Long week building a party and yesterday’s links

It’s been that kind of week. Ever since we started working on building a new conservative party, it seems as if the world is flipping upside down for many of us. I apologize for not posting these earlier in the week, but the boss has me reaching out to campaign donors, former politicians, and pretty much everyone who has a desire and ability to help build this thing quickly. It’s been exhausting, but totally worthwhile. Here are links from the past few days.

50 top Republican national security experts pen open letter denouncing Trump

Free the Delegates activists still trying to dump Trump

Trump supporters are being lied to

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The Trump campaign for the White House: When losing means winning

Meet Evan McMullin

Meet Evan McMullin

…Politistick: Evan McMullin to launch independent Presidential bid

…Independent Journal: 6 things to know about Evan McMullin


…Guardian: Little-known former policy director and CIA agent to announce independent run for president

…LI: McMullin the latest independent Trump challenger

…NR: It’s never too late to do the right thing

Abortionist said “prove it” when confronted about his botched abortion, so here’s the 911 call

NBC commentator Al Trautwig owes adoptive families everywhere an apology

Do Democrats support using public funds for abortion? Daily Signal asks.

Hillary's Short Circuit Risk

Andrea Tantaros hops on the Roger Ailes sexual harassment bandwagon

Socialism kills: Starvation and panic in Venezuela

Gadsden flag and the liberal-left’s politically-correct revisionist history

7 things you need to know about the Paul O’Neal shooting

A world without racism

Obama chooses between armed criminals, gun owners

6 takeaways from Trump’s big economic speech

Why shouldn’t we believe Trump is a Clinton plant?

Trump and Hillary dis an inspired Constitution

Oh my. Georgia is in play.

The case for eradication of socialism

Why the modern liberal is out of touch with reality

“Clock Boy” sues Texas school district

Concealed carry permit surge could play decisive role in these 2016 battleground states

Feds want to update their gun databases

Are gun-related murders out of control in the state with the most guns per capita? Of course not.

Hillary ignores America’s largest police union

Hillary vows “to stand against” these people who don’t actually exist

How #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary can make an election statement that matters

Facebook vs. the 2nd Amendment

Democrats erase the 2nd Amendment

Millennial poll: 2nd Amendment no obstacle to gun control

Hillary Clinton Bad Optics

Orlando shooter’s father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee

…NR: Orlando shooter’s father is behind Hillary. Literally.

…TNA: Hillary’s worst optics, ever

…TIME: Hillary’s campaign didn’t know he was there

The Islamic State and its allies have killed 33,000 people

Islamic State “calls on jihadis to target Miss World competition in Philippines”

How Islamic State controls ‘lone wolves’ in Europe

Conservatives must get busy living or get busy dying

…Shapiro: Trump is conservatism’s Dunkirk

2 years of anti-Islamic State airstrikes have redrawn the Iraqi map

How President Obama is funding terrorism

Iranian FM Zarif accuses America of “making big mistake” and violating nuclear deal

The west’s lone wolf terrorist narrative is falling apart

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Islamic State claim suicide attack at Pakistani hospital

French girl, 16, charged with supporting Islamic State

Think twice on Turkey: Erdogan’s purges are a warning to Washington

Clinton’s VP questions legality of waging war on Islamic State in Libya

Why ISIS fears Israel

Erdogan in savage attack on Merkel: Germany only has itself to blame as it BACKS terrorism

To save SCOTUS Trump must lose bigly

To save SCOTUS Trump must lose bigly

…Strident Conservative: Why Grudem is wrong about the Supreme Court as a basis to vote for Trump

…TNA: Supreme Court? Your Trump argument is invalid.

Krauthammer: Clinton “lies about her lying”

Hillary: Make Christians change their religious views to support abortion

Yes, Hillary will raise taxes on the middle class

N.Y. teen charged in Islamic State probe gets 20 months in prison

Manhunt for Belgian teen jihadi who called for extermination of Christians

Christians say defeating IS won’t make Iraq safe for them

Meet the Muslim woman who is helping save Christians’ lives in the Middle East

Ben Shapiro’s intellectual conservatism

Darryl Glenn accused of lying, hailed as hero as 1983 arrest comes to light

Why mortgage principal forgiveness policy is a bad idea

Why the Washington Post has no credibility

98% of political donations by Catholic Relief Services staff go to abortion advocates

Gary Johnson is not the answer for pro-life voters

Only 30% of churchgoers say their pastor or priest has mentioned abortion from the pulpit

Allen West: Trump missed a huge opportunity by not going after Obamacare last week

GOP Sen. Susan Collins says she cannot support Donald Trump

Trump’s child care plan

Politifact rated something that Donald Trump said as “True.” Pigs are flying.

Turkish Christians targets of Muslim persecution

Western democratic capitalism has proven to be the most viable model, but free nations’ elected officials are anything but model leaders

CJ Ciaramella on police reform and politics surrounding local crime

Hillary vows to go after people who don’t exist, silence dissent on climate change

Child rape victim of Clinton’s client speaks out

…LI: Calls Clinton a “liar”

Why does Hillary’s history of compulsive lying make her unfit for the Presidency?

Trump vs. Trump

American nationalism: It’s not what Trumpists think it is

11 times Trump has not had a the “good temperament” he preaches

Ted Cruz is not shaking in his boots

Kill list or conspiracy theory? 6 mysterious deaths linked to Hillary.

A world without borders is a fantasy

Tech companies perpetuate education myth in order to increase H-1B visas

Immigration court delays make a mockery of U.S. justice

Trump needs the conservative vote

Trump needs the conservative vote

…Trump faces increasing resistance from within the GOP

…Florida GOP spokesman: I can’t do Trump. I’m out.

…GOP Senator: “I will not be voting for Donald Trump”

A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary

Roger Stone has been in touch with Wikileaks’ Assange

Trump’s newest problem: Support from Republican women is crumbling

How much does an abortion cost? The lives of a mother and child.

There’s nothing “pro-choice” about a Democratic platform demanding taxpayer-funded abortion

You won’t believe what Planned Parenthood just Tweeted about “safety from violence”

Hillary Clinton once thought abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Two no longer apply.

Judge rejects Blago’s plea

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Photos suggest China built reinforced hangars on disputed islands

7 things you need to know about the sexual harassment accusations against Roger Ailes

Giuliani: Democrats have become anti-law enforcement party

Post-Brexit: U.K. can lead Europe to greater economic freedom

Addressing the arguments against abstaining from voting for either Presidential candidate

Why I built a conservative news aggregator that doesn’t bow to any candidates

The 21st century still needs federalism

DOJ bills JW $50K to search for nonexistent records about anti-terrorism coalition launched by AG Loretta Lynch

Reuters belly-flops on fact checking

The left is celebrating Michael Brown again. Here are 7 things you need to know.

Ryan destroys Palin- and Coulter-endorsed challenger

What if Dylan Roof’s dad showed up to a Trump event?

Surprise natural gas drawdown signals higher prices ahead

Moscow’s complex relationship with global conservatives

The consequences of voting FOR Trump or FOR Hillary

Against nationalism and globalism: Why Christians must remain “Kingdom first”

Assange implies murdered DNC staffer may have been Wikileaks source

California sets its sights on stamping out religious education

No, Barack Obama isn’t a feminist. He’s a self-aggrandizing tool.

Donald Trump is like a real-life Manchurian candidate

Krauthammer: Trump seems incapable of turning the corner

Trump promises press conference on Melania’s immigration story

Trump is making his sixth or eighth pivot. Hard to keep track.

When the Islamic State is gone, what comes next?

Islamic State suspect arrested in Germany

Food shortage hits Boko Haram

Islamic State intel was altered to downplay threats from the terror group, House panel finds

U.S. special forces in Afghan outpost left gear during Islamic State attack

Four more U.S. sailors disciplined in Iran boat seizure incident

Iran improving cyber abilities since nuclear deal, Pentagon says

Iran is leader of executions 2016: At least one execution a day

2nd Amendment folks might do what?
2nd Amendment folks might do what?

…Guardian: Trump implies “2nd amendment folks” could stop Clinton judge picks

…ABC: “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is I don’t know”

…Politico: Trump campaign rejects the notion

…CR: Why does Trump continually shoot himself in the foot?

…NR: Trump on 2A

…Politistick: Secret Service responds

Will Erdoğan close Atatürk’s mausoleum?

Putin and Erdogan vow to repair ties as west watches nervously

Gülenists wanted to break Turkey-Russia ties: Erdoğan

Can Iran go around Turkey to reach Europe?

Trying to make your movement sound like Nazism isn’t the way to win

NeverTrump Senator invokes Rule 9 of GOP national rules as opportunity to dump Trump

The electoral map looks even worse for Trump

Black Lives Matter author defends platform accusing Israel of “genocide”

Anti-religious liberty bill pits LGBT students against minority students in CA 

The Obamacare titlewave: Waste, fraud, and unaffordable care

Clinton Foundation
Clinton Foundation donors got State Department love

…Weekly Standard: The State “Pay-to-Play” Department

…Hot Air: Bombshells in top Clinton aides’ emails tie back to former Marc Rich partner

…American Thinker: As with all things Clinton, the question of legality is murky

…CNN: Newly released Clinton emails shed light on relationship between State Department and Clinton Foundation

Cruz-Fiorina 2020?

…Caffeinated Thoughts: I would welcome Carly Fiorina as RNC chair

Thank goodness Trump is a compulsive liar

Analysis: Donald Trump, propagandist-in-chief?

On second thought, out Trump back on the teleprompter

Trump’s tax return dodge

Trumpery and social Darwinism

U.S. says 300 Islamic State fighters killed in Afghan operation

Presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, meet with Armenia in background

Bosnia charges suspected Islamic State group fighter

Islamic State headquarters in Sirte taken over by US-backed Libyan militias

State Department will neither confirm or deny that the plane carrying cash to Iran landed before U.S. prisoners were allowed to leave

…Free Beacon: Congress “disgusted” with White House lies on Iran “ransom” payment

Shah’s son issues appeal over Iranian activist held in Italy

Philippines’ Duterte tells army destroy militants or risk Islamic State “disease”

7 apps ISIS uses

3 arrested for fabricating pedophilic Christian cult to defraud donors

A reminder from China that the ‘War on Christians’ is truly global

China: Christians threatened with having welfare payments cut unless they stop going to church

Middle Eastern Christian woman tells Americans not to pray for persecution to end

Why is the mainstream media completely ignoring Christian genocide by ISIS?

Anti-Trump Republicans struggle with how to best reject nominee

No, Trump is not going to save the Supreme Court

GOP has painted itself into a corner with Donald Trump

New data on dark money, a dirty bomb scare and more

We the People

Obama DOJ blocked probe into Clinton “Crime Family” Foundation

Economic revival, Trump-style

Raging against the machine in the age of Trump

Regarding Trump’s boast of beating 16 people

Scarborough suggests that Trump has crossed the Rubicon into “fascism”

Dear Trump: Drop the media bias crutch, put on your big boy pants, and do better

Don Lemon and Dan Bongino get into fiery Trump 2nd Amendment argument

One ally remains firmly behind Trump: The NRA

…TNA: Time for the NRA to bite the bullet and reject Donald Trump

Trump has staffers ditching the Republican party like crazy

Trump’s poor character overrides all

List: Which Republicans oppose Trump and why?

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Sowell: Who poses the greater risk?

Lara drops key parts of bill on religious colleges

…DailyWire: Religious groups shut down LGBT effort to destroy religious schools

…NR: A crucial victory

Obama’s latest executive action on guns…

Concealed carry permit holders are the most law-abiding people in the country

Texas AG warns professors they will be diciplined if they try to ban guns from classrooms

Buy a Lamborghini… or anything else on Amazon. By going to Amazon through The New Americana, you’re helping the conservative movement. Seriously. (Sponsored)

RNC staff disintegrating due to Trump

Unpacking Trump’s unified theory of rigged elections

David French: I’m embarrassed by Republicans who stick by Trump

Unforced errors: Trump misses on two Hillary stories

Hannity descends into utter denial over Trump’s polling

…Mediaite: Rants against Republicans “sabotaging” Trump

The cult of transgender

Non-Catholic abortion supporter sues former Catholic employer

Muslim woman devotes her life to helping Christians displaced by ISIS

Trump Tower Climber Requested Audience with Trump
Trump Tower climber endorsed, requested meeting in creepy video

…ABC: Police capture tower climber
…Washington Times: 20-yr-old Stephen Rogata

Call Common Core train back to station

The convention balloons have fallen, but we must rise up!

Charles C.W. Cooke on Brexit, #NeverTrump, and the future of National Review

Courts weaken Texas voter ID law, uphold Wisconsin law

Has Obama’s nuclear surrender created an open season on dissident Iranians?

100 more Democratic officials and groups hacked

Buy Dana Loesch’s book – “Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To” (Sponsored)

Hey MSM, how many times do Hillary’s emails need to ‘renew questions’ about Clinton graft before they’ve answered them?

The Clinton Foundation: Back in the day

It happened again: Democratic Congresswoman can’t name one Clinton accomplishment

Hillary gets “carried away” by clean energy and advanced manufacturing

The left’s reticence on Islam

Islam’s “quiet conquest” of Europe

Women’s rights advocates in Iran are now “enemies of the state”

Brown U. faculty: “Occupation” to blame for stabbing murder of 13-year-old Israeli girl

Twitter can’t be held responsible for Islamic State rhetoric, judge rules

Perpetuating the conservative cause

Venezuela has but one choice: Capitalism or chaos

The Johnson Amendment, civil disobedience, and abortion

Trump’s Russian policy is dangerously naive about Vladimir Putin

Sean Hannity accidentally dredges up disastrous old Donald Trump deal

Would Trump ever leave the race?

What do you expect from a fake conservative as the Republican nominee?

Trump and Obama: On foreign policy, two peas in a pod

Trump says he knows everybody behind him at this rally. Can he retract this?

…Twitchy: Disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley visible behind Donald Trump at Florida rally

Critics denounce Black Lives Matter platform accusing Israel of “genocide”

13 false statements about Israel you hear constantly

Pentagon looks to Israel’s “Iron Dome” for new missile shield

Passing the baton

Purple pervert unicorn ushers children into a world of polysexual degeneracy

3 reasons why Obamacare is bad for millennials

In Illinois, the blue state model rolls toward bankruptcy

Where does the NYT put the most important presidential election news story of the day?

Field of fight: The Obama administration’s catastrophic handling of Islamic terrorism

Pentagon: Iran improved cyberwarfare, ballistic missile capabilities since nuclear deal

Call it terror, not mental illness

Chinese foot-dragging on North Korea thwarts U.S. security interests

American Jewish leaders grapple with anti-Israel Black Lives Matter

The GOP’s best hope for picking up a Senate seat: Joe Heck

Touring Texas, Ted Cruz calls for “return to common sense”

Hezbollah paper says Putin is Jewish

Turkey criticises EU over “anti-Erdogan sentiment”

CIA whistleblower: Erdogan needs Russia to prevent Turkey’s isolation

The Putin-Erdogan entente

The secret of Erdogan power mixes money, Islam and urban renewal

Hillary: Abortion for any reason, any time in pregnancy, paid for by you

Sorry, Hillary. Flying in a plane isn’t an accomplishment.

Buy the Secret Service Agent’s book where he spills the beans all over Hillary Clinton (Sponsored)

Pence: Why aren’t the media talking about Hillary?

Hillary aide Cheryl Mills OK’d deal that put $500K in Bill’s wallet

Boko Haram kills 1,900 herdsmen, 169,000 cows

Forget motivation. Focus on reason why west is losing against Islam.

Germany ponders a burqa ban, loosen medical privacy protection

German police raid Islamic State suspects, detain refugee

Trump campaign headquarters

Muslims slaughter 13 Christians, run hundreds off their land

Christians hide bibles in German migrant camps amid death threats from Muslim extremists

Pro-abortion writer describes the “terrible sense of emptiness” after aborting her baby

3 reasons why Hannity and Ingraham are wrong about it being immoral not to vote for Trump

Trump’s former North Carolina campaign manager, accused of pulling gun on three staffers, quickly resigns from new post

“King of debt” says “now is the time to borrow”

Shorter Trump: If I don’t win, so what?

Donald Trump embraces Paul Krugman’s economic plan

Krauthammer: Improper Clinton Foundation emails “could destroy her candidacy”

100 million “huge” ways Hillary’s pay-to-play State Department was corrupt

Families crushed by Obama-Clinton pay squeeze

Is contemporary liberalism creating a soulless monoculture?

Massachusetts court strikes down Common Core repeal ballot initiative

To Russia with love: Trump vs. Hillary

Erdogan says informing on Gulen supporters “patriotic duty”

Turkey’s banks move to appease Erdogan after “treason” threats

Erdogan: U.S. must “make a choice” between Turkey and Muslim cleric Gulen

With next to no obstacles in his way any longer, Turkey’s President will soon run out of people to blame for Turkey’s mounting woes

Ergogan pressures banks to lower interest rates

If the $400M to Iran was legit, why won’t the administration answer basic questions?

Angela Merkel is told by her own party: Ban the burqa

Evan McMullin officially kicks off campaign: “There is another choice”

Democrats caught making jokes about Justice Scalia’s death

…Newsbusters: Networks silent

After University of Tennessee downplays campus antisemitism, covert watchdog releases expanded dossier

7 things you need to know about AR-15s

Thanks, 2nd Amendment. CCW holder drops gunman robbing Family Dollar store

Because they’re soft on crime, Democrats need gun control as a distraction

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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