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When a handful of people reached out to me less than a month ago about forming a third party that focused on true Constitutional conservatism, I was skeptical. After all, there was already the Libertarian, Constitution, and other smaller parties that had tried and essentially failed to make an impact. The GOP stranglehold on those right-of-center was too strong, right?

We tested the waters, just in case. A single blog post yielded results that were far beyond our expectations. We’ve received an incredible number of inquires, thousands of which have offered to actively participate in building the party from the ground up through volunteering, contributions, and bringing together the efforts of groups with which they’re already involved. We were contacted by Tea Party officials, a budding organization with the same intent, media representatives, and politicians. The initial response to a basic idea was tremendous.

Now, it’s time to move to the next steps.

Why a third party?

Before expanding on how this will work, it’s important to understand the motivations. The most prominent question that we’ve received pertains to rebuilding the Republican party from within. In one instance, a long conversation with a Tea Party founder started in this direction but by the end we agreed that rebuilding simply won’t work. The Establishment is too entrenched and with Donald Trump leading the charge at the top of the ticket, the damage is done regardless of whether he wins in November or not.

This is a disastrous election cycle for conservatives. Regardless of how you feel about Trump, it’s important to admit that there will need to be a powerful group of conservatives working towards “picking up the pieces” after the next election. If Hillary Clinton wins by a landslide, the GOP may be able to retain control of the Senate. If she wins in a close race or if Trump wins, chances are very high that the Democrats will control the Senate.

Conservatives are being ejected left and right in Republican primaries and more will likely lose their spots in November. The progress that the Tea Party and parallel conservative groups like the Freedom Caucus have made over the last six years are being wiped out. The movement that started with the Tea Party is being co-opted by misguided or outright deceitful moderates and populists as conservatism slips away.

A new party that can make a sudden impact before 2018 is the only thing that can truly combat the leftward lurch by both major parties. The Democrats are showing their true socialist and communist leanings while the Republicans are filling the gaps in the middle. Those of us on the right are being left behind. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “We’re not leaving the Republican party. The Republican party has left us.”

First steps

The key to making sure a new party doesn’t suffer the same fate of stagnation that has relegated other third-parties to the role of spoiler is velocity. We have an opportunity that hasn’t been presented to conservatives in decades. The angst felt by conservatives is practically tangible. Even those who are holding their nose and voting for Trump to save us from Hillary are feeling the need for something better after the election.

To do this, we are going to start as a movement. Talking to one Tea Party founder had us lamenting over whether or not they should have formed a standalone party in 2009. We concluded that at the time, the need simply wasn’t great enough. The Republican party still had strong conservatives in powerful places. All we needed was a movement to push the right candidates in the primaries and help them reach office. The choice to be a movement rather than a party was the right one.

Today, a movement isn’t enough, but it’s a start. We are forming the financial and organizational foundation of a conservative movement that will transition into a political party once we reach a tipping point. It’s important to start now. It would take divine intervention for a conservative to become President, but there are down-ballot conservatives who need our help in November. This is where the movement will start.

Establishing the movement

The wonderful part about starting with a movement is that it’s not mutually exclusive with any other entity. Unlike a party, there’s no need to leave one movement in order to join another. We will be working with various conservative entities hand-in-hand to ensure that we have a strong foundation before even officially launching the party.

Again, it’s all about velocity. The internet gives us the ability to spread in ways that were simply not available to previous parties when they were formed. By harnessing the potential velocity that the internet gives us, we can expand the movement into the millions in a very short period of time. This site itself is a testament to the power of velocity. In four short months, we’ve been able to expand into millions of monthly hits while spending very little. With proper funding, the same basic marketing plan can build a movement that can impact the 2016 elections and be a force before the 2018 elections.

Building a coalition

Alone, our road would be challenging. This is why it’s imperative that we make contact with other like-minded groups regardless of size. To do this, we’ll need your help. Many of those who we’ve talked to already came to us based upon the original blog post. To build a coalition of conservatives, we’ll need other organizations to contact us. That’s where you come in.

It’s important that this article gets shared with anyone and everyone who is working towards saving America through conservative action and expansion. Social media is wonderful; we know that the right people will see this and contact us as a result of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We also ask that you contact people you know directly. If you know someone who should be speaking with us, email or otherwise reach them in any method that’s appropriate.

I’m a firm believer that the majority of Americans are conservatives whether they know it or not. The combination of liberal mainstream media propaganda and a false redefining of conservatism by many in the Republican party has pushed people away, but the reality is that true conservatism in its purest form has ideas that Americans can embrace. To make this happen, we need to build the coalition.

Forming the party around the people’s platform

As we work through the logistics and legalities behind forming a new party, one thing is very clear: a conservative platform must be in place and must have real power. How we make it binding for our candidates is a bit too detailed for this post, but we’ll explain when the time is right. In the meantime, we want people to understand how the platform will be formed and maintained.

The Constitution itself would be the basis for the platform, but specifics need to be laid out. Here’s where we will differ from other political parties. Standard practice is that the party leaders assign a committee to draft a platform. From there, it’s voted on by party members or the delegates voted on by party members. This was a necessary practice in the past. The expansion of technology and advancements in communication allows our new party to build and maintain our platform differently.

Rather than leave it up to a committee and given an up or down vote as a whole, every aspect of the platform will be decided by members of the party itself. We will take individual issues and present options to party members online. From there, they will vote on the platform proposals from top to bottom on the issue.

Using a basic example, let’s look at abortion. First, the party will be given the choice of adopting a pro-life or pro-choice perspective (I believe we all know how that initial vote would go). Assuming that it’s pro-life, the party’s stance will be broken down further and voted on by party members. All of them. Do we allow exceptions is the mother’s health is in jeopardy? Birth defects? Rape?

This is an important distinction because the pulse of party members must have a say in what we represent. It’s easy for some lucky members of the committee to make a blanket statement on an individual issue based upon what they think the party represents, but only through direct voting within the party are we able to truly embody the voice of the people. This will empower party members to influence our nation not just through their vote but also through campaigning for individual policy proposals themselves. Someone who is in fervently in favor of maintaining religious liberties for business owners can communicate through party channels with the other members in order to state their case. We want this party to be truly about We the People. Others will promote that concept. We want our actions to reflect our words.


The plans are rolling in the right direction. Now, all we need is your help. We are not accepting donations quite yet, though our friends at Reclaim DC are now doing so. More than anything else we need our numbers to grow. This means adding your name to the list. It also means informing those who should be talking to us that they should contact us immediately.

We haven’t heard from Evan McMullin’s campaign, yet. We should. We’ve reached out to Free the Delegates without a response. Conservative politicians who have lost their primary should be talking to us today. There are so many out there who can help and who need our help. Fill out the form below to join the movement and to stay informed when the party is getting started. Then, share this with everyone you know.

America is on the brink. Only conservatism and the hand of God can keep us from going over the edge.

If you want to receive updates about the new conservative party of if you have questions, email me – [email protected] – or fill out the form below.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Ricardo. Naming it is in the works. There are several “parties” that have appropriate names, URLs, and social media handles that are currently not being used, so we’re starting there. We do have a good social media presence, but this is going to really come down to the grassroots. It’s not what we’re saying about ourselves. It’s what others are saying about us that will really make an impact.

      1. For a party name, I personally like “White Hats”. It could be a tribute to Reagan who was often photographed wearing a white cowboy hat. And it also speak to the old westerns where the people wearing the white hats are the good guys.

        And by default, the people opposing us would be the black hats, the bad guys, even without us having to vocalize it.

  1. I am really excited about this. I’ve been checking every day for updates on how this is going. I am relieved and excited to see updates on next steps. How odd is it to describe relief in this context. It is a happy, yet sad moment for me.

    As I said before, i am all in, and have been talking with everyone I know and can think of to get attention going. I think one of the tragedies with this is that republicans and conservatives are fighting with each other so much, that they have lost the vision as to what the “real” battle is. If republicans disagree with one another, they both are suddenly the “true” conservatives, and the other is automatically establishment.

    I was listening to a popular national radio host a couple days ago. He actually implied that I was establishment, not a true conservative, because I was “throwing” my vote away, by not voting for Trump. I was getting Hillary elected. ..it was my fault. I was stunned. The more I thought on this, the more I realized that it could not be farther from the truth. My vote DOES matter…TO ME. It is because my vote, my voice matters to me, that I cannot bring myself to vote out of fear, and take an “at all costs” approach of a Clinton Presidency. It is worse to discard my voice, and vote for someone that I cannot believe in. I will not fear a Presidency from Hillary Clinton, nor, one less likely, of Donald Trump. I will accept what the next 4 years will bring, and stand for my conservative principles.

    I will not bow to this rising tide of viewing every conservative that I disagree with on SOME issues as my enemy, or someone to work against, but I will fight for what I believe should be the tenets and core foundations of conservatism, the constitution itself. That is the common ground that is needed, and I’m thrilled to see it at the forefront of the mission to build out the movement, and transform it into an effective party.

    I love the idea and concepts of taking the platform to the people instead of a committee. My voice matters! I will be very interested to see what the ideas are to safeguard and protect from duplication and fraud, as that would be an important element to me in this day and age, but I believe it can be done, and would be a far more reflective body or party representative of its people.

  2. I’m Collin Simonsen and I’m running for Congress with the Constitution Party. I like your enthusiasm and I wish you well. I am wondering if you’d tell me, candidly, why you don’t just rally behind the Constitution Party? It’s already got organization and ballot access in most states. It has laid a lot of the ground work already, and that’s expensive and hard to do. Why don’t you join us?

    1. Hi Collin,

      There are a few infrastructure challenges, but the main thing is velocity. After 15+ years in existence as the Constitution Party and several years before that as the Taxpayer Party, it hasn’t been able to get a solid seat at the table. Sometimes new is more appealing. I’d love to talk to someone at in party leadership about it. Forming a coalition of conservatives will require millions of people which means that those involved with the Constitution party could step up and take the lead or at least become a part of the movement.

  3. I think this election will tell us how much of an opportunity there is in truly forming a new party. For example, if there will be relatively high turnout for both Trump and Clinton and if the race will be close- I don’t think there will be much energy left for a true conservative party to emerge. If Clinton wins in a landslide and if turnout is low for both parties (especially for Republicans), than there will be millions of Americans unhappy with the Republican party. Nobody wants to be on the losing team. However, neither does anyone want to be on a team that has no chance of winning. I believe that’s the reason millions of Republicans are and will be skeptical of leaving the Republican party and joining a new party that they believe represents them. Third parties are generally looked at as having no chance of winning. However, the tide seems to be slowly turning in our favor.

    1. That’s the key, Vitaly: the turning tide. A year ago I would have said that a third party had no chance. Now, the groundswell of anger or disappointment from conservatives is easy to see. The beauty of this party starting as a movement is that it will allow “toe dipping” for those who are skeptical (which, frankly, should be most people) of a third party based upon the failures of others in the past. However, we do know that there’s a willingness by the majority of conservatives to engage as long as membership isn’t mutually exclusive. For example, we wouldn’t make the same mistake that others have made. “Official” party registration in states with closed primaries can remain Republican to help conservatives have the best chance of winning. For 2016 and most likely 2018, unless there’s a miracle chances are strong that our party will not require officially leaving the GOP. More on this concept to come, but the important thing to note is that we’re building velocity and momentum BEFORE trying to shake up the two-party system. Working from within will allow us to expand rapidly even if many are rightfully skeptical of the chances of success.

      In other words, we’re going to earn our right to have a seat at the table before we ask for it. This will be fleshed out in a future posting.

  4. Love party member control & input in platform. Problem is if platform doesn’t exact match peoples view, they tune out. Possible suggestion, choose platform based on ranges. IE party will support candidates who position falls between “no abortion after heartbeat” to “no abortion after viability”. IF people would accept this concept, could gather more people and create debate. Establish working with people of like mind, not exact mind.

    1. Jeff,

      That’s a very good point and it’s not far off from the initial thought. A portion of the thinking behind candidates we would support is that they are not tied to entire platform but would sign off on maintaining support for individual platform segments. Any that they disagree with, they would write up a memo of dissent that allows them to explain why they differ on that particular portion. Expanding that in a way similar to what you’ve laid out for the members of the party itself makes a lot of sense. Policy “range” – it should be strongly considered. Thank you.

  5. I understand about the newness of a party being able to attract a lot of people, but thats just in the begining. Most people will be extremely frustrated when they see how difficult the Democrats and Republicans have made it to gain ballot access….I would strongly suggest that you all come to the Constitution Party and work there…You will have people already who know how to deal with this and with the surge of new people, it would really take off. Otherwise you will just be further splintering the small amount of conservatives who are out there..I think we should stop using the term conservative anyway because many people have different ideas of what that means…I want freedom, from govt. in every form…thats what most people want….just something to think about.

    1. Joe, experience is very important as we’ve learned in the early days. We have two lawyers working with us now and they’re already getting overwhelmed to some extent. The challenge with the Constitution Party is that they need organizational and messaging help. They haven’t been able to reach a tipping point based upon those two deficiencies. What I anticipate is a future where they become part of the coalition, perhaps even leading it to some extent based upon the aforementioned experience, but attempting to take a message that has failed to resonate for a quarter century is not the best approach. Start fresh and bring them into the mix – it’s the approach that should yield the greatest fruit.

      Regarding “conservatism,” you’re absolutely right. Liberty, freedom, “Constitutionalists,” all of the buzzwords have been co-opted and manipulated to the point that their meaning has been obscured. Rather than fight to define them, we hope to embody them more appropriately under an umbrella that unifies the overarching message. Rather than redefine (again) what it means to be a conservative, we’ll focus on representing the originalist precepts that all still apply today in order to show the masses what freedom, liberty, and all of the buzzwords really mean regardless of the label itself. Many will say that it’s too challenging, that the two-party system is too embedded or that the pre-existing third parties stand a better chance. In the end, we have to follow principles before politics. Then, the politics will manifest in ways nobody can predict.

  6. I love this post. From my perspective though, I am devastated that Ted Cruz will not become our President in 2016, when America needs him the most. I am one who believes what America needs is a President that knows The Bible as well as he/she knows the Constitution and the Law. The lack of solid Christian principles and values within the Republican Party is just a little too obvious, I think. Our choices are evil and evil, for President. Over and over, the GOP favors the candidate I just can’t in all good conscience vote for.
    Are you saying we, as the “movement” are taking a different approach than we were last week, in that we are not leaving the GOP on 9/15, but rather staying in since we can actually keep our feet in both until such time we are ready to become a Party? I’ve had several conversations with David about this the last few days, still trying to wrap my brain around it…..LOL.

    1. Karen, the two factors in play are practicality and principle. Any plan that has a chance of succeeding where others have failed needs to abide by both factors. All of this is challenging to conceptualize within a single blog post (or even a few, really) but the important thing is that we stay true to the realities of our situation while not being held back by perceived limitations. As individuals or even within a small group, the steps can seem insurmountable and never-ending. This is why pushing for a movement that can evolve into a party is the right approach. I’ve been talking to David daily. He understand where things are and is taking the personal steps necessary to achieve one goal at a time.

  7. One of the reasons that third party candidates do not succeed on the national level is they tend to lack candidates/platforms/philosophies on the local level. A half dozen party members have a “convention” and nominate somebody to run for President. That strategy is a non-starter. This is why we see S.M.O.D. out-polling Gary Johnson.

    What needs to be done is to build the new party from the ground up, not the top down. We need to start at the community level: city council, school board, dog catcher, the local races that [should] have the greatest day-to-day effect on the voting public. Communicate conservative principles as they apply to those positions (for if the principle doesn’t work on the local level, it sure won’t work on the national level). Let people see how those conservative principles applied to their local government benefit the body politic on the local level. Build from there: run for county and state level positions, and put up candidates that can effectively communicate conservative principles, and then make sure those are being communicated at every opportunity. “I voted to [do/not do] this [action] because it was in keeping with [this, that, and the other] principle.” As those office holders gain popularity and recognition, I would expect a number of disaffected Republican candidates to defect to the new party. Some will bring name recognition and donors, a very attractive quality for a new party, but these people need to be vetted and those found wanting shown the door.

    No one got to the majors without first going through the farm system and the minors. Political parties are no different.

    1. CORancher, you’re absolutely correct. This needs to be discussed further. Instinctively it’s been part of the plan but never voiced appropriately as you’ve just done. Thank you.

    2. Exactly right. I’ve been pushing people for years to get involved at the grass roots level, but few do. That’s also one reason we keep getting the same politicians year in and year out, others are too busy or too shy to stand up and go for it. The big 2 corrupt parties have the lion’s share at the top end of political office (that’s natural, they’ve been at it for a long time, but they’re not unbeatable), but a true grass roots party starts winning elections at the grassroots and grows until they can’t be ignored. There’s many better libertarians than Gary Johnson, but he has the name recognition and has been elected before so they keep pushing him every year.

  8. I’m curious JD, how are you going to lure over the “A” rated Conservatives like Cruz, McClintock or Lee?
    For without them, you will not get their constituency, millions of supporters in just those few.

  9. I’m a long time conservative, and I’m skeptical. The Trump phenomenon shows us that, no, most Americans are not conservative at heart – not in the true died in the wool sense. If you get rid of some of the globalist and free trade aspects, you’d have a lot more conservatives.

    But, good luck with that.

  10. Thank you for forming this third party. Its a must be because we, the republicans are swallowed up by the democrat filling the seat for the true republicans. Its clear to me that everyone can change their party or their position whether socialist, libertarians, democratist to faking claims a republican, but act not within the standard common ground of a republican true principle.
    I actually believe that true republicans are stands out to be conservatives since their love for their country is being invented and destroying by corrupt government taking over and they want to restore their nation back and only a conservatives can make a restoring to free America again.
    (One nation under God and in God we trust)
    Thank you!

  11. If you make abortion the centerpiece of your party, you will never get the millenials who are having a greater impact on legislation. Obama won twice because the Republicans were so fixated on this issue that they failed to address issues that effect our everyday lives.

  12. #GOPExodus September 15th!
    Definitely a need for a Third Party for Ted Cruz and all true Constitutional Conservatives to turn to… the corrupt Republican Establishment aim is to crush Conservatives – has been for many years.

    1. Ever since Indiana screwed the nation I had been emailing Cruz once a week to start or spearhead a new 3rd party for 2020. I never recieve a reply but I’m sure his people have to sort through millions of emails. I am also turning in my paperwork to un-register as Republican on Sept. 15.

  13. Your article states that in forming the platform, there would have to be a determination on the party’s stance on abortion. IMHO, if it is not pro-life, then you ARE NOT forming a Conservative party.

    1. Chuck, that was an example of how it would work. I couldn’t imagine a world where a group of conservatives came to the conclusion that we should be pro-choice.

  14. We have NEEDED to do this since I was old enough to vote. I am 78 now…let us accomplish this in my lifetime, please.

  15. Two comments…

    1. There is no range on being pro-life.

    2. The discussion of basing this on the Constitution but then saying we’ll have a pure democratic form of deciding the platform seem oxymoronic doesn’t it?

  16. I sure do want this to take root. I have to say It seems so daunting though. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling worn out by the last few years and politics in general.

    I do hope that other groups such as the Constitution party work together because factions will kill it before it even behins. If the message of freedom and liberty can effectively be conveyed I think we would be surprised how many millennials take notice . Having 2 in my home and working with many I’ve been surprised at how well they resceive constitutional conservatism to when it’s explained to them.

  17. I’m out of the GOP. It is going the way of the Whigs, which dissolved for almost the same reason: It lacked principles and did not generate the kind of loyalty needed on a national level. But can another party rise from those ashes again? A NEW “third party” has to stand apart from other conservative parties already out there: Libertarian, Constitution, Independent American.

  18. There is already a God honoring, Constitution upholding, third party out there seeking to restore liberty – the Constitution Party. Why not support it? 

    I understand that the Constitution Party has not risen to the level of prominence and power that conservatives are hoping for in a third party, but that is only due to a lack of Christian and conservative people being willing to abandon the R party. Yes, perhaps now more people than ever are dissatisfied with the R party and are even talking about a third party, but if their talk is serious, then why aren’t more of them leaving to support the Constitution Party, especially since the Constitution Party is fielding the only arguably conservative Presidential candidate?

    I propose that the reason more people have not already jumped off the elephant ride to support the Constitution Party, or the Libertarian Party, or even independent candidates, is because they are more committed to winning than to simply doing what is right and standing for the principles that they espouse. 

    I understand the idea of velocity and harnessing that momentum, but that again says that the people are not really willing to do what is right just because it is right, but are only willing to do what is right when they have the right momentum and are caught up in the thrill of the ride in the current movement. That tells me that as soon as the thrill is gone, the people will be gone. It’s kind of like getting a lover all revved up with words, romance and all the right sexy stuff that gets them in the mood, then quickly asking them to marry you while the momentum is going your way. They will probably say yes, but they will be saying yes for the wrong reason and will later either live in regret or leave and go back to their old lover.

    I honestly believe that the only answer for America is a spiritual revival that effects hearts and minds, beginning with the hearts and minds of the Christian-conservative-right, such that Christians will regain a lost understanding of God’s will for our civil society, find the boldness to speak His will and His word to that society, and find the courage to stand for what is right just because it’s right.

  19. This is all very interesting. I was one of those early Tea Party supporters who never believed that we’d be able to “take over” the GOP. I was ready for a viable 3rd party alternative in 2009.

    However, could someone explain the logic in this sentence from paragraph 5 in the treatise above: “If Hillary Clinton wins by a landslide, the GOP may be able to retain control of the Senate. If she wins in a close race or if Trump wins, chances are very high that the Democrats will control the Senate.”

  20. “The key to making sure a new party doesn’t suffer the same fate of stagnation that has relegated other third-parties to the role of spoiler is” THE CONSTITUTION!

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