The price of betrayal

Piltdown Man

Donald Trump certainly makes it difficult to write political commentary.  No, I mean that. This guy reverses his field more than Barry Sanders at the height of his Hall of Fame career.  His most recent foray into flip flopping has made me re-examine my position.   Not my reasoning for not voting for either candidate in my first article for The New Americana – I remain resolute in my distaste for both Hillary and Trump.  As a side note to those of you who suggested alternative candidates: Evan McMullin is not on the ballot in half the states, Jill Stein (bless her heart) is wrong on Israel, and do we really need to re-hash (see what I did there?) Gary Johnson’s issues?  The position I need to re-examine is the degree of acceptance for former members of the Trumpublican Party.

A lot of respectable citizens were taken in by the Piltdown Man Hoax, but anthropology was still in its nascent stages, so forgiveness was easy to come by.  At the end of the day, people who were taken in were considered victims of an elaborate prank; no harm, no foul.  Bernie Madoff was able to bilk hundreds of people out of their life savings by promising them exorbitant returns on their investments.  While most victims were unfortunate people who believed Madoff was acting in their best interests, there were those who were willing participants in his get rich quick scheme and only realized too late that the whole thing was a scam.  The price of tuition at Con Game U is pretty steep.  The bad guy finally got caught, but the damage was devastating.  The unwitting victims at least deserve empathy from society.

What we are witnessing is the greatest case of fraud in American political history.  And it isn’t bad enough that one charismatic huckster can dupe millions of blissfully unaware individuals to follow him, but to seize control of a major political party takes the willing support of people who were entrusted with positions of power.  These are people who swore oaths of office to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic.  That may sound like a stretch, but consider what’s at stake.  The threat isn’t military; it comes in much more insidious forms.  Disastrous economic policy engendered by proposed tariffs and trade wars resulting in crushing rising prices; ambiguous penalties on manufacturers resulting in job loss and falling stock prices affecting worker savings plans. They have sworn fealty to the Court Jester who believes only he can fix problems by bigger government and negotiation and only offers nebulous outcomes.  Someone please explain to me what “replacing it with something beautiful” means?

Trumpublican toadies willingly jumped on board and jostled for their share of attention just to find out the spotlight shines only on the Donald.

I understand there are millions of secret Trump voters who are uncomfortable expressing their support for him and his overwhelming Facebook following will secure his election.  I also understand that in the real world Trump is projected to lose by anywhere from 3 points to Dukakis-type embarrassment.  Trumpublicans have all but assured this outcome.  They will have unleashed an enemy from within that will increase their assault on conservatism, Christianity, and the Constitution.  Strangely enough, it has been predicted Hillary will be less damaging to the economy. I predict the major damage will be inflicted on our liberty, moral standards, and God given rights.

When the smoke clears and the dust settles and the Republican Party is in shambles, what is to become of the ones who sold out to the Trumpublicans? Will those who once had honor ever be able to regain the trust from the voters who swept them into office?  Will the herd of RINOs still be able to rely on the “vote for a name you know” crowd? What if a new party were to be established; not some goof ball refugees from a frat house or a single issue party that will only ever be able to draw fringe support, but a true national third party based on a solid platform dedicated to principles developed by America’s Founding Fathers; a party insistent on being a facilitator of state and local governments decisions concerning their communities; a party predicated on as little government intrusion into private life as possible; a party willing to stand up to judicial over reach? Will there be a place for ex Republican Vichy-type collaborators in the new party?

That is the problem with which I struggle.  I am open to forgiveness, but I am wary of the possibility of betrayal.  If it was so easy for people like Sessions to succumb to Trump’s wiles, how can I feel comfortable with anyone?

I am positive I no longer have faith in the Republican brand.  I urge all of you to follow the developments at The New Americana concerning the proposed new party and always vote your conscience.

  1. Forgiveness only comes to those who are truly repentant. Starting with a believable apology, and heartfelt appeals for forgiveness. But, I already know none of that will come from them. They showed their true colors when willingly compromised on every value and principal we hold dear. The fact that they have attacked us in the most vile fashion only proves the above. No, they own this mess, and I’ll not help clean it up at the end of the day. They have earned my undying enmity.

  2. It is so disheartening that those (Rush, Hannity, Ingram, Fox News etc) that claimed their undying fidelity to Conservatism and had me believing them and shilling for them, when given the chance to back it up with a Conservative candidate went for the filthy lucre instead. Those are the people I don’t want back in the tent. Politicians are the vehicle and you just take your best option but never again will I fall for that load of crap Talk Radio is selling. In fact I’m completely rethinking Talk Radio/Fox News. I thought they were a force for good (getting out the Conservative point of view) but I’ve decided maybe they are just making us more divided as a country and tearing us apart. When it came time to stand up for Conservative principles (and they had 15 choices of various degrees) that went with the Circus Clown because he draws a crowd. They can be forgiven because that is gracious on our part but trust and respect are earned and never again.

  3. I am in.I will not be a follower but a leader among others in this new party. I refuse to sit back like others and have any more RINO,s run our great country. A new America will emerge.

  4. When Trump became the apparent nominee, i started looking for a third party candidate. Well, I guess I started looking for a third party to join.

    I don’t know of enough about it to know of its viability. But, I found d one that I like it’s platform. Does anyone know much about the Constitution Party?

  5. Okay I understand Johnson has his issues. But seriously, you would rather make absolute certain that either Hillary or Trump wins? I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I know Johnson isn’t the best candidate and his chances are slim. But of the 3 who have a chance of winning, he’s miles ahead of Trump and Hillary. I’m sorry, but no conservative is going to win this cycle (what I would give for Cruz to be obliterating Hillary now). So in my opinion, the most responsible thing to do is to vote for the person (Johnson) who will cause the least damage and maybe even do some good. If nothing else, he’ll further weaken the 2 party system if elected, which is what we need. You do what’s right by your morals, but my morals and love for this country encourage me to chart the best option for the country, even if it’s subpar compared to what could’ve been. Sometimes we have to make the best we can out of a situation, and this is it. And if you’re going to talk about him being somewhat pro-choice as your reason to object, remember that he believes in state’s rights for that and no other viable candidate is pro-life. Purism is only going to get us so far. Just my 2 cents.

  6. You are right about not trusting those who have bought tickets on the Trump train. They have already demonstrated their “flexibility”. If they could do this for a virtual carnival barker like Trump they cannot be expected to stand firmly for anything, ever again. Many have been lost to us – Jindal, McClintock, Perry, and many others – who could have been leaders in our future, much needed leaders. But they have demonstrated that they are not leaders but followers, who will follow people without principles. Each of these followers knew what Trump was and that he had no interest in the ONE thing that unites us as a nation – our Constitution, that he had no idea what he was doing or talking about, that he would be dangerous for America and for the world, and yet they either succumbed to blackmail or temptation and joined the Trump raiders. I am no RINO – I have campaigned against RINOs for decades. I always thought they were the greater threat. I turns out corruption and ignorance of the many were the threat and we see it now. People who are too ignorant and/or lazy to question what Trump WOULD do and simply raise their fist in salute to someone who gives their frustration and anger a voice indiscriminately are the threat to America. Trump is gathering about him and identifying for us those whom we must not trust in the future. Let us learn from this painful experience.

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