Abortion is part of a cult of death

Abortion is a cult of death against society itself

The eugenics movement has blessedly disappeared from our daily lexicon.  During the 1920s and 1930s, eugenics was considered scientifically sound, part of the popular culture of the day, and enthusiastically pushed by infamous people – prominently, Margaret Sanger in the U.S. After World War II, when the full scope of eugenicist atrocities became known, the fervor for genetic purity has, thankfully died down.  Sadly, however, the idea of allowing only those souls who are deemed ‘desirable’ to live has not gone away. It lives, primarily in the halls of academia.

A study entitled “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics on February 23, 2012; it was authored by Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva. (Giubilini A, Minerva, F. J Med Ethics 2013; 39: 261-263) As the title suggests, the authors conclude that if an abortion is justifiable before birth and the situation is unchanged immediately after birth, then infanticide is justified.

The authors cite many justifications for this abominable idea: that the baby might be born with birth defects that could impact the future person’s quality of life (suggesting the parents would almost certainly abort the child had the defect been detected before birth), that the parent(s) are not psychologically prepared for the child, or maybe that the birth of a sibling would be mentally tough on already born brothers and sisters.

They further insist that, because a recently born child is not aware of its own existence, that it is as morally justifiable to terminate that child’s life as it would be to kill any other non-sentient creature. They also slice the fine hairs of semantics – this is not infanticide, they say, merely after-birth abortion.

To those in the abortion industry, the only life worth protecting is that of the abortionist.

The tragedy of American abortion is immense. Some 50 million* souls’ lives have been ended before they began. Fifty million individuals, every one of them a Child of God, snuffed out (the entire population of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, give or take a few people).  The potential creativity and productivity of 50 million persons, destroyed, and the abortion industry wants more,  needs more, always more.

In their macabre pursuit of dead babies, abortionists have forgotten the recipe for human success: more people equals more prosperity for all of them. Margaret Sanger called for the forced sterilization of undesirable (dark skinned) races. Many other people have assumed that there are too many people (perhaps without the evil intent that Sanger held, but with the same tragic results).

This could not be further from the truth. The simple reality is that today is the best day that has ever existed in human history. We are today, across the board, wealthier, more prosperous, live longer and in greater health, and are better fed than ever. Tomorrow will be even better than today. To test this hypothesis, select any day in human history that preceded today. Measure it against all the quality of life issues mentioned, or others that weren’t; objectively the trajectory of the quality of human life has always and ever trended up.

The reasons for that are deceptively simple. Adam Smith identified the phenomenon: it is the division of labor.  When our ancestors first learned to stop grubbing for roots and berries, and divided up the chores between members of the tribe, the path of human history was set. Because I don’t have to spend all my hours searching for the calories I need to survive tomorrow, I can specialize. All of us can.

Which takes us back to the tragedy of abortion: imagine how much better off humanity would be, could be, with the added impulses of 50 million more souls? Which one of these individuals would have invented a better mousetrap, figured out the cure for the common cold, the secret to interstellar travel?

The simple fact that it is legal to kill your unborn child is part of a slippery slope of a cult of death. Every human being has intrinsic value, merely for being human. Abortionists don’t see it that way. They want fewer people, not more. They hate their own human-ness. They think we are a problem to be solved, not a creation to be celebrated.

The full potential of the human race cannot be fully realized until the barbarous practice of human abortion is fully and completely ended.

*Fifty million is a conservative number. Consider that the first legal abortion occurred in 1973. That child would have reached child-bearing age in the early 90s, and could have easily had several children by this point – even grandchildren. I am no mathematician, but one doesn’t have to think too hard on the point to know the number of future generations snuffed out is staggering.

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John Edmonson

I am a small town lawyer (I represent injured workers, do an occasional auto accident, work with the disabled in front of the SSA). I am married 20+ years, have three sons. I have always been fairly conservative, at least from the economic side of things. As far back as when I was 11 or 12, my father helped me understand what my young political thoughts meant within the framework of American politics (I was a budding Libertarian then). I became passionate about the Second Amendment and Sanctity of life issues after college - each moment was an epiphany too - so I preach with the zeal of the converted on these issues. I am strongly and unequivocally a supporter of the Bill of Rights - all of them - and I place the Second Amendment first among equals. I strongly and unequivocally support the right of the unborn to live, and support the right of all persons to live a free and independent life. I detest the taxation of my hard-earned income, and would replace the current federal tax code with a simple consumption tax. In all political questions, ask: is this a proper function of governmental action? and, does this make us more or less free?

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