Donald Trump IS a third party candidate.  With no commitment to conservative values, and not even a mere reflection of constitutional tenets, Trump has managed to establish his own political party of personality with a coalition of Republican Establishment hacks and career politicos, and parlayed it into one entity which I call the Trumpublican Party.

The Trumpublicans are led by a charismatic narcissist with bumper sticker ideology who has arrived at the perfect storm of angry voters, ignored by their representatives fueled by the sudden realization the residents of Capitol Hill are only in it for personal gain.  Trump supporters are typically those whose previous voting interest can best be described as disaffected.  As long as they had good jobs, affordable bills, and reasonably safe streets, it made very little difference which “crooks” were in office.  Although it was a long time coming, those good jobs became scarce, health insurance became higher than their house payments, and terror has come to America.  Downsizing, outsourcing, businesses relocating to foreign countries; ever increasing costs of Obamacare, exorbitant fines for not having Obamacare, inescapable “doughnut holes” in coverage; Islamic jihad in San Bernardino, race riots in Ferguson and Milwaukee, white supremacist murders in a church in South Carolina.

Press 1 for English,  assault on religious liberties, and forced acceptance of climate change didn’t happen at the stroke of midnight on a particular day in 2015.  Trump is the bright, shiny, new solution to all of their problems.  Just be careful when you tell them he’s been running for President for 30 years.  Washington, and in particular Republicans, have made the situation so abysmally dark that even this dim bulb appears to be a beacon.

What happens after November 9th? Based on polls hated by Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity, Trump will lose “bigly.”  Since humiliation is not an emotion experienced by the Donald, it will be due to rigged elections and being stabbed in the back by traitors like me who refuse to vote for him. Trump likely gets more loans from the Chinese and Goldman Sachs, and licenses his name to a cable news network, a Trump-centric web site, and Kushner owned New York newspaper while standing on Andrew Breitbart’s grave.

Hillary will win – also without my vote – and the Obama legacy will continue.  The first question will be how much damage will Trump have done to the Republican House and Senate?  The next question will be how much damage has he done to the Republican Party brand?  If the Republicans suffer an overwhelming defeat, what will happen in 2018?  Will the remaining Republicans make an Alamo-like stand trying to protect the party?  Will they bravely accept their fate like the orchestra on the Titanic while the party sinks into oblivion?  Or will the most courageous of them announce they have embraced a new party based on the Constitution, pledging themselves to act in the interests of every American, not just the ones with money and power.  Scenario number two: Republicans hold on to their advantages in Congress.  The Republican Elite is ecstatic.  They keep their jobs, money, and power and get the perks of being able to whine while the Democrats still get everything they want thanks to the McConnell factor.  The Republican Party becomes irrelevant.  Trump supporters return to their uninformed, unfocused ambivalence.

The next possibility is Trump loses a tight race.  More “rigged.” More back stabbings. More pointing fingers at the “dishonest media”.  Remember, nothing is ever Trump’s fault. Congressional dynamics remain as above.  The only difference is Trump’s bully pulpit becomes a bigger deal.  The anger of Trump’s supporters will explode onto the scene with the vitriol of an outraged feminist.  Buy stock in companies that produce protest signs and banners.  Cuckservatives Beware! Hell hath no fury like a Trumpublican scorned.  C-Span will have to devote entire minutes of the 3 to 4 a.m. segments to cover the feigned indignation of Trumpublican Congress People.

Let’s briefly entertain the idea that Trump wins. I’ll use that verb even though the idea does not amuse me in the least.  Let the negotiating begin.  “Wall or no wall or partial wall?  To NATO or not to NATO? Vlad, call me President Mister Trump.  Are they Muslim or kinda Muslim?  Who said NO to ME?  Look, Chinese guys, I was being sarcastic when I talked about that currency manipulation thing.  We love the people at Goldman Sachs… Bannon works for me, that means Heidi Cruz works for me and we love Ted.  Immigration, deportation… if you need a job, come to Mar-A-Lago or that new place Eric is building.  Someone wake up Ben Carson and tell Chris Christie we need lunch and someone tell Sean Hannity he has to go home sometime.  Get Falwell, Junior in here… I need to talk about that religion thing again.  Have we nuked Iran yet?  What do you mean I have to do this again tomorrow… I just solved all the problems.  Four years? Let’s renegotiate that.”

I will have to suffer the humiliation from my friends who think they have to vote for Trump because “Supreme Court” or “cancel a Hillary vote.”    It certainly won’t be the first time I’ve been wrong, but it will be easier to bear knowing it’s not my clown and not my circus.

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