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I think I need a new scorecard to track the Republican nominee. I’ve run out of room writing down his stance on issues.  The man truly is an empty suit without any motivating principles.  The nominee so far this week has been for deportation, softening, amnesty, and now it seems deportation once more.  If you were ever unsure about the man having principles you can now lay such speculation to rest.

The nominee has no guiding principles to speak of, and God help us if he becomes President – a less likely if by the day. Commentators were coming out as of Thursday morning saying that this was a good move.  I know that the man had no principles and was like a tumble weed in the west Texas wind, moving with the wind and never stopping.  I did expect more from the commenters.  When did we surrender to the illogical assumption that if something could not be done then we should just let it be?  Their argument that because it would be hard to deport all the illegals in the country we should give them legal status by allowing them amnesty from the law and issue worker visas seems to be one based on an error.

I thought conservatives were for the rule of law, was I mistaken? If someone breaks into my house and starts to clean and fix the honey-do items, it does not mean that when I come home I say, “here, stay, you did a good job?” No.  The fact remains that they broke into my house and the law is supposed to be immutable.

Right now the right is near apoplectic in anger that the Shrew (Hilary) is escaping any prosecution from her breaking of the law in an e-mail scandal.  So why should conservatives go weak on wanting to prosecute other law breakers?

Would we say, “we cannot catch all murderers so we should not punish any murderers” or, “this murderer killed but that was in his youth and he escaped justice for years so now we can’t punish him?” No one in their right mind would argue such logic.  Yet, because of the type of crime committed there are many in the United States who currently perform such mental contortions.

Rules and laws are instituted among men to create a trust among society. These written codes set the boundaries to which we must look for guidance and security.  I trust that if I transgress the law then I will eventually be caught and prosecuted just as someone else will be similarly punished.  I know that in reality all criminals are not caught and I have no qualms about such outcomes.  Theory is one thing, and the reality in which we live is another.  No one should base their decision upon the fact that because we cannot punish all offenders or it will be too hard that we should excuse all flaunting of the law.  I hope that such an argument is illogical to you just as it is to me.

President Eisenhower deported many illegals that had overstayed their visa’s or were illegal aliens to this country. True, he did not actually catch that many and send them back, but more left for fear of apprehension.  Will power is necessary to take the necessary action and unfortunately it is absent today.  Today businesses are against any attempt to fix the border, just as in the past, and a will of iron would be necessary.

The Republican nominee’s one redeeming policy was his position to build a wall and deport illegal aliens. Unfortunately, he has proven to be as weak on this topic – as all his other principles.  The nominee’s promises to deport all illegal aliens… how could we trust him?

The laws which govern immigration should be looked at, and if faulty fixed. The price of becoming a US citizen is costly, but it should not be either trivial or prohibitive.  The rule of law should be equally enforced and applied to all or we are no longer a republic of law, but one of men.

The citizens should determine if immigration laws are faulty and then attempt to fix the law.  Illegal aliens can be deported in large numbers because it has been done before.  Conservatives allowing any type of amnesty, worker visas, or criminals to stay should stop arguing for such an outcome or quit railing against the Shrew and Democrats for escaping prosecution.  The United States is either a nation of laws or of men.  It is up to us to decide, but we need to remember a nation of men means that there is no equality before the law and no justice.

The Republican Party must die. Long live conservatism!

Michael Reuel

Michael is a native Texan raised as a Christian Gentleman. He is a proud Conservative.

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