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I am glad my children are of an age that they can witness the current debacle of a Presidential general election and make their own decisions about the candidates. And that my granddaughter is too young to have discussions about it.  Truthfully, “My Little Pony” and “The Lion Guard” are a lot more fun to talk about because they don’t make me want to holler obscenities.

I have been eligible to vote since 1972.  I have tried to learn as much as possible about the major party candidates in each election in order to cast an informed ballot.  But, I don’t remember the liberal media bias being as blatant prior to the Clintons.  It seemed coverage was more along the “fair and balanced” lines as almost every major newspaper and magazine, regardless of slant, kept a reporter who espoused the opposing view on staff to act as Devil’s Advocate.

The explosion of media sources and the anarchy of the internet resulted in the entropy of news reporting.  The image of a “Perry White” editor figure deciding which reporter gets which story has become its own “Great Caesar’s Ghost.”  “All the News That’s Fit To Print” is now, “how can we spin this to further our agenda?”  And that isn’t totally a bad thing.  The same story reported on a liberal site and conservative site can actually afford the reader an opportunity to weigh both sides of an argument.

Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul, and Mary, used to do a bit back in the 60’s about how society was becoming more narrow minded.  Life Magazine became People, then Us, then Self.  The term “niche market” became glorified, and we now find ourselves jammed into tiny definable groups.

The thought of anyone supporting Hillary or Bernie is incomprehensible to someone like me with beliefs in smaller government, minimal regulatory interference, and fiscal responsibility.  The realization that millions of Americans do is surreal.

The Machiavellian plots to eliminate a popular political rival that resulted in humiliation and embarrassment to everyone except the “Lady of the Pantsuits” is amusing. But what did we learn from the fait accompli that is Hillary?  That there is no act of corruption, scandal, endless lies, deceit, or obstruction too great to stand in the way of her greed for money and power.  Compared to her, the Medicis look like philanthropists.  Spend a couple of hours reading Salon or Slate and you’ll get the idea that if only we could get rid of that outdated Constitution we could enthrone her as Empress and she would solve all our problems while we apologize for not having the sense to do it in the 70’s when she was defending child rapists.

The real problem I have is the GOP.  It appears the party of Lincoln has devolved into a mere cliché; fat cat politics built on cronyism driven by the acquisition of money and influence.  The altruism of holding a nation together in the worst time of crisis (that eventually resulted in the affirmation of true civil rights) has been replaced by establishment hacks like Boehner, Ryan, and McConnell who don’t believe in principled disagreement with detrimental policies because they don’t think they can win.  Face it.  Guys like Mitt, Jeb, and McCain created Donald Trump.  Or, at least made him possible.  Their type of politics is as stale as the air in the old smoke filled rooms where establishment types used to make policy.

What should have been a contest of Republican substance and reason, versus Democrat emotion and sloganeering, is now a war between conservative conscience and principle versus Trumpian bullying and bluster.  Compare the same news story on conservative Red State and pro-Trump Breitbart.  If you have thick skin, read the comments.  The more the reporter or responder supports Trump, the greater the expression of rage toward anyone unwilling to swear undying fealty to the “Man Who Would Be Caesar.”  I’m sure there are more than a few comparisons to Caligula.  But the odd thing is they are unable to delineate the differences between Trump and Hillary’s policies.  They are, however, more than willing to consign conservative thinkers, like myself, to a box labeled “Cuckservative” and content themselves with “we won” without considering the effects.  I once thought that box to be very small.

Through the efforts of sites like this one, I have found the conservative movement to be growing.  It has given me hope, and I ask all conservatives to channel their inner Diogenes and look for others who still believe in ethics, morals, and America.  Vote your conscience, and be sure to vote for Senatorial and Representative candidates who support true conservatism.

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