraphernalia racist?

…WaPo: Wearing insignia could be punishable racial harassment

…DailyWire: Two nutcases use the Gadsen flag, and suddenly the flag’s historic meaning has no relevance any more

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