Colonel Jessup, we need you!

Colonel Jessup

I don’t get my religion or my politics from Hollywood but, occasionally a movie line becomes part of our vocabulary.  Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men, played by Jack Nicholson, had one of the greatest lines ever.  Need I repeat it?

The reason that line came to mind was when I looked at the headlines on another conservative website.  Paul Manafort: “Polls swinging Trump’s way, critics have Clinton ties.”  Rudy Giuliani: “Trump in ‘Great Shape’ and ‘Optimistic’ he’ll win.”  Senator Jeff Sessions: “Trump still has ‘A very good chance of winning.”

Okay, I will say it… “You can’t handle the truth!”

Manafort is not surprising.  Giuliani; disappointing, but not surprising.  Sessions; disappointing and surprising.  And the Trump supporters buffoonery continues unabated.

On that same website was an article about the pollsters giving Trump little chance to mount a comeback.  But, that doesn’t phase the Trumpers who continue to comment en masse.  Comments such as, “Polls of real Americans show a gigantic lead in favor of Trump.”  Cue Colonel Jessup.

Having worked as a volunteer for the Ted Cruz campaign, it was not fun having to deal with the Trump supporters.  If I may make a blanket statement about those supporters: During the primaries (and still today) they were (and are) the loudest and most vulgar people you would care to meet.

Then there was the Republican National Convention.  First, there was cutting the legs out from under Senator Mike Lee as he tried to bring to the floor a roll call vote to “Free the Delegates.”  Basically, the RNC strong-armed the delegates to be able to silence the dissenting voices.  Seven states were needed to bring it to the floor for a roll call vote.  Senator Lee said there were eleven states.  The chair said there were only nine and that three dropped out – how convenient.  And no explanation.  So there was no debate, just a voice vote (which was inclusive).  It reminded me of the 2012 Democratic National Convention when they took a very disputed voice vote against God and Israel.  And then there was the orchestrated booing of Ted Cruz because he said that we should vote our consciences.

As one person said who commented on my previous post, to paraphrase Matthew 3:12, we are seeing the separating of the “wheat” from the “chaff.” Read for yourself what happens to the chaff.

You can’t talk about truth without talking about Jesus Christ, who is The Truth.  As He says in Matthew 12:25: “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”  Trump, his staff, and supporters with help from the Republican National Committee have created such a divided party that it will be ruined and will not stand.

So what is the upshot of all this?  I see no hope for the GOP.  We desperately need a viable third party, one that stands for the truth and the Judeo-Christian values on which this country was founded.  That is why we must support The New Americana as it works toward that end.  I encourage you to join that effort as it is beginning to unfold.

  1. Ronnie : yeah Sen. Cruz lost. But that doesn’t make deceiving don a good choice. Not by a long dhot. I’ll be voting down ticket. There’s no good choice for president since I don’t vote for progressive lying new york liberals.

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