Lots of third party talk and yesterday’s links

The last few days have been a whirlwind of effort and buzz regarding a new conservative party. In the middle of all of that, the rest of the world seemed to be falling in line with the desperate needs we’ve been discussing throughout. It’s terrifying and hopeful at the same time.

Joint FBI-US Attorney probe of Clinton Foundation under way

Hillary’s disastrous economic plan

Proof that Hillary does want to make the 2nd Amendment meaningless

Hillary calls for funding Planned Parenthood to fight Zika

Fraudulent Hillary blasts the very tax loopholes she uses

How many Clinton associates have dies over the years? A lot.

Forming a New Party

A conservative third party is under way

…Proof: Conservative activism can work, even in California

…The College Fix: Religious colleges beat back California bill that would let transgender students sue them

Dozens of Chinese Christians apply for “religious persecution” asylum in Czech Republic

Discriminating against religious liberty

Pro-life people celebrate closure of abortion clinic that killed over 35,000 babies

4 terrifying reasons Hillary qualifies as an abortion extremist

Nurse lets infant who survived an abortion die: “Put it in a basin and wait”

Very bad framing, or in defense of “let the market handle it”

Obama already has collected nearly $20 trillion in taxes

The strategy of stupid

Socialism relief valve: Venezuelans to be allowed to shop in Columbia

Regardless of Who Wins in November a Conservative Third Party is Necessary

Regardless of who wins, a new conservative party is necessary

Priebus warns Trump: Do better in the polls or we’re going to focus efforts down ballot

…RedState: Dozens of Republicans sign letter insisting RNC stop spending on Trump’s crap campaign

…HotAir: Trump was warned that the RNC will shift money to downballot races if he doesn’t improve soon

Hillary Clinton finds another way to avoid the press

Progressive politicians, from Hillary Clinton on down, rush to assure voters that their philosophy actually works

Hillary’s pro-abortion extremism, in her own words, in just 57 seconds

In economic speech, Hillary offers cherry-picked summary of her trade votes

High profits fertilize five new marijuana ballot measures

Not with her, but not with him: The women of the new GOP

States take a stand against the increasing centralization of education

Muslim v. Christian refugees: Let the conversation begin

5 countries where you might not know that Christians face persecution

Why Libya is a dangerous place to be a Christian

ISIS: “This is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want”

Radical Islam: Wahhabism and Salafism

U.S. condemns genocide committed against Christians by Islamic State and Boko Haram

Tapper: Clintons think they’re above the rules

Hillary is no champion of religious freedom

Bill and Hillary Clinton, I$lamic icon$

Hillary chickens out, jokes as cops carry away animal rights protester

“Am I not speaking English?” Reporters confront State Department spokesperson over Clinton Foundation

Armed citizens less likely to commit crimes

Record number of Americans arm themselves

Banning toy guns won’t save lives

A reality check on crime

Educrats discover alarming new ways to data mine our children

The phony job recovery

Stunning revelation: Wikileaks hack shows that Soros called the shots on US policy toward Albania

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Academia softens the next target by eroding resistance to pedophilia

Federal government not willing to drop ban on medical marijuana

Inside the Islamic State’s movement to spread terror “all over the world”

ISIS terrorist tells Feds he has jihadist brothers in Mexico confirming JW reports

Sanctions must remain to end Iran’s human rights violations

Islamic State does have sleeper cells disguised as refugees

…Crowder: Surprise!

Where is Omar Mateen’s wife?

Iran investigates if series of oil industry accidents were caused by cyberattack

Undercover video gives insight into controversial “prisoner swap” with Iran

Iran payoff earns more disrespect

NY Times speculates that Trump pays zero tax

Trump: “Fine” with trying US citizens in military courts

Trump ruled out Mary Katharine Ham as a potential debate moderator

Trump’s second language

Now is the time to increase national debt… if you’re a Democrat or, apparently, the GOP nominee for President

Trump exploits our narcissism

Trump’s campaign is selling a (now-discounted) gold membership card

British teen who decided to join Islamic State in Syria feared killed in airstrike

N.Y. man admits planning Islamic State-inspired New Year’s Eve attack

Alleged Islamic State supporter killed in Canada made “martyrdom video”

Turkey threatens U.S. over exiled opposition leader

Turkish sports stars get caught up in Erdogan-Gulen war

Erdogan: Turkey, Russia can use national currencies in trade

Defending abortion of Zika babies proves Trevor Noah’s a coward

Abortions drop to record low in North Dakota

Keep abortion stigmatized

In California, universities to give millions in financial aid… to illegal immigrants

2 GOP congressional incumbents call for an immigration plan with path to citizenship

Some thoughts about political honesty, and the pro-amnesty wing of the Republican party

Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally

…Business Insider: Trump battles Hugh Hewitt on claim that Obama is “founder of ISIS”

Secret Service spoke to Trump about 2nd Amendment remark

…Trump denies, but…

…Secret Service confirms

History is the story of life

Transgender rights vs. girls’ privacy: How one Canadian city just shut down the debate

Obama releases details of mass-murder by drone program

In 2015, the government employed over 277,000 regulators

Clinton raked in over $6 million in speaking fees last year

Guess what 2 Hillary-related bombshells network newscasts avoided

Clinton tax returns show death tax hypocrisy

Shapiro: “Laura Ingraham successfully persuades me not to vote for Donald Trump”

Trump goes full Bernie (again) with pro-borrowing comments

Up by 6 points in new poll, Rubio’s “keep away from Donald” plan might be working

The polls aren’t skewed. Trump is losing.

Burnett pushes Carson on Trump’s claims that Clinton winning PA would involve cheating

Trump threatens to stop raising money fro Republicans

The latest wet blanket to comment on Donald Trump’s electoral chances is … Donald Trump

Site connected to Russian hackers posts Republican emails

Refugees in Calais block highways, rob vehicles

Suit: Law banning stun gun ownership violates 2nd Amendment

Hypocritical NFL tells Dallas Cowboys they can’t support police

Toomey vs. sanctuary cities

“Black, Armed, and Conservative” debuts at 2016 Red State Gathering

The vast majority of gun crime isn’t committed by lawful gun owners

Gun rights groups lose a powerful voice and unyielding patriot

Malaysian police arrest nine over links to Islamic State

U.S. airstrike kills leader of Islamic State in Afghanistan

ISIS will lose Sirte, but the US may lose Libya

So stupid it hurts: U.K. Prime Minister says “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam”

ISIS operative reveals plan to infiltrate America

State Department report on religious freedom: Much persecution, few positive trends

The story the networks refuse to report

John Piper: Everything is out of proportion in typical American Christianity

What conservatives did to pull off religious liberty win in California

University of Houston student suspended and required to attend cultural events for writing “All Lives Matter”

U.K. police now deem staring at woman’s breasts a “hate crime.” Yes, really.

The DNC hack just released House Democrats’ phone numbers

Trump: Obama founded ISIS. Wait, I was just being sarcastic.

Get out, Donald. Get out now.

Trump’s business past at odds with his rhetoric on trade

Donald Trump is finally getting his wall

Trump accused immigrants of “drug and human smuggling, home invasion, murder”

Consumer optimism not the key to economic growth

Rupert Murdoch announces new leadership for Fox News

Obama administration Zika shift proves money was there, House chairman says

The GOP Establishment celebrates a victory

Clintons release tax returns; Number of people seeking careers in ‘public service’ expected to skyrocket

The NYT plays the world’s smallest violin for Hillary

DOJ, State Dept keep protecting Hillary, but FBI wanted quid pro quo investigated

Wikileaks: Soros email giving Clinton her marching orders

Hillary Clinton Donates Only to Clinton Foundation
Hillary pretty much only donates to her foundation

Why do we keep trusting foreign policy establishment voices?

When gold doesn’t matter

I read Evan McMullin’s Facebook page so you don’t have to

Ken Cuccinelli is making criminal justice reform a priority, and the right should too

Doing for America what she did for Haiti

Hillary’s tactic: Civil firearms forfeiture

Bill Clinton: Hillary’s emails as national security threat “biggest load of bull”

Hillary Clinton’s protective wall around Chappaqua estate

Peggy Noonan: How globalists forsake their countrymen

Pursuing freedom and democracy: Lessons from the fall of the Berlin Wall

Government not working – a few examples from current events.

Lefty critics rail at “Sherlock” creators for not turning Holmes and Watson into gay couple

Katrina Pierson says we weren’t in Afghanistan until Obama decided to go in

Top Republicans still refusing to endorse Donald Trump

Does Hannity want Hillary to win?

Do no harm

New conservative party: Do no harm

Transgenders have no “right” to silence their Christian critics, or anyone else

Planned Parenthood champion Nancy Pelosi on Zika: “You know how I am about babies”

Why same-sex marriage will page the way to polygamy

Insanity once more: The Hillary Clinton economic plan

If Donald Trump ever cleans up his act, Hillary Clinton could have a problem

Feds debate releasing Clinton’s FBI interview

Does anyone actually believe Cheryl Mills was just helping the Clinton Foundation for fun?

Clinton Foundation donors page is now blocked: “This is a weird thing”

Does Hillary’s record disqualify her for the White House?

The odd couple

The odd couple

…Hot Air: Turkey’s Erdogan clearly warming to Putin as a role model

…DailyMail: President Erdogan cozies up to his ‘dear friend’ Putin in bid to rebuild ties as Turkey turns east after failed coup

…CBC: Turkish Cypriots worried about EU isolation as Erdogan mends ties with Putin

Animated food movie occupied by social justice warriors

Hewitt: No more open primaries

Stop government promotion of food waste

Former Somali Muslim refugee defeats longtime Minnesota state representative

Will Trumpism survive a Trump defeat?

Trump calls for increasing national debt

6 times Donald Trump says he’s been “sarcastic” or “misinterpreted”

Hezbollah leader touts Trump’s comments about Obama founding ISIS

Will the RNC throw up their hands and walk away?

Will the RNC throw up their hands and walk away?

…RedState: Is the GOP about to cut funding to Trump’s campaign and admit he is a mistake?

…USA Today: For all of his winning talk, Trump keeps broaching the possibility of losing

…Trump: I’ll only lose with “cheating,” asks supporters to watch polling places

…Trump: If it weren’t for the media, I’d be up by 20

The War on Guns, John Lott’s important new book

New Illinois law bars gun ownership over restraining orders

Executive orders: Attempting to out gun Americans

A Middle East Metaphor

A Middle East metaphor

…Federalist: Antisemitism at the 2016 Olympics is completely out of control

Criminal investigation into Animas River spill confirmed

7 reasons the Libertarian ticket isn’t Libertarian at all

Zika emergency declared as Obama and Democrats continue to put politics before public health

LA Times buries relevant facts in “cops kill young minority child” story

Iran: Sunni execution proves human rights sanctions are necessary

Iran isn’t interested in the truth, law or decency

Cruz demands answers on $400 million payment to Iran

Would Evan Bayh make Indiana taxpayers fund abortion on-demand?

North Carolina’s children: Friendly fire casualties in transgender culture war

Judge stops Ohio law from causing “irreparable injury” to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood piously extols freedom from violence

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