A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary

A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Hillary

Yes, yes, I know.  A vote for Gary Johnson is a “vote for Hillary.”  A vote for any third party is a “vote for Hillary.”  Not voting is a “vote for Hillary.”  In fact, we’re told, anything other than a vote for Trump is a “vote for Hillary.”

Having become something of a political pariah recently among some of my friends hasn’t come as a surprise – refusing to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, strictly on principle, doesn’t always sit well with the average conservative voter who honestly does want to “make America great again.”  I want America to be great again, too.  And – yes, Hillary Clinton would be an awful, corrupt, criminal of a president because she’s an awful, corrupt, criminal of a person. But, seeing through the gold-plated, bombastic, albeit poorly executed, and self-absorbed Trump façade is critical for conservative voters if we’re interested in electing a principled, moral leader.

For those paying attention, last month’s tacit endorsement of Donald Trump by the chairman of the American Nazi Party (ANP) should have come as no surprise, but perhaps not for the reasons most would think.

Granted, the left’s characterization of the endorsement, complete with the classical, dripping self-righteousness of “equality” and “tolerance,” focused on the the rather obvious conclusion a Nazi Party endorsement should normally bring – Donald Trump must be a racist because the Nazi Party is a bunch of racists.

While I wouldn’t necessarily immediately and summarily lump Donald Trump into the “racist” category, the fact of the American Nazi Party being a bunch of racists is patently self evident.  If you’re not “Aryan,” you’re out.  Unless, of course, you’re classified as a “Non-Aryan Sympathizer” by the Führer, or his modern day counterpart, which just sounds like so much work that it’s probably not worth it when you could be using that time to wander into traffic while playing Pokémon GO instead.

While the racism angle of the ANP endorsement is a problem, it actually isn’t the most concerning problem when it comes to Donald Trump.  The more concerning problem is the rest of their political platform.  Because, well… “Nazi” is the German abbreviation for “national socialism,” a form of socialism with a nationalist bent.  Like all forms of socialism, national socialism is a form of big government totalitarianism, which fits Donald Trump quite well.

The ANP supports all of the things socialists typically support – “social justice”: a right to housing, a right to medical care, a right to “generous” welfare in old age, government central planning and control of the economy, government-controlled land ownership, government-provided education, public control of all banking and credit, forced profit sharing for industry, government-owned utilities (and the end of coal and gas generation), government financial support for “cultural expression,” and government subsidized scientific research. And that is why their support for Donald Trump is a problem.

While Trump does not espouse all of the above-mentioned beliefs, he and many of his supporters clearly have a tendency to support big government involvement in many more things anathema to principled, constitutional conservatism.  And the ANP recognizes this similarity

His support today of continued punitive, progressive taxation is a great example of this.  His support for a government-mandated minimum wage last month is another. Additionally, his support for gun control, government involvement in health care, an unconstitutional “wealth tax,” and limitation of the First Amendment to allow litigation against unfavorable news articles is just icing on the cake.

Donald Trump is not a national socialist or a Nazi, but he is a big government progressive with socialist tendencies.  Just like Hillary Clinton.

It turns out, a vote for Trump is a “vote for Hillary,” too.

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

M.A. Weimer

M.A. Weimer is the founder of The Bulletproof Patriot, a constitutional liberties blog, a husband, a father, and an engineer. He is a fierce defender of individual rights and constitutional federalism and believes that the best form of government is the one closest and most accessible to those it impacts.

  1. Fantastic take on the Nazi endorsement of Donald Trump. Clearly all supporters of Bernie Sanders should make haste to jump on the Trump bandwagon based on this endorsement. Who knew national socialism would find a friend in Trump?

    1. “Who knew?” Everyone who’s been paying attention.

      Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, a Trojan horse meant to destroy the party of Lincoln and Reagan, Hillary’s overachieving Ross Perot, and the other pathologically-lying liberal from New York.

      He’s the other side of Hillary’s two-headed coin.

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