What should we do on election day?

Third Party Candidate

The elephant in the middle of the living room in our country’s politics is the corruption of the two parties that control our government.  These two parties have devolved to the point of existing for little more than amassing personal power and wealth, with neither party having little, if any, concern for the people and the future of the country.  Anyone who cannot see this is successfully being played for a fool.

Can we the people do anything about this?  We do indeed have a means for effectively communicating our frustrations and our increasing lack of regard for these two parties by voting wisely on election day this November.

A non-partisan way to do this is for voters who do not live in Presidential swing states (in other words living where the voting outcome for their state is not in question) to vote third party.  The third-party vote would be for another candidate on the ballot or by writing in your particular choice for President not listed on the ballot.  After election day, these third-party and write-in votes will be tallied to represent a percentage of the total votes cast for President.  The larger that percentage, the louder the people have spoken that we want significant change.

This voting approach will not affect the outcome of this year’s Presidential election; voting in the suggested manner in non-swing states will not affect which major party candidate receives more votes, and therefore will not affect how the electoral votes from these states are awarded.  Likewise, the outcome of the swing state votes — where people are voting their conscience — will still be awarded to the candidate who receives each state’s electoral votes.

This strategy can be summarized and succinctly communicated as follows:  Fed up with our corrupt two-party system? If you don’t live in a Presidential swing state, vote third party.  Let the people know you want change!

In other words, no harm no foul.  Let the country know when we are voting just how strongly we want significant change in the parties that control our government.  Can anyone suggest an easier, more meaningful way for voters to say that we want to improve the deplorable situation in which we find ourselves today?

Think about the merits of this approach to voting, and if you agree please pass this message along to your fellow voters prior to election day, and then let your voice be heard when you are in the voting booth this November.  Again, the greater the third-party voting percentage, the louder the people will have spoken!

  1. I’d rather be on the losing side of an election and keep my moral compass than try to guess which disease will be worse. With the choice of a kick in the head or a punch in the face, I choose neither.

  2. As I see it we lose no matter which of these two unqualified candidates wins. Voting for a 3rd party can send a message. The real battle this election will be to elect as many down-ticket conservatives to thwart the antics of whichever of these two wins in November.

  3. Voting third party is one of only ways we can let both parties know that enough is enough. This is an option not only for frustrated conservatives, but for those voters on the other side of the aisle who are also sick and tired of the same-old same-old going on inside the Beltway. I intend to forward this article to everyone I know, including my liberal friends.

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