Hillary’s Iranian email and yesterday’s links

Whether Hillary Clinton’s insecure email contributed to the death of an Iranian nuclear scientist or not will likely never be known. All we know for sure is that she emailed about him and a few years later when he returned to Iran, he was killed. It doesn’t bode well for Hillary’s security issues.

How the electoral college, not majority vote, elects U.S. Presidents

Dear “conservative” media: You should be better than this

In support of humanity

Roger Ailes allegedly used Fox News budget to fight personal battles

China’s newest economic threat: Massive corporate debt

WikiLeaks founder speaks to Green Party convention in Texas

Obama’s Marxist explanation of terrorism

Trump's values vs Christian values

Trump’s values vs Christian values

…TNA: An open letter to Christian editorial writers

…Madison: How can Christians support Trump?

…JPost: The Christian origins of U.S. religious freedom

…The Stream: Yes, conservatives should vote according to conscience

Buy Dana Loesch’s book – “Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To” (Sponsored)

German, Austrian politicians compare Erdogan to Hitler

Erdogan stages mass rally after attempted coup

False NBC report that Erdogan fled coup leads Turkish media to suspect CIA plot

Hillary's emails and Iran's executed nuclear scientist

Hillary’s emails and Iran’s executed nuclear scientist

…American Thinker: Did Clinton emails doom Iranian nuke scientist to death?

…Politico: The strange case of Shahram Amiri launched during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State

…Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email

Democrats touting billionaire support for Hillary have a short memory

Kaine attempts to explain Clinton’s email lies. Faceplants.

Hillary’s agenda will add over $2T to the deficit

All the critics who based “Hillary’s America” documentary might want to see this fact

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange accuses Hillary Clinton of electoral “extortion”

Abortion cheerleaders just don’t care if they’re killing

Rather than fund abortion, let’s invest in alternatives

Raven’s Ben Watson says Planned Parenthood created to “exterminate blacks”

S.S. Republican Party

Trump’s bluster may cost him several reliably red states

Never underestimate the rock solid reputation of chumps

Are we beginning to see the revelation of a Hillary plant?

Beat him like a drum: Donald Trump must not just lose in November; to correct the institutions he’s broken, he must suffer a humiliating defeat

Trump’s foreign policy tells us that he doesn’t understand America

GOP activists feel betrayed by Trump’s Ryan endorsement

A nation under judgment?

Christians at a crossroad: Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil

What Trump will cost his supporters

Breitbart cites Gateway Pundit to prove Trump will “win in a landslide” because he has more Facebook likes

The bigger threat: Radical Islam or ourselves?
The bigger threat: Radical Islam or ourselves?

…Washington Examiner: Islamic State posts photos of gear allegedly taken from U.S. troops

…WND: American Christians should “take seriously ” terror threats

…Washington Times: Obama administration’s Syrian refugee surge could approach 30,000 in next year

Video: Stuff that Israel haters say

Israeli company hacks ISIS, reveals list of next attack targets

Campus antisemitism spike sparks record attendance at media watchdog conference

Conservative group launches ads against Obama Medicare “experiment”

Obama plays 300th round of golf as President

“Cesspool” of anti-Israel behavior at University of Tennessee, watchdog group finds

Erdoğan renews death penalty call

…LI: Would support if Parliament brought it back

Putin and Erdoğan to have first meeting since jet downing

Greenmail? Political alimony? Is this Trump’s real art of the deal?

I hate posting anything released by Hillary’s campaign, but they have some points about Trump and Putin that should be considered

Watch as Trump Tom Tancredo hopes you’ll forget recent history

Trump getting 1% of the black vote. 1%.

Hillary’s protectionist promises would do serious economic damage

Clinton attracting only two-thirds of Sanders’ voters

Hillary’s Senatorial claim to create 200,000 jobs in upstate New York? Ha.

Where are Hillary’s tears for Sharia victims?

Hillary sued for wrongful death of Benghazi victims Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith

Elizabeth Warren blasts standard operating procedure of Hillary, DNC

Republican industrial complex has turned missteps into millions

GOP dumps Tea Party conservatives

Hannity melts down after CNN media critic chastises him for pushing Trump conspiracy

After voter ID defeats, lessons from Indiana’s law that “has stood test of time”

Iran wants foreign oil investors. Will the Saudis follow?

Putin eager to talk trade with leaders of Iran, Azerbaijan

Former Iranian President write to President Obama over $2B court ruling

Buy Mark Levin’s book – “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future” (Sponsored)

Persecuted Christians in Iraq urge government to act against ISIS, two years after exodus

Iraqi Christians grow weary of waiting to go home

How many babies dies in abortions and how many women are killed or injured?

Catholic university’s new provost serves as board member at abortion clinic

“Christians have been warned” Koran offers no protection from ISIS, says historian

Iraqi Christian refugee prays for ISIS terrorists who killed her relative

Could the decline in Christianity be coming to a halt?

Concealed carry permit surge could play decisive role in these 2016 battleground states

Feds want to update their gun databases

Are gun-related murders out of control in the state with the most guns per capita? Of course not.

Hillary ignores America’s largest police union

Hillary vows “to stand against” these people who don’t actually exist

How #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary can make an election statement that matters

Secret deal among AGs to prosecute climate change “deniers” challenged in court

Roger Ailes’ alleged use of company funds make him liable to Fox

The modern feminist rejection of Constitutional government

Secret deal among AGs to prosecute climate change “deniers” challenged in court

Roger Ailes’ alleged use of company funds make him liable to Fox

The modern feminist rejection of Constitutional government

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