Bannon heads up Trump’s campaign and yesterday’s links

The last few days have been very busy for the Trump campaign. First, they hired Breitbart head Stephen Bannon to take over their campaign. Then, Paul Manafort bailed out, presumably over an investigation into his activities with Ukraine and Russia. Add in everything else that’s been happening and it’s easy to see why Hillary Clinton’s corruption gets pushed aside for bigger Trump headlines.

Hillary’s headhunter: Sleazeball Ken Salazar

Progressives disheartened by turncoat Hillary

Congress receives FBI Hillary interview notes, heavily redacted emails

Trump and Hillary don’t get it. The Constitution LIMITS power.

Trump and Clinton protectionism has no price

Did an act of terrorism carry Putin to power?

Liz Cheney wins Wyoming GOP primary

Trump has cried wolf too often on media bias

Who cares if Trump solicited foreigners for campaign money?

Trump pivots to full nationalist. Who needs donors?

What’s Trump’s policy on visas for Muslims?

Trump and the national debt

Now Feds want trangender “women” let into female homeless shelters

Price controls are disastrous for Venezuela and everywhere else

Is the House in trouble?

Texas judge victorious over atheist group in prayer dispute

Congress should let more people invest in private, high-growth companies

Latinos are twice as likely to support the Libertarian candidate

Christian’s in Hillary’s crosshairs

Raising a church: The power of faith

Churches destroyed, Bibles burned: Nigerian church leader on Christians returning home after Boko Haram

Men are getting weaker because we’re not raising men

Ben Sasse fact checks the Obama administration on the Iran deal

Memo: Soro’s investments led to Senate passage of “Gang of Eight”

Brad Thor rethinks #NeverTrump
Brad Thor rethinks #NeverTrump

…RedState: A response to Brad Thor from Leon H. Wolf

…TNA: To Brad Thor and the “Trump gives us a chance at liberty” folks

The west must learn to say no to Turkey

Russian military forces staging near Ukraine

PLO’s Erekat lashes out at Europe for not supporting Israel boycott

VP prospects beat Clinton and Trump

A black conservative has a very important question for Trump

Trump: “I don’t want to change… I don’t want to pivot”

Trump won’t keep his Iran promises

Donald Trump rattles Republicans with plan to rack up debt

Trump campaign jumps the shark

New campaign manager for the richest major Presidential candidate in history says the campaign will never have the money that Hillary’s team has

Trump doesn’t trust U.S. intelligence

Report: Trump campaign shake-up may accelerate GOP’s shift from presidential race to downballot

Eight surprising facts about Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Leaked German Government document calls Turkey a “platform” for terrorist groups

Erdogan’s mass prisoner release will make way for new inmates – but they could languish for years without trial

Inside the secretive religious movement that is being blamed for Turkey’s attempted coup

Independent pulls article criticising Erdogan over concerns for reporter’s safety in Turkey

Manafort tied to undisclosed foreign lobbying

…Resurgent: Is this the reason for the Trump campaign shakeup?

…Politico: Lewandowski takes thinly-veiled shot at Manafort

Where is Obama while Louisiana floods and Milwaukee burns?

On trade, Trump and Clinton are indistinguishable and wrong

How $15-per-hour minimum starting wages would affect each state

Barack Obama: Undoing the peace

Is Trump an American Moses?

Donald Trump’s deranged foreign policy

After Trump debacle, can conservatism be born anew?

Hillary claims she “defends religion freedom.” A Christian writer’s response is priceless.

A look back at Hillary’s biggest cover-ups

Maggie Hassan won’t call Hillary honest or trustworthy

How a powerful Clinton backer uses his union to enrich family members

Trump’s new campaign manager maxed out personal donations to Ted Cruz, produced anti-Trump ads

Michael Moore says Donald Trump never actually wanted to be President 

Kristol: Trumpism has hit a new low

George Soros’s open border foundations

9 things you need to know about George Soros

Leaked docs: Soros group gave $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

Shakeup: Breitbart's Bannon named Trump campaign CEO

Shakeup: Breitbart’s Bannon named Trump campaign CEO

…Breitbart: Editorial shame? Breitbart reports AP story in lieu of inside scoop

…Flashback: Breitbart staffers believe Trump has given money to site for favorable coverage

…TNA: betrayed its namesake and sold out to Trump long ago

…BBC: Move made 82 days before election

…Resurgent: Desperate times, desperate measures

…The Right Scoop: Trumpanic at the Trumptanic

…RedState: Trump again mistakes flattery for competence

N.Y. fire department told to remove American flags from trucks

Charter schools vs. traditional public schools

Allen West: 82 days to go and neither candidate has confronted this MAJOR issue…

The sneaky way Obama is hiking death taxes

Hosting G20, Communist China touts “lead role” in new world order

Pro-increased minimum wage presser goes wrong when harsh reality is revealed

Preparing for the American ice age (part 1 of infinity)

Shapiro knows Bannon, spills the beans

Shapiro knows Bannon, spills the beans

…Hot Air: Eyebrows raised as Trump hires Breitbart’s Bannon to run presidential campaign

…Politistick: Conservatives react to hiring

…RedState: Trump News Network on the horizon?

…HeatStreet: Breitbart’s 10 most epic Trump headlines

Video of Muslim teen calling for killing Christians sparks outcry in Belgium

How the Islamic State seized a chemical weapons stockpile

Palestinian student group releases list targeting Jewish students

Gawker to shut down

Mr. Brexit?

Trump on the Clinton Foundation: “Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt”

Donald Trump’s counsel doesn’t understand Trump isn’t winning

…Awkward: Donald Trump’s special counsel resorts to the classic “Says who?” defense on CNN

Mark Levin has a question for Donald Trump. Re: Goldman Sachs

Kaine in 2002: Bill Clinton should have resigned in disgrace

9 big lies the Hillary campaign tells America

Clinton voters have no excuse for snickering about Trump

Hillaryous! Sharyl Attkisson has a super-rich reality check for ‘just like us’ candidate Clinton

Turkey’s Erdogan links coup suspects, PKK to bomb attacks

Is Erdogan becoming a Turkish dictator?

Erdogan’s Turkey is a major Islamist hub, says leaked German intel reports

Read my lips, no George Soros money

Report: U.S. waited for Iran to release prisoners before handing over cash

How Bernie Sanders beat the clock… and avoided disclosure

The GOP needs to tie Evan Bayh to Hillary in Indiana

Truth versus the testimony of Hillary Clinton

Trump advisor: Wikileaks plots ultimate email dump to detail Hillary

Here’s how “President Hillary” will destroy your gun rights without repealing the 2nd Amendment

Trump’s biggest religious freedom proposal is about 20 years late

John Bolton, Trump’s likely Secretary of State, is addicted to regime change

Trump’s death knell

Republican chances of retaining the Senate tanking with Trump

Trump receives first classified intelligence briefing

Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks

Trump, son-in-law recently looked into investing in, or taking over, a media company

Trump has jumped the shark by picking Breitbart exec as CEO

This woman brags about her abortion: Aborting my baby “was very freeing”

Christians are strong community assets

The Abortion Governor: Planned Parenthood picks candidate

How these states ensure welfare dollars aren’t used for alcohol, lottery tickets

N.Y. fire department told to remove American flags from trucks

Charter schools vs. traditional public schools

Allen West: 82 days to go and neither candidate has confronted this MAJOR issue…

Donald Trump’s advisers waged covert influence campaign

Rick Wilson: Don’t be fooled by Trump’s pivot. “Verbal dysentery” will return.

Donald Trump’s security pitch falls flat with white women… including many Republicans

Trump campaign hacked

Third Trump foreign policy adviser discredited

What are Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Steve Bannon really up to?

The humiliation of a President

The humiliation of a President

…Krauthammer: Obama administration lies “shamelessly and they lie when the lie is uncovered”

…LI: “Leverage” for prisoners

…Ace of Spades: “Undeniable” ransom payment

…Politico: State Department offers “no apologies” for using Iran payment as “leverage”

Target tries to thread the needle with new bathroom changes, fails

The hypocrite is a Democrat, so it’s okay

Is Obama about to cede control of the internet to foreign governments? Here’s everything you need to know.

Shedding new light on presidential campaign TV ads

California’s temporarily temporary tax

Hillary supporters really don’t want her to break her 258-day-long streak of no press conferences

A salivating Hillary plans her looting spree

…Reason: Clinton’s refusal to reform the corporate income tax is stunning

Hillary talks to press… then kicks them out

Hillary’s emails so highly sensitive that House oversight chairman can’t see them

Least surprising revelation of the year: Hillary and aides didn’t take required ethics training at State Department

Broaddrick: Hillary knew I was raped, pressured me anyway

Where’s the letter from Democratic security officials opposing Hillary?

Don’t fall for false promises. Clinton Foundation’s announcement is practically meaningless.

What the Islamic State leaves behind in abandoned strongholds

Rubio: U.S. taxpayer funds potentially diverted to Hamas terrorists

Egypt can’t make up its mind on Iran’s nuclear program

Erdoğan says terror groups serve same agenda

Obama stays on vacation as Louisiana begs for help

N.C. schools order teacher to stop calling “boys” and “girls”… because hate speech!

Her health plan was $257 a month. Now her Obamacare plan could be $650 a month.

The heart of liberal education

Trump’s new campaign manager pushed the GOP to support amnesty

Conservative groups redirect support from Trump to endangered Republicans

Shapiro talks Trump shake-up

Young Hillary supporters urge repeal of 2nd Amendment

Clinton Foundation hacked

Dr. Drew Pinsky: Medical care Hillary Clinton is receiving is “dangerous” and “looks bizarre”

Crimes against Egypt’s Christians, but no punishment for perpetrators

Amazing pro-life video reminds us “a person’s a person no matter how small”

Conservative Christians remain consistent in their concerns about the election

For George Soros, Ireland abortion fight may be first step against Catholic countries

Christian funeral planned for Arab-American slain in alleged hate crime

Abortionist tells interns to strangle a child born alive after abortion

Over 1,000 Christians protest against Satanic black mass in Oklahoma City

Trump Regrets

Trump regrets

…RedState: Eyeroll

…CNN: Regrets “saying the wrong thing”

…Business Insider: Trump regrets causing “personal pain”

Breitbart editor planned secret anti-Trump campaign to take down reporter

Colonel Jessup, we need you

Hackers targeted Trump campaign, Republican Party groups

Immigration advocate found guilty of defrauding clients

The three most important issues for 2016: immigration, immigration, immigration

Department of Justice will stop using private prisons. Immigration agents won’t.

House Republican raises concerns over immigration fraud

Central banks now selling U.S. debt at record pace

Leaked Soros memo lobbied Obama to accept 100,000 refugees

The “most trusted name in news” launches CNN Air division to watch folks with drones

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt

“Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt”

…RedState: That’s some tough talkin’ hard campaignin’ right there, right?

…Hannity: “You’re going to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt?  I’m not.”

#BlackLivesMatter may be part of a worldwide conspiracy

How not to get shot by police: A guide for criminals and stupid people

Report reveals Dallas shooter’s weapons taken away when he was in the army

Sowell: Trump and blacks

Beck makes bold, detailed prediction about Trump’s future

Not the way to do minority outreach

…RedState: Trump’s “unprecedented” outreach to black voters is not only preceded, it’s surpassed

Donald Trump unraveled

The Republican made me do it

The Republican made me do it

…RedState: The “he made me do it” defense

…BizPac Review: Of course she blames a Republican

The human cost of America’s economic stagnation

School battles transgender policy

Facebook removed libertarian, conservative pages for posts critical of liberals

Soros’ “Islamophobia” plot against David Horowitz revealed 

The “free lunch” vote plagues the GOP

Erdogan to Visit Tehran, Moscow Agrees on Ceasefire in Aleppo

Will Erdogan airbrush Atatürk from Turkish life?

UN warns Erdogan government purges could violate international law after 40,000 detained

Shouldn’t the Clinton Foundation stop accepting foreign donations now?

Has anything united parents more than their hatred of Common Core?

Equal justice, white identity politics, and the battle for the GOP’s future

Taylor: I have lost all faith in the Republican Party

Blue Lives Matter celebration: Honoring America’s police

“Join me in Islamic State land,” runaway urges his family in audio

Southeast Asia could be a haven for displaced Islamic State fighters

Jihadists who attacked Russian police appear in Islamic State video

The immigration test Trump should have proposed

Could the GOP Hold the House If Trump Loses?

…Reaganite: GOP’s chances of holding the Senate now following Trump downhill

I used to...

New federal mandate on transgender bathroom access challenged in Congress

Liberal outrage over France’s burkini ban is the latest failure of western feminism

Obama’s socially engineered military is full of anti-Christian wusses

Target can’t figure out why customers have left

States must coordinate in order to stop voter registration fraud

Obama regime to make men and women share restrooms in federal offices

Pressed by Common Core and LGBT agenda, more families homeschool

Reminder: Obamacare is still a disaster

…Reason: Crony capitalism is a feature (not a bug) of Obamacare

Syrian Boy

Christians should help protect children in conflict areas, Church says

…Politichicks: Why is the media ignoring worldwide persecution and slaughter of Christians?

Meet Aleppo’s “moderate,” “secular” “rebels”: Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood

ISIS exposes the real reason it hates the west

IDF unveils missile-warning system for private homes in Israel

Powell: I never told Hillary to set up a private server

Hillary campaign indicates fascism will have a large role in her Presidency

Judge demands Hillary answer questions about her emails… in writing

Trump makes #WheresHillary the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter

Planned Parenthood partners seek to block release of public records request

Marie Stopes suspends some abortion services over safety issues

Some Christians are arguing the Democrats are the more “pro-life” party. That’s insane.

In Florida a blow to the pro-life movement… and the law

There’s a new student counterculture movement rising up against political correctness

Democrats blame health insurer for destruction caused by Obamacare

Soros gives Gore millions to spread global warming propaganda

Trump, Clinton both connected to targets of FBI-DOJ investigation

Green Party VP candidate is a loon

MvMullin, Johnson, and Castle make Iowa ballot

Trump camp goes on apology tour promising it will be different this time

Can the GOP maintain their majority in Congress?

Trump and Soros go way back

Manafort resigns

Manafort resigns

…LI: FBI and Justice Department investigate Manafort’s firm

…RedState: Investigation confirmed

Video shows why there’s no such thing as “common sense” gun control

How does the 2nd Amendment work? Progressives have no idea.

Analysis of crime data reveals faulty arguments of gun prohibitionists

2nd Amendment is, indeed, relevant

NBA moves all-star game to New Orleans over transgender law

Media myths of the homosexual-transgender agenda

What buildings Obama’s new transgender bathroom regulation affects

Introducing the new Trump News Channel… coming in 2017?

Trump wants you to believe he had NO IDEA of Manafort’s activities in Ukraine

Never underestimate the Trump campaign’s ability to step on itself

Target prepares to spend $20M on transgender bathrooms

Ben Sasse fact checks White House claims on Iran deal

The goals the U.S. should pursue at the 2016 Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty

How bad is it in Venezuela? People renting coffins for duration of funeral

Chairman Goodlatte: DOJ ignoring immigration fraud

Judges nixed DHS bids to deport illegal immigrants 100,000 times

Federal judges debate bisexuality in immigration case

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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