A rock and a hard place

Donald Trump's Campaign

There is now talk that Republicans are seeking to replace the Cheeto Jesus.  I have my doubts as to why that will never take place.  Cheeto Jesus will not step aside easily and will either demand a heavy price or refuse altogether.  Republicans are stuck with Cheeto and any efforts to remove him as the nominee will only embolden his supporters.  Cheeto might decide to leave the race in order to save his brand but he will have to weigh the decision of becoming a quitter and bruising his ego.

I just do not think that such an outcome is probable.  I don’t believe that the Republicans have the fortitude to fix the problem by removing the uncontrollable nominee.

If however, the Republicans were to accept this course and actually oust their nominee Conservatives need to remember one thing.  It’s still not their party.  The Party would try to bring everyone on board with the replacement.  Representatives of the Party would likely put on a blitz to secure support and offer any number of inducements.  The automatic response would be to join in so that we could stop the corrupt Medusa that the Democrats have nominated.

Before joining with the Party in supporting the new nominee, I would say that Conservatives demand concessions.  They should stay strong and not sell out once more to the Party that plays the role of Janus with the base.  The Conservatives would be under immense pressure to prevent Medusa from winning but would need to stand firm.  It would not be easy but if the Conservatives wish to gain some form of change in the Party it would be necessary.

The two sides would in essence be engaging in a game of chicken with one side having to decide just how much power they would surrender and the other just how palatable a Medusa would be.  The Conservatives in order to change the Party would have to hold their votes for ransom.  Many would succumb to the enticement of someone palatable.  It would be a hard decision and one likely to unify most of the party.

The Republican Party in order to avert the present danger of the destruction of the party would need to replace the nominee.  The Party by making this choice would retain power and prolong the life of the party in its current form.  The Republicans would inevitably loose the presidential election, drive voters away, and garner an indeterminate amount of bad press.  The Party however, could withstand all these downsides better than the alternative.

Personally I believe and hope that the party lacks the courage to remove Cheeto Jesus as the nominee.  I say that knowing full well that when Cheeto loses a lot of collateral damage will occur as well.  We will probably lose some Congressional seats and will lose the ability to appoint Supreme Court judges as well.

I do not say this lightly, I know full well that in the two to four years much damage could be done to the country.  The damage done during these years if could be undone if the Conservatives were able to establish themselves as a force.

Michael Reuel

Michael is a native Texan raised as a Christian Gentleman. He is a proud Conservative.

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