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I’ve done this too many times to be able to make a valid excuse, so I’m just going to set the record straight on our archive. They’re called “yesterday’s links” but let’s face it – I’m getting around to it every two or three days. We’re not going to change the name, but just know that it’s going to be an accumulation of tons of links. Probably hundreds. I’ve never taken the time to count. Enjoy!

Donald Trump takes to Twitter to lecture media on freedom of the press

…NBC: 19 notable thoughts from Donald Trump

…CBS: Trump rails against NY Times

…TNA: Trump and the art of the interview

Secret ledger in Ukraine lists cash for Donald Trump’s campaign chief

…Resurgent: Corey Lewandowski exposes Paul Manafort’s Russian ties

…The Right Scoop: Secret illegal payment?

…Twitchy: Corey used “failing NY Times” to get back at Manafort

Kurds may abandon Turkey after coup against Erdogan

Night of the Erdogan knives

Erdogan talks Turkey with Russia

Iraqi Kurds advance near Islamic State-held city

Last Christians not fleeing Iraq amidst ISIS threat

Boko Haram video purports to show Chibok girls

Afghan officials: Islamic State expands in south

The strategic logic of the Islamic State

Kurdish forces launch fresh thrust to retake Mosul from Islamic State

How to handle a terrorist: Obama versus Reagan

Sailor who apologized to Iranian captors appeals punishment

Charges against Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran are “absurd”

Wasserman Shultz can’t guarantee Iran nuclear deal money won’t go to attacking Israel

Transforming Iran should be core U.S. policy

Panetta: Can’t we all just move on from Hillary’s emails?

Hillary’s secret ties to Putin will undermine American interests

Bill Clinton: Hillary’s totally legit actions ‘too complicated’ for peasants to understand

Clinton targets illegal immigrants for votes

Congress to get Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview notes

6 movies that reveal the “real” Hillary Clinton

The Potemkin Village candidacy of Hillary Clinton

Obama administration provides Clinton’s first line of defense amid scandals

Hillary Clinton’s free college-tuition plan short on specifics

Socialism has ruined more than Venezuela’s economy

Anthony Weiner calls himself strong “like a mongoose” in new sexting incident

The GOP again gives us a reason for “not a dime’s worth of difference”

Taxpayers are at risk as Obamacare crumbles

Jossey: How we killed the Tea Party

Unreasonable searches are unconstitutional… and common

Trump supporters: A movement in exile?

What Donald Trump’s shocking Utah trouble tells us

Wolf: This Trump Tweet shows why I don’t want any of Trump’s Supreme Court justices

…Mediaite: H’e apparently ignorant about what “Freedom of the Press” means

Help me out, Trump fans. This tinfoil hat is getting too uncomfortable.

Trump: I’ve stayed true to myself

Trump’s foreign policy team remains a mystery ahead of major speech

The Crumbling Clinton Foundation

Georgia police officer murdered by armed assailant after responding to call

Illegal immigration surges past 2015 total with two months still to go in fiscal year

Video emerges from fatal N.Y. shooting of imam and his assistant

Man accused of killing Georgia officer arrested

Community policing meets algorithmic surveillance

How leftist lies about gun violence win the perception war

David Paterson slams Hillary Clinton for email scandal “victory lap”

Citing Clinton, sailor seeks leniency in submarine photos case

Hillary scraps sexual assault pledge from her website after allegations against Bill resurface

Judge Jeanine’s epic rant on Hillary

Iran children at the gallows

Wasserman Schultz, challenger Canova in debate trade jabs over Israel, Iran deal

Top Justice Department official called Obama’s $400M payment to Iran “ransom”

Unease continues after Sherman Park uprising

…UPI: Violent protests in Milwaukee continue for a second night

…BizPac Review: Father of Milwaukee man whose death started riots takes responsibility: “I’d like to apologize to my kids”

…American Thinker: Man shot by Milwaukee Police was subject of witness intimidation case

…Frontpage Mag; Obama’s Milwaukee

…Fox News: One person shot in Milwaukee during second night of unrest

…LI: Governor Walker activates National Guard

…Bearing Arms: If you don’t own an AR-15 to defend your family against violent rioters, you’re wrong

Decades of planning went into Turkey’s failed coup, investigators allege

Arabic media invents story of Olympic revenge against Israel

German-Turkish Islamic group pledges to cut ties with Erdogan

Love him or hate him, Europe needs to talk to Erdogan

Abbas to meet Erdogan by the end of the month

Nuclear Turkey, a new ISIS-supporting caliphate?

Connecticut Democrats’ war on free speech

Hope and self-reflection from Denver at Red State Gathering

Charlie Sykes and the questions of blame and responsibility

Eminently beatable

Running mate Pence wedges Trump by offering to release his own tax returns

Pence: Donald Trump was being “serious” about Obama and ISIS

Pence denies he is Donald Trump’s clean-up man

Hillary supporters want to repeal the 2nd Amendment

The Clinton campaign is actively recruiting DREAMers

Stein hits Clinton on emails: Voters “owed an explanation”

Health watch: Hillary’s “erratic” behavior raises eyebrows

Does Wikileaks have Hillary’s October surprise?

Islamic State gets know-nothing recruits and rejoices

Jordan arrests writer for sharing anti-terrorism cartoon on social media that is deemed offensive to Islam

Former jihadist “breaking the silence”

Why a refugee stabbed a Belgian priest

America is in trouble, and it needs more than just freedom

Pastor claims Christians are on the wrong calendar

“Progressive education”: Children color unicorn to match their “gender identity”

Germany turns blind eye as Christian migrants forced to hide Bibles amid death threats from Muslims

What is a Christian?

Egypt: Christians ignore protest ban, claim they are treated as “second class citizens”

Religious freedom: Lighting the path

Christians in Indonesia stand strong despite violent threats

10 things every church member should know

Idiot rabbi says God is transgender

Cost of proposed student loan regulation could exceed $43B estimate

Small farmers face regulatory burdens, negative stereotypes, and children fleeing the family business

NBA players should boycott their All-Star Game

Oregon State to force “social justice” training on freshmen

Donald Trump’s losing… and losing it

Young voters flee Donald Trump in what may be historic trouncing, poll shows

Former Bush official supporting Clinton: Trump could be economic “disaster”

Evan McMullin says Trump will lose

Republican senator discusses Donald Trump “tipping point”

Ted Cruz, the Republicans, and a new conservative party

Reince mulls re-election

Conservative scams are bringing down the conservative movement

The right to complain

N.Y. Conservative Party will endorse Donald Trump

Manafort accuses NeverTrumpers of being tied to Clinton Foundation

Why even conservative Republicans say Trump must release his tax returns

Conservative pundit owns up to role in Trump’s rise: We “created this monster”

Dear Conservatives: We're the RINOs now
Dear Conservatives: We’re the RINOs now

…NR: How Donald Trump brought House conservatives to heel

…TNA: Four reason conservative journalists should get involved with policy talks

…Politico: The GOP establishment strikes back

…Strident Conservative: Post-election advice for conservatives from Gandalf the Grey

…Barbwire: The lumbering orange fox jumps over the sleeping white RINO

Palin loses political clout, still backs Trump from sidelines

Blount: With one Tweet I could rest my case against Trump

Trump makes surprise move to emulate Cruz

Trump spent $63M in July. Where did all that money go?

Obama releases largest batch of Gitmo detainees to UAE
Obama releases largest batch of Gitmo detainees to UAE

…Washington Times: Only 61 remain

…Ayotte: Report shows they would re-engage in terrorist activity if they were released

…Resurgent: The YOLO stage of the Obama Presidency

Capitalism works if government would just get out of the way

Aetna deals latest blow to Obamacare, pulls out of most markets

Worried about the court? Worry about the Senate.

38 police officers shot dead so far in 2016

Illegal immigration surges in July

Cop gunned down in New Mexico during traffic stop… and there were no riots

Giuliani forgets about 9/11 attacks while backing Trump

…Politistick: Giuliani speech a muddled, inaccurate mess

…The New Yorker: The appalling last act of Rudy Giuliani

Trump repeats the lie that he was opposed to the Iraq War “from the beginning”

Hannity prepares the stab-in-the-back narrative

No, Internet, this stupid thing does not “explain” Trump

Hewitt falls for Trump line on Supreme Court

Israel and Pakistan take part in joint aerial combat exercise in U.S.

Evangelical Lutheran Church calls on U.S. to end Israel’s “occupation” of Palestine

Jordan’s King Abdullah vows to fight Israeli “extremism” at Temple Mount

Police detain man in New York imam’s murder

Leader of New Black Panther Party suspended for being too pro-police

Most Latinos favor legal status for undocumented immigrants, but also support enforcement

Gun control researcher: You can’t see my data

After diverting Zika money to U.N. slush fund, Obama demands more

Dear liberals: If you actually cared about people, you wouldn’t be liberal

Coalition urges congress to sue Obama before he gives away control of the internet

GOP lawmaker to query Treasury Department over Iran payment

The coming purge of conservative lawyers

Whole Foods CEO: Socialism “never has worked” and “never will”

Why a coal miner pension bailout could open the door to a $600B pension bailout for all private unions

Minimum wages supported by minimal scientific sophistication (though with maximum scientific pretension)

Soros hack begins to reveal the puppet strings

…Conservative Firing Line: Soros targeted Tea Party, anti-jihad conservatives

…JPost: Hacked Soros e-mails reveal plans to fight Israel’s “racist” policies

Turkey’s new age of consent: 12

European refugee camps unable to protect children from sexual predators among them

British Muslim defends adult sex with children

Shadow Brokers selling NSA malware
“Shadow Brokers” selling NSA malware

…Wired: Hackers claim to auction data stolen from NSA spies

…The Hill: NSA “source code”

Trump’s immigration plan raises many unanswered questions

Wright: This election will force me to become a conspiracy theorist

Trump and Freedom of the Press

Trump has one campaign office in Florida. One.

Political opposition, by the Book: An appeal to Christians

Let’s assume that Trump is actually flexible enough to get out of the race while the getting is good

Did Trump just blow up his coalition?

Iran fabricated story of refusing to play Israelis to cover up loss in tennis

Christian college sues the feds to block low evidence standard in rape cases

Black Lives Matter blindsides Jewish supporters with anti-Israel platform

Did Hillary commit perjury by lying to the FBI? Or to Congress?

…FreeBeacon: Republicans lay out case

Need a sign that Hillary’s bad for America? This oughtta do it!

Liberal says running really fast is a better self-defense than a gun

Armed citizen stop hammer time attack

…FreeBeacon: Gun > hammer

Concealed carry gun permit applications “explode” during Obama tenure

Mrs. Clinton’s blame game

Hillary Clinton: Where George Orwell meets the Borg…

Hillary’s terrible government broadband plan

2016 The year of anger

2016: The year of anger

…NR: The media’s half-hearted interest in Milwaukee’s riots

…NBC: Mayor declares curfew after second night of unrest

…CR: Sheriff David Clarke brings a calm voice to Milwaukee’s storm

…Conservative Firing Line: Milwaukee BLM looter identified as Clinton supporter

…City Journal: Why Milwaukee burns

ISIS recruits: Majority of Islamic State only has “basic” knowledge of Islam

Intel confirms ISIS hid among refugee hordes flooding Europe

Islamic State faces uphill “branding war” in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Kurdish forces open new front on Islamic State capital Mosul

Anjem Choudary convicted of supporting Islamic State

Maine man died fighting for Islam State

Islamic State securing bloody future with army of “cubs”

Hillary prepares to cough up more emails

Watch a top Democratic candidate’s painful response to whether Hillary Clinton is honest

Of course Hillary’s statement that rape survivors “have a right to be believed” was deleted from her website

What they booed when they booed Cruz at the convention

Trump is the gift to Hillary that keeps on giving

Lillian Rearden… Trump

Every state should adopt the Nebraska-Maine method of assigning electoral college votes

Milwaukee mostly quiet Monday after 2 nights of violent unrest

Greenfield: Black law enforcement lives don’t matter

Sowell: Does black success matter?

Adjusting Obamacare “reality”

Obamacare: Am I my brother’s keeper?

Poll: Majority believe private companies provide better healthcare than the government

Latino students booted from online support groups for expressing conservative views

What this 12-year-old taught me about being pro-life

Millennials show strong support for the sharing economy

Pennsylvania AG Kane guilty on all counts
Pennsylvania AG Kane guilty on all counts

…ABC: Governor Wolf asks her to resign immediately

…PennLive: From Attorney General to felon

…RedState: She’s going to be behind bars for some time and she should be

Dismantling the Iran nuclear deal

Russia bombs Syrian militants from Iran base for first time

Iran claims a British-Iranian it arrested is linked to U.K. intelligence services

Iran says dismantles cell linked to Islamic State in border province

Trump reveals few details on “extreme vetting” of immigrants

Erickson: A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary

Trump’s the wrong man to attack the media

US paid Iran $1.3 billion in cash to settle old dispute

…NY Post: Now diplomats are saying the money is all paid up

How the U.S. didn’t enforce its own court rulings against Iran

Who is to blame if he loses?
Who is to blame if he loses?

…Political ballast: Now’s the time to toss it out

Democrats seek repeal of ban on federal funding of abortion

California school district reverses position, will allow student to share Bible verses

Mr. Pepperdine rolls over in his grave

Were Hillary’s statements false?

Clinton’s weakness

Democrat Senate candidate asked if Hillary is honest

Open letter to the Egyptian President: If you can’t fulfill your promises step down!

FBI hands over Clinton email probe documents to Congress
FBI hands over Clinton email probe documents to Congress

…The Hill: The notes are classified as secret and are not expected to be made public

…CNN: A political headache

…CBS: House Republicans say Hillary committed perjury in emails testimony

Nurses upset at seeing aborted baby move, abortion doc called baby a “spinal animal”

Jim Caviezel: Abortion is America’s “great sin”

If Tim Kaine is just “personally opposed” to abortion is he really opposed to abortion?

The promised law: Christians wait for Egypt to authorize new churches

Media ignores ongoing genocide of Christians in Middle East

How can Christian parents respond to “After School Satan” clubs?

Christians claim temporary religious liberty win in California

How big a threat is Erdogan to Turkish democracy?

Why Putin and Erdogan agreed on a fresh start

Turkey now raiding businesses that supposedly supported “coup”

Erdogan: EU would reinstate death penalty if faced similar terrorism as Turkey

Is Erdoğan becoming a Turkish dictator?

Paul Manifort: Trump’s Putin-gate saga continues

Is Trump dragging down Republican Senators?

Trump took money from George Soros

Coalition of Missouri black church leaders rejects #BlackLivesMatter anti-Israel platform

Could Trump’s “extreme vetting” bar orthodox Jews and Israelis?

Christie signs bill banning N.J. pension investments with businesses boycotting Israel

A Soros plan, a marginalized Israel

IDF chief: Over 50,000 Palestinians infiltrate into Israel from West Bank daily

Germany’s state-run broadcaster peddles anti-Israel water libel as news

Just wait

Why federal minimum wage laws should be repealed

It’s time to get rid of a messy Common Core

Could the GOP lose the House?

Study finds taller people are more politically conservative

Berlin paper links Erdogan to Islamist terror groups

Erdogan’s purge goes global

Still searching for boycott of Turkish academia, finding only hypocrisy

Is it time to acknowledge that Obamacare is collapsing?

…The Hill: Insurer exit darkens ObamaCare picture

…NY Post: Fewer plans, higher costs coming to an Obamacare market near you

…Powers: America nearly fully Grubered

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