The right to complain

Shooting Free Throws

Anyone who read my earlier post on the reasons I will not vote in the upcoming presidential election (and if you are one of those few, thanks)  understand that my choice was made by my inability to support either candidate. I have cast hesitant votes in previous elections for nominees whose policies have not totally aligned with my ideals, but I could rationalize my choice knowing their views were at least in the same ballpark as mine.  So when I articulated my positions (Note: I really struggled with that phrasing; in electronic media, there’s not an equivalent to “put pen to paper”)  my harshest critics (friends and family) were more than happy to take varying degrees of exception.  Most of that was derivative of the arguments which I explained in the article.

The notable exception was “If you don’t vote, than you have no right to complain.”

I have been complaining since it became obvious that the most influential members of the national media threw their support to the Trump Carnival in the pre-primary season.  What was first viewed as a side show snowballed into a ratings monster.  Each outlet twisted itself into increasingly ornate pretzels driven by viewership.  They fawned on his claims of wealth; they doted on his questionable claims of charitable donations; they adored his incoherent declarations as speaking for the common man.  They alternately portrayed his cult following as amusing bumpkins and rabid racists.  The “Equal Time” mandate was totally ignored  and gleefully donated millions of dollars in political commercials disguised as news.  Balanced coverage meant that the majority of each hour was devoted to Trump so each TV personality was assured equal air time.  Once proud Breitbart and Fox News have accepted their fates as true believers to the point of dismissing staff who objected to the new company mandate.

I have a right to complain if the answer to “What is Trump’s economic vision?” is “What day is it?”  I have a right to complain asking if he has read the Constitution constitutes a vicious attack.  I have a right to complain if making an unsubstantiated claim attributed to something he “heard” is followed by “you tell me.”  I have a right to complain if the man who wants to be President thinks there are at least twelve Articles to the Constitution.  I have a right to complain if that man thinks the Presidency gives him unlimited power to rule by fiat.

I also have a right to complain that the Inevitable Empress embraces the active murder of the most vulnerable members of our society.  I have a right to complain she uses American tax dollars as her personal ATM.  I have a right to complain she insists the acts of disordered individuals should be praised and prioritized.  I have a right to complain she places her agenda above the security of the nation.  I have the right to complain rights guaranteed by Founding Fathers are subject to review.  I have the right to complain that the obedience Americans pay to their God will be supplanted by obedience to the god of political correctness.

So during the upcoming Apocalyptic Administration, I will retain my right to complain.  Look at it as the continuation foul call in a basketball game.  A shooter fouled in the act of shooting (a Conservative American dismissed by both parties) is rewarded with an additional opportunity free throw (the right to complain).

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  1. Consider for Once doing What Ted Cruz Suggested Vote Your Conscience, Mine Is EXCITED to Vote For McMullin. Albeit He is Independent, The Third Party Argument, He CANNOT Win argument, But Ah The Conversation I can Have over The Next 4 to 8 years, I Voted My Conscience and STILL PROUD OF IT, Can Look My kids in the Eye and Say I’m GLAD I DIDNT VOTE FOR HIM (TRUMP) or HER (HILLARY). Its a WIN-WIN also Don’t Count McMullin OUT because He Does have DEEP loyalty among CONGRESS. And If He Wins Enough ELECTORAL VOTES it MAYBE THEM (CONGRESS) that DECIDES who WINS.

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