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NeverTrump Conservatives

Conservatives are hurting our chances of winning; that’s the refrain chorus. The accusations currently being laid at the feet of #NeverTrump are that we are to blame for everything.  These accusations are being made by the nominee’s supporters but will be nothing compared to what will happen on November 8th.  Conservatives are being blamed already for any bad news that occurs, such as bad polls or lack of support.  After the election is called it will be worse.

The “pom-poms” for the Trump Defense Squad (TDS) have started to blame conservatives for the failings of the nominee.  The polls are nearly all indicating that the nominee is a train wreck.  His misstatements that were glossed over during the primaries by the media are now front page news every day.  No longer getting a free pass, everyday he speaks is a bad day and his supporters must defend him.  The TDS goes on offense attacking the people who would like to support him, but cannot.  The nominee’s foot-in-mouth disease prevents conservatives from supporting him and is spreading as his most ardent supporters come down with the disease.

Conservatives are not the only ones seeking to abandon the nominee; Establishment Republicans are now distancing themselves as well – the numbers are growing every day. Establishment Republicans are sometimes going as far as stating they will not be voting for the nominee.  These Republicans are always thinking about winning and retaining power, so they distance themselves to avoid the taint of defeat.

The Establishment figures distancing themselves are not speaking as loudly as the Trump Defense Squad.  Their condemnation will only emerge on election day as the results become clear, and the Establishment will blame their natural target; the base.

Before a post mortem or determination of how bad the loss is, the Establishment will start machinations to gain more power.  There will be some effort to control candidates through refining the selection of candidates.  A power grab will give the party bosses the ability to weed out the conservatives by controlling the candidates.  The Establishment will also make an attempt to control the funds of the state parties and fundraise on the loss.  Any conservative candidate who will make it through the selection process will now have a hard time campaigning as resources are beyond their control.

The hardest part of any campaign is to be heard, and money is an important factor in trying to do that.  Efforts to control the money will hurt conservatives.  The Establishment, in an effort to legitimize these actions, will blame the conservatives and level accusations that have already been bandied about.

The Establishment’s accusations

The nominee’s harsh rhetoric towards Muslims and minorities caused a poor turn out of minorities for Republicans. The nominee’s hateful rhetoric and stupid comments towards these two groups on various occasions disgust many people.  I would like to say all people are disgusted by his words, but the alt-right would disagree.  The claim is made worse because the nominee’s actions make the truth indefensible.  The borders are unsecured and need to be protected, but the talk about everyone pouring across as murderers, rapists, and drug dealers impedes any talk of fixing the problem.  The Establishment will disavow any attempt to secure the border and improve our national sovereignty.

The Tea Party, conservatives, and talk radio will be blamed for nominating failed candidates.  The Establishment will seek to paint the nominee’s failing as the result of these three groups in picking an untenable candidate.  The problem is that in reality the Tea Party groups, for all their common goals, also suffer from not being unified behind a leader.  This means that the groups generally don’t consolidate behind one candidate. Conservatives and talk radio have been whipping boys for years, and are accused of ginning up the base and creating problems.  Generally, the Establishment whines that these groups generate hate and get candidates nominated that are unelectable.

The Establishment will champion the abandoning of social issues from the party. Establishment candidates give lip service during election years on the social issues, but the rest of the time distance themselves from such topics.  The Establishment always speaks of wanting to fight against the attacks from the left on such issues, but fall back upon some form of justification such as, “it’s the law of the land.”  Condemnation of the party’s base for insisting to fight against society’s acceptance of these issues will be quickly forthcoming.  The white flag waivers of the party will claim that we should surrender and work with the Democrats in order to pass legislation.

The Conservatives will be blamed for their intransigence that caused the failure of the party to win the Presidency.  The Establishment will make sounds that it was obstructionism that created problems.  They will speak of a need to get things done because the Democratic nominee won the election.  The Establishment will smear conservatives with these accusations and seek to destroy the conservative’s power.

The base and conservatives have emerged in opposition to the Establishment and their policies, as well as help the Republicans gain power in elections.  Yet, their efforts have been repaid with smears and slurs.

False reasoning

The nominee’s rhetoric on the topic of immigrants has been stupid.  Most people don’t agree with Trump’s slandering of a culture with horrible accusations.  The Establishment saying that all these people are coming here for a better life and they are committing “an act of love” is equally stupid.  All the people crossing the border without authorization are committing an illegal act and are criminals.  These illegal aliens however, are not all murderers and rapists.  Those illegally crossing into America are committing a crime and should be punished for their crimes.

The border should be secure to protect American citizens and to control their sovereignty.  The nominee says that Muslim refugees should be banned.  Importing whole tribes of people who believe in Islamization of the world and Sharia law is suicide.  Immigrants should be screened heavily and only accepted based upon merit or in extreme cases of persecution.

Various groups within the Republican Party have nominated failed candidates, so any blame particularly upon one group for all the failures is extreme.  The Establishment backed candidates have failed just as often as conservative backed nominees.  Most times the base does not abandon the Establishment candidates; Establishment figures however, readily buck conservative leaders and ideas.  Candidates like Sharon Angle were put forward by the base, as was Ken Cuccinelli.  Angle was a flawed nominee and failed by her own missteps, but she was the person elected to run as the nominee.  Cuccinelli had been an elected official for the party, but lost his election by a few points.  The Establishment seems to be the ones who cry foul and taking their ball home when they lose.

The position that conservatives have lost on social issues and that the law of the land is against us are equally feeble.  Social issues galvanize the base and turn out the vote.  Soon after this election we will hear Establishment figures proclaim that same-sex marriage is now the law of the land and we cannot fight it.  Future attacks against marriage will or will not be fought weakly by the Establishment for the same reasons.  This was the same argument that was used for Dred Scott.  Not fighting against the law of the land then would mean that the Republican party should not have been started.  The liberals of the party will argue that man has created a law and that it must be followed even if it violates the religious conscious.  Such an argument is for accepting evil and is false because laws can be changed.

Republicans are elected by their constituents based upon the party’s platform and the candidate’s promises. The presidential nominee may lose the election, but that does not mean that the congressional Republicans can abdicate their responsibilities to their districts and states that elected them.  Elected Republicans were elected to represent the people and work within the frame work of the Constitution.  The Representative has a duty to fight against any law that is outside of the bounds of the Constitution.  There are avenues for any law to be Constitutional, but if the process is unconstitutional then all men have a duty to fight against it no matter their affiliation.

The real blame

Blame will be placed upon conservatives this election season.  The nominee’s supporters will blame us for the lack of support and turnout.  The Establishment will blame conservatives for the nominee’s failure and demand change.  The Republican Party will make the same excuses for failure and demand the party change.  The party will attempt a power grab, speak of reaching across the aisle and passing immigration reform, and toning down hateful words.  Conservatives must be prepared to fight all the accusations leveled against them.

The Republican Party must die. Long live conservatism.

Michael Reuel

Michael is a native Texan raised as a Christian Gentleman. He is a proud Conservative.

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