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I know what you’re thinking if you’re one who relies on our link archives to catch up on the week. I’m thinking the same thing. This list is absolutely huge. It looks like it encompasses a couple of weeks. In reality. It’s several days. Sorry, as always, for the delay.

State Department warns Iran looking to take American hostages, but don’t worry, it wasn’t ransom

…Daily Caller: Foreigners are being detained or prevented from leaving Iran

…Free Beacon: Meanwhile, Iran keeps visiting Latin America as terrorism concerns rise

Israel and Texas have been forming a symbiotic relationship for more than a decade

Obamacare was supposed to bring “choice and competition,” but 5 states and nearly 700 counties beg to differ

John Bolton would accept the job of Secretary of State if Trump offers it

Leftist Buzzfeed is betting big on video

He tells it like it is

Fellow Republicans still waiting for Trump’s promised cash

The unhealthy angers of #NeverTrump’ers – accepting the misled back into the fold

Republican candidates calculate whether to cut ties with Donald Trump

Chicago sued over abortion clinic “bubble zone” that limits pro-life free speech

Desperate Pakistani Christians languish in Thailand: U.S. should provide them with asylum

Our abortion culture steals the grief of miscarriage

Abortion biz stops more abortions after it was caught violating health and safety standards

Charter school support remains steady but voucher support falls

Louisiana floods give Bill Nye opportunity to extend predictability streak

Mark Dice asks the public if they support a tax cut for non-whites

Gary Johnson says Trump is a fascist

Hillary's State Department. Haiti. Jailed Foundation donor. $10M.

Hillary’s State Department. Haiti. Jailed Foundation donor. $10M.…DailyWire: ABC admits Hillary lied about giving state department access to Clinton Foundation donors

…FreeBeacon: “Precisely what she said she would not do”

Ted Cruz moves to block path to citizenship, welfare benefits for illegal aliens

A choice between strychnine and hemlock

University warns students: You’re violating federal law if you don’t use transgender-approved language

Jamie Lockett: In rejecting classical liberalism and us “Constitution worshipers,” populists reject everything that made American conservatism the unique foundation of the freest and greatest nation on this earth

With Trump, the alt-right has taken over the Republican party. The conservative movement of Goldwater, Buckley, and Reagan may be coming to an end. (Editor’s note: U.S. News obviously hasn’t heard about our new party, yet. Yet.)

The Republican Maginot line

Byron York: Team Trump makes a mess of immigration

Trump’s softening immigration tone matches populist sentiment as 38% want immigration levels to remain steady and 21% want them increased. Yes, increased.

Kellyanne Conway was for releasing Trump’s tax returns before she was against it

Forget the polls. Kellyanne Conway believes that there are “undercover Trump voters” who say they’re voting for Hillary when pollsters call

…Modern Patriots: Conway believes Trump’s actually winning, but his smartest supporters are too ashamed to admit it

The joke: Trump wants the Clinton Foundation investigated for donations it received while Hillary was Secretary of State. The punchline: Trump donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Europe is willfully blind to the realities of Islamic terrorism

Audio of Iran’s mass executions presents a problem for their narrative of a “moderate” and “secular” government

Saudi Arabia stays on point with sharia law, sentences Egyptian for being an Iranian spy… and a sorcerer

Russian TV documentary claims to know who sank the Titanic, caused the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and committed the terrorist acts of 9/11. It was the Jews, of course.

In China, Christian leaders are accused of “harming social stability.” It’s getting so serious that one leader will be jailed for 7 years as a result.

Syrian Christians are setting up relief stations for thousands of Muslim refugees still living in the country

“I once voter for a pro-abortion President. Here’s why I’ll never do it again.”

Gülenist prosecutor says group has sought to topple Erdoğan since 2011

Dear Congress: Assure America keeps unrestricted access to RD-180 rocket engines made by Russia, for the sake of global stability and most importantly, American security

Iran evicts “ungentlemanly” Russia

Gen. James Mattis warns against U.S. isolationism

Professional victimhood is America’s fastest growing business

Gabriel: Renewable energy is killing the environment

In a statement that could have been ripped out of Atlas Shrugged, White House raises moral questions about EpiPen and pricing controls

…Mises: Lack of EpiPen competitors is FDA’s fault

…Hillary calls on EpiPen to lower prices immediately

Hillary Clinton says ‘there are no excuses’ for her State Department private emails

The same people who want you to believe that man-caused global warming is real want you to believe Hillary Clinton has done nothing wrong. It’s called suspension of disbelief.

Clinton’s pay-to-play is the natural consequence of big government

Of course Hillary won’t shut down the foundation. It’s way to good for the Clinton family to be bothered with trivialities like corruption.

Salesman-in-Chief “push polls” audience into scorning mass deportations

…The Right Scoop: These are the morons who wailed against “traitorous” Republicans because they pushed immigration reform

…WaPo: After not getting the response he wanted the first time, he tries again, and again, and again… by the EIGHTH attempt they relent

…Moonbattery: Suddenly illegal immigration is complicated and shaded with nuance

Second Amendment backers arm up with ink and paper to battle California’s “Gunmageddon”

Confirmed by military intel: Muslim terrorists entering U.S. via Mexico

Congressman Gohmert reminds us that we already have a deportation force. It’s called ICE.

Trump’s flip-flop on immigration was so bad that Ann Coulter retweeted Rick Wilson

…Rush literally can’t stop laughing at Ann’s plight

…DailyWire: Trump unloads

…Mediaite: Woman who wrote “In Trump We Trust” goes on Tweetstorm about why we can’t trust Trump

Greenfield: Hillary’s race war

Hillary accused of ignoring press to spend time with donors

…NPR: Is she dodging them? Or…

…is it the presses fauly? DailyWire: Hillary could shoot a puppy and the media wouldn’t care

Suicide truck bomb blamed on PKK kills 11 police in Turkey

Italy earthquake: Aftershocks rattle rescuers as death toll climbs to 267

Trump campaign's Faustian bargain with illegal immigration
Trump campaign’s Faustian bargain with illegal immigration

…RedState: Trump camp pretends they’re unfamiliar with the Alt-Right

…Levin: It turns out Trump was “one of the most liberal” Republicans running

…LawNewz: Trump’s deceptive behavior months ago indicated he would flip flop on immigration

Stephen Bannon, the new CEO of Trump’s campaign, was once charged with domestic violence

Ann Coulter tells Hannity that if Hillary Clinton wins, the GOP is dead

Former Bush official Paul Wolfowitz: “I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton”

Sarah Palin warns Donald Trump on deportation U-turn

Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller: Courage, selflessness as she defended Christian faith to ISIS executioner “Jihadi John”

…DailyWire: Mueller refused to bow before radical Islam

…ABC 15: Prescott playground dedicated to Kayla Mueller open

Pro-lifers must entrust our efforts to Christ, for abortion is satanic

Abortion isn’t just about women: Men should have a say as well

Berman: The true progressive is the Christian, who betters society through God’s transformation, God’s promises, and reduction of all things to God’s unchanging law and character

Joy Reid shuts down conservative Latino who brings up Margaret Sanger’s eugenics

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick on why he hates America enough to sit during the National Anthem

…”I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

…Politichicks: Burgess Owens, an NFL Super Bowl Champion, successful entrepreneur, black conservative and author, denounces Kaepernick

…RedState: Army ranger blasts 49ers quarterback

…Politistick: 49ers fan burns Kaepernick’s jersey to the National Anthem

Immigration watchdog: Trump is “9th member of Gang of 8”

David Duke says “people like Donald Trump and ourselves” should “take over the Republican Party”

Turned off by Trump: Republican mega-donors focus on congressional races

…Right Scoop: Adelson among them, holding $100M pledge until Trump shapes up

Immigration wonks struggle to decipher Trump’s new position

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