BLM vs. Israel and yesterday’s links

Black Lives Matter, in an effort to fulfill the predictable mistake of falling into the anti-Israel trap, has denounced the Jewish state as the perpetrators of pretty much everything evil in the world. No, really.

Mayor of Fairfax, VA, arrested for distribution of methamphetamines

Trump has turned America into a one-party state

Listen carefully to how Donald Trump says he’ll fix a “rigged” America

Former modeling agent says he got Melania Trump’s visa

Trump pivot? Trump reset? Don’t hold your breath.

Insiders to Trump: Drop out

Don’t blame us. Blame yourselves.

Trump is one of the dementors from the Harry Potter books

What if Trump is the Democrats’ “Manchurian candidate”

Fact-Check: Hillary lied about claiming Comey exonerated her from lying

Hillary claims Trump kids “killed a lot of animals.” Hey, lady, you support Planned Parenthood.

As Donald Trump craters in the polls, is #NeverTrump to blame?

Hillary says she “short-circuited” over email claims

Is the world creeping towards a ban on nuclear weapons

The America you know will be dead in ten years

Buy Mark Levin’s book – “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future” (Sponsored)

The class struggle is real

None dare call Hillary “treasonous”

What’s up with Hillary’s health?

Shut it down: The Clinton Foundation is too corrupt to exist

Clinton repeats debunked claim about FBI email investigation

A Clinton presidency would be terrible for Israel

The pro-life case for Hillary fails to persuade

Shocker: Most “refugees” are not women and children

Border patrol website tells illegals in Spanish where they can find sanctuary from border patrol

Christians face extinction from “nonviolent” Islam

New Black Panther leader gets robbed, calls the cops

BLM leader sues Baton Rouge over his arrest

Black College Democrat turns Republican: How one millennial decided to think for himself

Now, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump … about healthcare

Barack Obama: America’s gay feminist President

Congress’ Zika disgrace

Democrats to charge gun control hill again

When does gun control not matter?

Obama takes more executive action on “gun violence” – in a way

In the war on cops, the lawless have won

Why everyone should care about the latest CA gun control laws

Censorial DePaul bans conservative Ben Shapiro

7 books every conservative should read

The federalists’ revenge

Rand Paul wants to protect the Second Amendment and federalism

A much-abused U.S. immigration program

How Angela Merkel imperiled Europe’s future

U.S. poised to hit Obama’s target of 10,000 Syrian refugees

Soaring business taxes hurt America’s ability to compete

Top Rothschild bankster pushes corrupt communist to lead U.N.

President Obama touts amazing success of Iran deal, but Ayatollah Khamenei isn’t sold

Belgian police attacker shot and killed in Charleroi

…LI: Attacker shouted “allahu akbar”

Pro-life groups want investigation of forced abortion on woman who was drugged, unconscious

Obamacare: All that was foretold is coming to pass

Ted Cruz wants to know why the hypocritical Obama admin is sitting on Zika funding

Planning for recovery begins now

Islamic State captures up to 3,000 fleeing Iraqis

Greenfield: Stop lone wolf terrorism by ending Muslim immigration

ISIS crimes against Christians amount to genocide

Black Lives Matter vs Israel

Black Lives Matter vs. Israel

…Haaretz: Jewish groups condemn Black Lives Matter platform for accusing “apartheid” Israel of “genocide”

…CR: Hey Black Lives Matter, your anti-Semitism is showing

…LI: If you are surprised #BlackLivesMatter joined war on Israel, you haven’t been paying attention

…Watchdog: Anti-Israel groups, Black Lives Matter share “pro-Palestinian agendas” that feed antisemitism

…Forward: Why has Black Lives Matter let itself be co-opted?

Most still say the U.S. at war with radical Islamic terrorism

West turns blind eye toward Islam’s attack on Middle East Christians

Obama claims Iran Deal working, Israel and Iran disagree

Obama: Israel loves the Iran deal now! Israel: Say what?

We must stop ISIS and end the genocide against Christians



…The Hill: Trump’s pushback on tax return release reveal true ambitions

…Reminder: Hillary still hasn’t released her Wall Street speech transcripts

…Fortune: Voters really want to see Trump’s tax returns

Trump’s problem with millennials

Trump’s party?

This pro-Trump press release claims he eats people

Hillary on email lies: “I short-circuited.” Here are 11 other times she short-circuited.

Even CNN calls Hillary’s statements about her email scandal “misleading”

Pence: “Whole world” knows $400M to Iran was “ransom payment”

BizPacReview: Iran claimed the US paid ransom for hostages, arrests two more Americans

TruthRevolt: Obama denies

To save conservatism

How Trump makes political correctness worse

Former CIA Chief: Trump Is “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation”

Outwasting Democrats

Obama’s cash payment to Iran was more than a ransom. It broke criminal law.

Video purportedly showing U.S. payment to Iran emerges

…DailyWire: 5 ways to tell Obama’s lying about the Iranian ransom payment

…Lifezette: National security analyst says Obama admin cash payment to Iran immoral, possibly illegal

Another state inflating Common Core test results

DC Circuit unanimously revives IRS lawsuits over discrimination against conservative groups

Obama: US must try to partner with Russia to defeat Islamic State

CNN’s herd mentality

Trump Taj Mahal announces it will close

Israeli Defense Ministry slams Obama, likens Iran deal to Munich

Iran executes nuclear scientist who had “defected” to US

American hostage Saeed Abidini says his plane was “not allowed to leave” until cash plane landed

Mr Status Quo Establishment
Mr. Establishment

Today: Trump endorses Paul Ryan

Earlier this week: Trump tweets praise to Ryan’s opponent

Today: Trump endorses John McCain

Earlier this week: Trump refuses to endorse McCain

Today: Trump endorses Kelly Ayotte

Earlier this week: Trump bashes Ayotte

Hillary Clinton holds a halfway press conference

…”Journalists” clap and cheer

#WhatMakesHillaryShortCircuit goes viral after Clinton responds to email scandal slip-up

25 reasons not to vote for Hillary

Hillary for America allegedly overcharges small donors

Stephen Hawking angers Trumpkins with baffling array of big words

Another GOP Representative jumps ship for a third party option

An open letter to Sean Hannity and his ilk

The GOP: A dysfunctional mess

Trump goes after the biggest flip-flopper in politics. Himself.

Tick Tock on Hillary

Tick tock on Libya

…Top Right News: New email bombshell on Hillary

…Wikileaks: Secretary Clinton’s leadership on Libya

New Boko Haram leader vows to bomb every church, kill all Christians

Iran reacts angrily to UN criticism over executions

New mantra to deny Islamic terror: “Mental illness”

101st Airborne soldiers tapped to fight Islamic State

Iran could have an operational nuke by 2017 end

Where is the evidence that Trump would defend the Constitution?

Trump carries water for Vladimir Putin in his attack on treaty with Japan

Brutal breakup: Trump campaign humiliates Paul Ryan’s challenger over and over…

Trump doesn’t say what he says

Feds raid home, office, pub of Philly union boss tied to DNC, Clinton

Who’s crazier, Trump or Obama?

Lawsuit to allow 3rd party candidates on the debate stage fails

Make your vote matter by voting your conscience

Snopes vs. Politifact

Court: IRS needs to prove it isn’t targeting conservative groups

Common Core textbooks get poor marks

Dumped cherries a reminder of awfulness of USDA marketing orders

Alumni see the new campus culture and some are closing their checkbooks

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Bozell lashes out at “stupid” Trump giving media excuse to not cover DNC leaks, Hillary

Extortion as Trump’s secret “art of the deal”

The one excuse Trump can’t claim

Waiting for the pivot at the end of the universe

Trump’s “economics” team

No, WikiLeaks isn’t trying to hack Trump’s tax returns

Hillary and Obama have polarized our country

The Clinton crime family body count continues to rise

The top 5 most hilarious times Hillary tried to be a normal person

McCain’s worst nightmare: Dr. Kelli Ward

Lower standards for Common Core raises “inflation criticism”

Wolf: The country will survive this election no matter who wins

Piers ‘Musket’ Morgan, Wil Wheaton triggered by America’s first gold medal win in Rio

Residents gather to discuss the possibility of a handgun ban in Oklahoma

Response time “zero”: Gun-free zones vs. concealed weapons

There’s good reason to believe Hillary’s health is far worse than we think

Same intel hack who helped cover up Benghazi endorses Hillary

Chris Wallace: Hillary’s clarification of her email comment to me is “positively Clintonian”

Dear Christians: Have you seen the Democratic platform?

Attacks on Christians in Egypt raise alarms

The transforming power of God gives us reasons for hope

Obama paid $400M in cash to Iran to get around laws

U. Wisconsin-Stout to remove pics of Native Americans due to potential ‘harmful effects’ on students

How Obama feeds the monster

WGA calls for amnesty to stop wage increases

DNC’s failing Common Core exposed by WikiLeaks

Syrian refugees settled in poor Virginia communities far from Congress

What we know about Boko Haram’s new leader, Abu Musab al-Barnawi

A touch of evil: Islamic State’s withdrawal from Iraq leaves death and destruction

ISIS’s “deep/dark” web penetrated by Israeli intel cyberjocks. What does this mean?

Iran confirms secret nuclear agreement: Big payoff to Iran

Is America’s M1 Abrams tank still the best in the world?

Obamacare downward spiral continues, 2017 will be worse

A world with abortion is a world plagued by violence

Speaker Ryan’s primary challenger is a populist, not a conservative

Release of genetically engineered mosquitoes to fight Zika clear by FDA

Sessions: Obama endangers law-abiding Americans

Public schools in North Carolina look to brainwash children on gender with “the gender unicorn”

Should America remain globally engaged?

Venezuela exposing socialism’s weakness

Conservatism, is it dying?

Trump Censors Trump

Anti-Israel blacklisters complain they are unfairly being blacklisted

Thais vote on new constitution that could dilute democracy

World summit to defend persecuted Christians pulls out of Russia following new religion law

North Korea bans crosses amid fresh crackdown on Christians

Christianity grows in Myanmar despite persecution

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