After years of exposing the struggle against illegal immigration, Drudge is suddenly silent

Trump Immigration Hat

There was a time when it would actually get pretty awkward reading the Drudge Report taking on illegal immigration. Large sections, usually on the right column, would hammer the problem day-after-day exposing how huge the issue really was. I remember thinking that the conservative news aggregator might be TOO focused on the singular issue, but it’s better to address the problem with full force rather than hiding from it like the majority of mainstream media.

Things are even more awkward now because for the last few days, Drudge hasn’t mentioned immigration at all. Those who edit the most powerful single “conservative” page on the internet have chosen to follow the example of their Dear Leader and turn their backs to it completely.

You can’t really blame them. This is, after all, the expected response from the majority of Trump’s most ardent supporters, the ones who have been with him for a year. What choice do they have? They can’t back down, particularly if they’re a public figure. That would take more courage than they can muster to admit that Trump has performed the fabled 180-degree spin from deporting millions to legalizing and taxing them. It would mean admitting that those of us who knew he was full of it from the beginning were actually right all along. After bashing us for months, it would take a high level of character to acknowledge the writing on the wall. For most, that level of character is likely not achievable.

Instead, they’ll misdirect. They’ll repeat Trump’s talking point that they won’t be granted citizenship and they’ll have to pay back taxes. Some might say that this is a strategic ploy and he’s really going to deport them once he sits in the Oval Office. Others will shift their own views to match his; that’s how a cult of personality works.

Trump is counting on Stockholm syndrome to keep his captives willfully in submission until election day while he lies his way into the hearts and minds of a new set of voters: Independents and right-leaning Democrats. I like to think of it as the “locked-in customer” technique often used by wireless and cable companies.

Matt Drudge, the once-proud conservative champion combating illegal immigration non-stop for years, has been relegated to being a misdirection machine. A spin doctor. An illusionist. Every other day there’s an obscure online publication showing Trump has a chance of winning. You’ll easily spot these as they’re almost always titled “Shock Poll!”

Is it fair for a Drudge alternative such as our site to attack him when we’re not even a blip on his radar? Is it worthy to point out his failures when he’s getting more traffic than ever before? No. That’s okay. “Fair” is for liberals and Trump supporters. As the lines continue to be blurred regarding immigration, it seems that the two groups are merging in all the wrong places.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Funny thing about these trumpsters, they complain about the “lame stream media” but what the heck are they doing? They exact same thing! Ignoring the truth! Trump is a crony capitalist, an immoral, lying, progressive! And yes, you should write about it. It is the truth! The truth matters, character matters, and yes even if the person you support, and you disagree with what they say, you need to point it out. is another example of this, I am sure Andrew is rolling over in his grave over this too.

  2. Yea, hard to believe how openly sold out these fake conservatives are.
    Just amazing , ….. no difference from the Obama cult.

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