Let’s play the “what if” game

Cruz Trump

You know what I wonder? What if say, Cruz was the Republican nominee instead of Trump. Would we be whining to the rafters about all the stubborn Trump fans who would no doubt still be digging in their boot heels, chanting Never-Cruz mantras? Would we be castigating them at every turn, accusing them of letting Clinton win, and admonishing them for their petty stubbornness for clinging to their perfect vision of Orangeness?

Something even more interesting to ponder: would we be seeing previously hardcore Trumpers moving into the Cruz camp for the greater good of our country? Would they be experiencing a mass epiphany about conservatism and Constitutionalism, and how those two qualities just might actually bring about a positive, moral difference in our government, and therefore, this country?

Certainly we will never know how that might have turned out. But, we can imagine it. So, let’s.

Fade up on ethereal dream sequence: Cruz is leading in the polls against Clinton. It’s a sizable lead, but of course we want to get every Republican on board and we can see absolutely no reason why any conservative voter wouldn’t see Cruz’s many beneficial qualities; his easy-going nature, intelligence, vital grasp of world issues, strong Christian values, dedication to the Constitution, the ability to beat Clinton, etc.

Here we are at a debate where Cruz is super-charged and highly prepared to demoralize Clinton. The media happily pans over to a cluster of sour-grapes past-Trumpers wearing their now dingy “Make America White Again” t-shirts. Wait, did I hear someone from that crowd shout “Ah, sweet freedom?” No, apparently it was a threat involving an Auschwitz oven. Cruz begins delineating the many ways our country can grow and prosper, when a past-Trumper shouts, “What do you know about prospering? You never attended Trump University!” Well, there is that. Oh, here comes a well-known preacher to say a few words. Surely he’ll bring this rowdy never-Cruz crowd to a clear understanding of how we should comport ourselves as moral conservatives. Uh-oh, he’s joining them claiming, “It’s so unfair! Trump was just a sweet baby believer. He wasn’t ready for big boy pants.”

The debate appears to be taking an unplanned break due to Clinton leaving the stage in a coughing fit. The sour-grapers are booing her off the stage. No, wait. She’s left… they’re booing Cruz! They are not going to support him! But fortunately, the greater portion of the audience is cheering for him.

Suddenly, with great relief, I knew the answer to my “what if” question: we wouldn’t need to be demeaning past-Trumpers at every turn. The vast majority of Republican voters would see the value of a truly conservative candidate with actual integrity and would be proud to vote for him. The rest could just stay on the periphery continuing to taunt us for no purpose other than to make their grapes more sour. But enough of that pleasant dream. Back to the nightmare that is reality.

Here it is in stark detail: When you Trump fans had a chance to get behind one of the many truly conservative, intelligent, articulate, and sincere candidates you didn’t stop to consider the value of being prudent with your choice. It didn’t matter to you one iota how this election could turn out; you just dug in with Trump. And the news continually shouted out that Cruz, and possibly Rubio, could beat Clinton but not Trump. None of that sunk in; none of that mattered. The only thing that did matter was making your aggravation with the status quo loudly known. We got that – we were aggravated, too. But, we saw who could bring us out of this mire and you wouldn’t consider it.

For you it had to be guy so far out in “left” field that the bleachers were out of sight. You created this mess, so quit passing the potential blame onto us. We were able to comprehend from the start that it would likely turn out to be a train wreck. If only you had been.

Betty Tompkins

I have worked as an advertising writer since the early 80s, just after graduating from UNC-Wilmington with a BA degree in English. I started with Lewis Advertising in Rocky Mount, NC and moved to Greensboro, NC where I worked for many years with Trone Advertising. After years of making some great contacts, I was able to relocate to a wonderfully remote mountain area and continue my writing career on a freelance basis. Over the last several years, my priorities have become more spiritual in nature and I now find myself writing more from a need to keep the Word “relevant” and less from a monetary need. I am a total Cruz conservative. I do not identify anymore with the party as it has devolved. Now, watching “evangelical” (I don’t agree with that word as a description of all Christians) writers take on water in a show of political desperation breaks my heart daily and I have developed a passion to write about all things "steadfast".

  1. Cruz didn’t happen as much as I wanted it to because the media wanted Trump and so low info wanted him too and, here we are. He can’t beat the left wing MSM by fighting with them on their networks so his only hope is rally’s and lots of them. He also needs to quit speaking down to the lowest intel voters even though they’re his biggest fans. It makes him look simple minded, although he really is, but the rest of us would like to know the man we vote for has a vocabulary that consists of more than one syllable words. Yes I’ll probably vote Trump despite him being a moron, simply because Pence isn’t and it’s Pence that will be doing the lions share anyway. I figure a year and Donnie will get bored or indited or impeached and the VP can take it. He won’t be as good as Cruz but nowhere as bad as Trump. Cruz will win in ’20 not because Pence did a bad job but because he hitched his wagon to a fool.

  2. You’re so right, and I’ve made a similar point with some who chide me for being unable to support the Democrump. If only…but the problem with my dreaming is, God is sovereign, so I have no room for complaint, just trusting obedience to what His Word commands. As I see it, having nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness means not voting for the candidate who embodies them so completely, even if that means I’m not countering someone else’s vote for the other side. Those who vote for the other side will answer for their own vote, not me.

  3. No we’d be whooping her ass hands down because for the first time in my voting lifetime I’d have a clear and concise choice between a true Conservative and the most corrupt politician to ever run for Prez.

  4. Well, maybe after 4 years of Hillary, maybe the Trumpeteers will finally be ready to vote with some sense. Some people can only learn about life the hard way. I don’t want Hillary in office, either, but Trump is far more terrifying.

  5. I would do the same thing I did with Romney I would vote Republican nominee because the Democratic nominee is unacceptable. Even though I did not like Romney then he was better then the alternative and third party or write ins are just wasted

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