Ted Cruz, the Republicans, and a new conservative party

Ted Cruz Did the Right Thing

I just finished watching a video from Conservative Review entitled “Ted Cruz Beyond the Boos” (posted below). I’ve seen the video before. I watched Cruz’s speech live from the convention and it still has a raw, hurtful quality to it.  I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I know it may have seemed different if you were in the audience, but from where I sat it truly seemed that they were booing the things Cruz was speaking about as much as they were booing Cruz.

What was he talking about? What was it he said that had the crowd so incensed? Cruz talked about freedom, and the crowd booed; he talked about the Constitution, and the crowd booed; he talked about love, and the crowd booed.

I realize that the rabid Trumpidians were wanting nothing from Cruz other than for him to grovel before the altar of Trump and pledge his fealty and allegiance. I know they were craving his endorsement. They wanted Cruz to get up there and give a full-throated clarion call to all conservatives to rally behind their orange god-king.

What I can’t get over – what really has me scratching my head – is that they got upset that Cruz urged voters (Trumpists included) to “vote their conscience;” to vote for candidates  up and down the ballot that would defend freedom and uphold the Constitution! Did this prick their consciences because they know Trump won’t defend the Constitution? Or do they care whether or not Trump upholds the Constitution?

As I watched this spectacle unfold I felt a knot forming in the pit of my stomach. What I was witnessing, it seemed, was the death of the Republican party. I was sitting there watching the party of Reagan boo the very principles and ideals that Ronald Reagan had championed and that the so called Grand Old Party claimed to uphold.

I am truly concerned for this nation because I think what Trump represents is an America – and a so-called conservatism – that is more concerned about the almighty dollar and economic prosperity than they are about freedom. Now don’t get me wrong. I want economic prosperity as much as the next man. But, if we gain prosperity while losing our freedom then what good is it? What’s more, I don’t think you can have real prosperity without having freedom. It was freedom given to us by God and secured by the Constitution that has made this country the greatest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

It is bad enough that we know without a doubt that Hillary and the Democrats will do everything in their power to destroy what is left of our freedom. They will work ceaselessly to make the Constitution irrelevant. They will leave no stone unturned in their quest to fundamentally transform America into a place we won’t recognize. I just never dreamed I would actually see the Republican party practically join forces with them.

Since that night things have gone from bad to worse. Nary a day goes by that Trump doesn’t say something dumber than the day before. Things have gotten so bad that there is talk even at the highest levels of the party of defunding Trump. Basically, dumping Trump. How ironic.

The leaders of this sideshow circus had their chance to dump Trump. They could have let the delegates vote their conscience. They could have gotten on the dump Trump train at the convention and helped lead the movement to get rid of Trump and draft Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, or just about any Republican besides Trump. But, they didn’t do it.

Now all we can do is watch this train wreck happen. Stand by and cringe as the Orange One waxes more and more moronic with statements like his assertion that winning the Presidency may be his only shot at getting into Heaven (this was his pitch to get evangelicals wound up for Trump).

All I can do is shake my head and weep; weep for a once great party that has slid into irrelevance; weep for my nation because it appears we are headed for at least four more years of becoming more and more like the old Soviet Union; weep because we will likely see America slide further down the hill into moral turpitude.

You know, you just can’t make stuff like this up! Truth really is stranger than fiction, especially this year. I think the founder of  The New Americana may well be right. It really is time for a new conservative party.

Gene O'Neill

I am a 57 year old conservative man living in the -"great flyover country" - that is the heart of these United States. I have worked in the oil fields of Wyoming, spent twenty years in manufacturing, and am currently employed in hardware retailing. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and-and in the words of Romans 1:16-... "I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile" I am also the author of the blog...Today's Politics by Freedomlover,and can also be found on facebook at Boonecountyconservative. I am the father of four children, and have been happily married to the same woman for 39 years.

  1. Hi,

    I agree completely and I would hope McMullin can get this election tossed to the house. That’s who I’m voting for. Depending on any strategies that develops.

    Now, if the new Americana is hoping to drive traffic to the site, the emails need to be a synopsis only. I got four separate emails too, but these could be grouped together. Just thought you would like to know.

  2. You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins. I have been saying for a number of years that we need to start a new party, which I also dubbed “The Liberty Party”. Sounds good to me. Either you believe in God-given Liberty, or you don’t. Either you are with us, or against us. Let the chips fall where they may, and by God’s Grace, his children (and more importantly, his Sons and Daughters) will rise up and defend limited government, and individual responsibility based on a judeo-christian moral code. We all fall short of the mark, but can we not at least strive for the God-inspired perfection that he placed within our inward parts? Go Liberty! Go Liberty Party! Do not cringe, do not fall back! Move forward, seize the moment for God’s sake, and for the sake of those dear souls who are yet to be born. Will they find a home midst the flame of freedom and liberty, God-ordained, or will they find themselves shackled to a system of oppression and tyranny? The choice is so very real.

  3. The history of 1856 – 1860 needs to repeat itself. That is, we need to end the GOP and start a fresh organized party. The best leader would be Ted Cruz since he is the one – the only one – to stand up (alone) against the lies and tyranny of the current two parties.

    There will be no winners in this election. Perhaps we will survive for another day if we can get organized.

  4. It’s long past time to start a new party That time was about a year ago at most. There is, however, already an existing party devoted to Conservative principles like the rule of law, smaller, more localised government, and following the Constitution. In fact, that party is aptly named The Constitution Party, and they’re on track to have ballot access in 35 or more states by election time.

  5. The Republicans and Democrats have had controlling political power in this country for over 150 years. They work together behind closed doors to ensure that no other party surfaces to infringe on their monopoly on power, wealth and perks. To restore the Constitution via a new party, it will take a lot more than wishful thinking and hoping. It will take more than votes for a guy or gal you think is a Constitutional conservative, only to find out within two years of their election that they are a middle-of-the-roader. Alexander Hamilton knew what it would take to get our country back once the government had turned dictatorial, and it isn’t pretty and won’t be easy. We all must stand up, arm up and speak up. Don’t trust any politician easily. In my 71 years of life, I’ve seen probably less than ten who are the real Constitutional conservative Americans deal. The rest have been in it for themselves and their own betterment. Just the facts.

  6. Are you ignorant? Cruz has been an opportunist and user dice beginning his political career, and why he’s been so disliked. Trump is STILL self-funding his own campaign. Do some research. He’s fundraising FOR the RNC FOR Repub Senate, House & Governor races. He doesn’t HAVE to do that. So let the geniuses go ahead and unfund THAT. It never ceases to amaze at what some people write and print.

    1. Opportunity??? He spoke of freedom, constitution, our children future. But you trumpets boo. I hop you are proud of yourself. Especially because you can’t vote your counciuse because you do not have one. You lost yours with kissing your trump demigod.

  7. I will stand for freedom, love, and the Constitution if I am the last one standing. And I don’t think I am alone.

  8. Ricardo makes some excellent points. The two parties have had control for a very long time. They are so ingrained into our minds that it is hard to imagine them NOT controlling things. I haven’t lived quite as long as Ricardo,but, he is right. Most politicians,for as long as I can remember,have been a bunch of self serving louts to put it mildly.

    We have to do a better job of selling the ideals and principles this nation was founded on. This is going to be an uphill battle because the schools and universities are churning out kids that are being brainwashed to believe that America is founded on a corrupt, racist, evil system.

    The states, and the election laws the parties have gotten passed in the states, are going to be a real legal morass. But it isn’t impossible. Our current “two party system” is the third “two party system we have had. So there is precedent for breaking an existing system and replacing,or modifying it with another.

    Initially we may have to be content with influencing elections,or maybe it will really catch hold and we can get some big guns like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee right off the bat. Time will tell.

    In addition to preaching freedom we must also make a solid argument for responsibility. Both personal and national. Just some additional thoughts off the top of my head. Thanks to all for your comments.

  9. The reality is that, if Trump loses, there is a great likelihood of a new third party. That same reality, based on history (see elections of 1824 and 1828) would indicate that Ted Cruz would be unlikely to be the standard barer. The elites/establishment lost at their own game. They would probably behaved the same way had Cruz been the nominee. Their only hope to maintain national relevance is to get behind Trump. If they do not, when he loses they will receive the bulk of the blame. It is hard to say who the new standard barer would be, but if the new party does not begin at the state level, it will quickly fall to the side as several candidates and their backers attempt to hijack the movement as a vehicle for the presidency.

  10. YES! I’ve thought this for a while. The corrupt, Washington RINOs are never going to let Cruz win. He will get no support from them! They’re actively searching for someone to run against him in the next senate race. The Republican Party does not deserve to be the party if American conservatives. There isn’t enough room between them and the Democrats to slip in a piece of paper! We need a real Conservative party. They can’t go the way of the Whigs, soon enough for me.

  11. Basically people boo’d because he didn’t stand behind the people’s vote. Say what you want, do what you want, but if you vote for anyone other than Trump at this late stage in the game you are voting for Hillary because like it or not it Will b one of the two.

  12. Like Gene, I was struck by Ricardo’s remarks. Think about this: 150 years is more than half the existence of this WONDERFUL COUNTRY! And look at the MESS we are in. And the “CLOCK” keeps ticking. My fellow Patriots…”We the people” need to do something! And I can tell you, without a doubt, that God is still passing out ideas, but not all people ACT on them. Might this be one of those times for us to ACT? Or do we wait on our FECKLESS leaders, who have gotten us here?

    Sen. Ted Cruz IS OUR ONLY HOPE! A few reasons why: The MOST QUALIFIED, period. Do the research! My personal assistant, SIRI, is a research wizard! But traditional is great, also. I reiterate, time is of the essence, and the less we feud over small things, the more successful we will be in achieving BIG THINGS!

    I will leave you with a thought that came to me, several days ago, at “3:33 AM.” : IF you have not seen AMAZING GRACE, the movie, treat yourself to it. SEE how a people, BOLDLY dealt with their Government. A wonderful movie! Insightful, and inspirational.

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