All-in on a pair of deuces

All-in on a pair of deuces

I have been blessed with friends with above-average intelligence who are able to discuss potential relationship ending topics like religion and politics in a civil manner.  Everyone is allowed to express and defend their ideas without fear of destroying that friendship.  Most of our views are fairly compatible; we are all in agreement that Hillary Clinton is Boss Tweed on steroids.

The one thing that has caused the greatest disturbance among us is listening to my friends trying to rationalize a vote for Trump.  I have been quite vocal (what’s the writer’s equivalent of vocal?) about my stance on not voting for either major party candidate due to the overwhelming evidence that neither is suitable.  In an effort to conserve your time I will skip the most common arguments (you’re welcome!) and focus on one that is rather esoteric – but judging by its appearance on other sites, ubiquitous.

In essence, it states that since the Donald is so unpredictable, there is some minuscule chance that he will somehow make a decision acceptable to conservative ideals. That this may be a conscientious decision or an unintended consequence is not clear; however, it is a justification to vote for Trump.  Let me simplify the context.  “We have to elect him to find out what kind of president he’ll be.”  That thought is horrifying.

Instead, let’s explore the thought process behind the concept.  It suggests voters should not make a choice based on reason.  It is asking citizens to place a wager on a 100-1 long shot in the Kentucky Derby or going all in on a pair of deuces.  Using the same logic, setting off a trade war or alienating a long term ally are much shorter odds bets.  In Las Vegas terms, destroying the Stock Market is 2-1, and increasing racial tension is 3-5.  For those of you who don’t gamble and are still reading, it is much more likely that he’ll screw up bigly than accomplish anything positive.  And for those of you who are willing to extend the analogy, think about his track record in the gaming industry.  Deal me out!

I have also been encouraged to consider alternative candidates so I don’t “waste” my vote.  In that regard, let me state with a polite, yet totally dismissive “with all due respect, that choice is the poster child for wasting a vote.”

If you are not on the ballot in all fifty states, how are you possibly going to get 270 electoral votes?  If the game is to deny the magic number to both major parties, then that puts you on the same conspiratorial plane as Professor Moriarty.  Johnson/Weld…really?

The Tea Party movement proved that true grass roots conservatism is a viable concept.  Its ideals are unbound by geographic limits and its concepts are truly universal.  It was said last week that we must get over our worship of the Constitution.  Only a progressive would conflate the concepts of “worship” and “revere.”  American exceptionalism is not an old, rusty trophy relegated to history’s attic.  It is a reward for continually doing the right thing better than anyone else on earth.  Relativism is the enemy of American exceptionalism as good enough is the enemy of greatness.  The Republican Party has failed its constituency; it is time to replace it on every level in every state.

This November, please vote for the candidates on your ballot that most reflect Constitutional values.

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