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When it comes to ignoring suffering, Obama doesn’t discriminate

Verbal whoring employed to defend a President who would rather golf

Hillary raises money off Louisiana flood crisis

Republicanism is not conservatism

Republicanism isn’t conservatism

…The Hill: How Breitbart News Turn on Ted Cruz

…CR: Breitbart News actively sought to destroy Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign

…HotAir: Remember when the era of big government was over?

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on police near Moscow

What outcome do we seek in Syria?

Turkish PM wants US to speed up Fethullah Gülen’s extradition

Merkel: Burqas probably aren’t helping integration

Starving to death in Nigeria: Boko Haram is threatening the lives of thousands

Erdogan blames Gulen backers over bombings

Obama’s feckless dealings with Iran

Behold the latest lefty idea to hold off climate change doom: Birth tax

Socialism: The world’s greatest generator of poverty

Faculty deemed “racist” for exposing truth about affirmative action

Conservatives will bear the blame

Journalists report more and more instances of being harassed at Trump rallies

Trump predicts he can win 95 percent of the black vote in 2020

…Politistick: He was doing great until he made that guarantee

Why World War III could start in Syria’s “crowded skies”

Traitors within? The global elites and their nation-breaking games.

What’s it like to be a persecuted Christian? This exhibit shows you

Democrats’ dishonest effort to pin Zika on GOP

Socialism reduces Venezuelans to renting coffins

How safe is our food supply?

Woman sues her high school for life’s failures

Hillary unhinged

Clinton lies through her big white smile

House GOP prepares perjury assault on Clinton

Trump campaign facing FEC complaint for allegedly soliciting foreign donations. Again.

Campaign manager shocks: Trump “doesn’t throw personal insults”

Trump’s new campaign chief stands by past Trump criticisms

Report: Hillary will raise $1B to defeat vulnerable GOP Congress members

Huma worked at mother’s radical Muslim journal opposing women’s rights and blaming U.S. for 9/11

…Doug Ross: Huma’s mother an advocate for Islamic terror and repression

For worried Democrats, all eyes on Wikileaks

Clinton will try to run out the clock this fall

At least 50 people are dead in a Turkish wedding bombing

American power in an age of disorder

Latest gun control push to disarm the elderly

Immigration truths and myths during the election season

21 numbers to know about the 2016 White House race

Burke: Those funding BLM seek “systemic destruction of society”

“Trump 2.0” can’t just be better speeches

Against the jackass party, is Trump more of the same or a solid option?

Trump unraveled

“Behold to no one” Trump owes $650M to China and Goldman Sachs

Kurt Bardella, former Breitbart spokesman, blasts new Trump campaign chief Bannon as “dictator”

The reality of living under Obamacare

Fighting liberal indoctrination at universities

Next year 17% of Americans will have no choice of insurer on the Obamacare exchange

Is Trump getting softer on immigration?

Is Trump getting softer on immigration?

…DailyWire: Como say what?

…Politistic: Trump to announce amnesty plan?

…AJC: Is Trump shifting on immigration behind closed doors?

…Rightwingers: What Trump says behind closed doors about amnesty should worry Americans

“Hillary did it too” defense fails, sailor gets jail for submarine photos

Does the Clinton campaign really want to make Benghazi an issue?

Federal judge gives Hillary Clinton 30 days to come up with lies in response to lawsuit questions

Trump’s unlikely story

A turbulent week for Donald Trump overshadows Hillary Clinton’s vulnerabilities

Trump paid dearly to boost fundraising

Clinton Foundation drive thru

A rare moment of hope in the midst of a depressing election

Scholar exposes lies behind “global warming”

How Obama’s FDA keeps generic drugs off the market

#BlackLivesMatter and the Jews

Using facts to prove the liberal narrative on race all wrong

Apprehension at the border of families from El Salvador has jumped 96%

New head of anti-Islamic State coalition vows to destroy caliphate

Philippine forces kill Islamic State sympathizers in country’s south

Gitmo terrorist caught back on the job

Conservatives need to think long-term and charter schools are one place to start

Why millennials hate both candidates

A common cause for all Americans: Saving the internet

A review of key states with Voter ID laws found no voter impersonation fraud

Refugees sue Pennsylvania school district over education quality

School’s blunt note to parents about teaching kids to problem solve has been shared 100,000 times

Democrats unable to differentiate between Trump and Hillary quotes

Super PACs boost Libertarian Gary Johnson’s long-shot presidential bid

Imagine the liberal outrage if those naked Trump statues were of Hillary

Reaching millennials in this age of absurdity

She's with them

Krauthammer: On Trump’s plan for black employment, “What exactly is he going to do?”

In 2000, Trump said keeping 3rd-party candidates out of debates was a “disgrace”

Jason Taylor: I’m disgusted at the GOP

Hamas co-founder apologizes to Palestinians for involvement with terror group

We dodged one ISIS bullet, but will America be as lucky next time?

The Sunni tribe that survived a two-year Islamic State siege in Iraq

“Mistrust of Erdogan” could undermine Israel’s reconciliation with Turkey

Erdogan tells Poroshenko Turkey won’t recognize Crimea as Russian

Foreigners go to Belgian ERs for euthanasia

Hillary could make a new abortion move

The medical implications of sex versus gender

Exhibit aims to keep memory of Christian martyrs alive

Church demolitions in Cuba intensify

“Gender inclusive” Princeton becomes no man’s land

Conservative groups looking to keep the Senate in GOP hands

Keep the pressure on Target! Radio host says fight isn’t over with liberal giant

Fatherhood in America and the need for family-law reform

Drunk Olympic lies matter.

Turkey’s Erdogan: Islamic State likely perpetrator of bomb attack that killed 30 and injured 90 at wedding party in Gaziantep

Suicide bomber of Turkish wedding between 12-14 years old

Erdogan to complain to U.S. over Gulen extradition delay

Azerbaijan detains dissident over books by Erdogan’s foe

Erdogan floods Germany with informants for ‘Stasi’ network

A convenient coup for Erdogan

Axis of friendship reignited: Erdogan and Putin’s détente

Nigeria claims it killed Boko Haram leaders

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard targets 450 social media users

Socialism kills: Gun grab in Venezuela

Huma left classified material in the front seat of her car

…DailyWire: “There’s a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat.”

…Fox News: Clinton Foundation executive left 148 phone messages for Huma

Clinton’s lawyer didn’t have security clearance when they were handling classified documents that Hillary wasn’t supposed to be sending through he insecure email

Missing:  FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the ‘suicide’ of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives

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