The “RINOpire” strikes back

Paul Gosar

It is now clear what has happened. While the Trump campaign has drawn all the oxygen out of this year’s election cycle room, behind the scenes those happy RINOs have been working stealthfully to cement their places in American government.

Tuesday night’s RINO (almost) sweep of the nation’s last two primaries have proven the point. In several Congressional and Senate races in Florida and Arizona, only one conservative candidate prevailed – AZ’s Paul Gosar. On the other hand, a number of good solid conservative possibilities were shot down by the Establishment machinery of the RNC. And yes, even that old RINOsaur, John McCain, won his bid to challenge for a 6th term (yep – going for 36 years in the Senate if he gets re-elected in the fall).

Let’s face it, thanks to Trump and his “devil’s bargain” with the RNC RINOs, the conservative movement in America lies in tatters.

At the National Republican Convention all eyes seemed to be on the effort to overthrow Trump and the draconian methodology used by the RNC to censor debate. But, behind the scenes what the Party apparatchiks were really doing was making sure their own were taken care of for the future. This is part of the reason nothing of substance was done with the huge problem of “open” primaries. They are cementing their positions regardless of who wins or loses general elections.

This was fully illustrated Tuesday night. The “RINOpire” did strike back in a powerful way; they either kept or got their own onto the general election to the detriment of good conservative candidates – candidates who agree far more with the 2016 Republican platform than many of the Establishment victors. It was typical political “slight-of-hand” at the convention. While all eyes were on Trump, his allies and foes, the Party was concocting a perpetual money and influence scheme designed to serve them regardless of who becomes President.

If Hillary wins, they have the seats in the House and Senate – regardless of majority or minority. They will fundraise and deal-make off public disdain for “Czarina” Hillary. If Trump wins, they will continue the on-going deals they have already made with him to insure his ascendancy to the Presidency went without much “friendly fire.” Trump will need their votes to feed his pathetic ego’s need for “victories.” So, they will make sweet deals to further pad their own bank accounts, all the while stroking Trump’s media-conceived legacy.

On the conservative activist front, our movement is currently in shambles. Trump’s alt-right thugs have decimated a once honorable movement to save this nation. Since his “orange Kool-Aid” cult members can see no wrongs in the “Dear Leader,” they will fritter away any political advantage they might have attained as they hang onto the slippery deck railings of the “Trumptanic!”

So, it is left to real conservatives to pick up the tattered pieces of American freedom and rebuild the movement and the country. It won’t be easy. And, it will take far longer than one election cycle. But, since we stand for the truth, Americans will either eventually see the light, or “the shining city set on a hill” will be extinguished forever.

Can we do this within the Republican Party? Or, is it time for the elephant to go the way of the Whigs?

Who knows? If the RNC is stubbornly determined to re-elect Reince Priebus as chairman in January 2017 (after two possible Presidential losses), there may be little hope. After all, it took Priebus seven rounds of voting to get elected the first time in 2011. He and his minions are loathe to give up power and perks now.

Conservatives may have to find and/or make a new home in American politics. That won’t be quick or easy, but it may be necessary to keep conservatism alive. But, if after a Trump loss, Priebus is forced out, perhaps a more conservative chairman can regenerate our movement within the GOP. Again, it is far too soon to tell what may happen between now and November, let alone now and January.

Alas, the RINOs have been largely successful in maintaining their insider status quo in Washington, for now. For all the bluster the Trump campaign had about being “outsiders”, they have yet to prove it beyond fawning over their plummeting hero.


Trump, so far, appears to not even have shirt tails for anyone sincerely seeking to save America to hang onto. Maybe it will be a good thing if the “Trump Train” is full of supporters and pundits when it crashes politically. At least they will be out of the way so that credible conservatives can speak to the American people once again.

Time will tell, of course. But for now, it is essential for real conservatives to salvage what influence we still have; strongly support those we can trust in November, and start planning for the 2018 election cycle.

We may be a bit hunkered down right now, but so were the Americans at Valley Forge. We need to hang in there to Yorktown! By then, “Jabba the Trump” and his RNC “storm troopers” will be a thing of the past.

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Russ Hepler

Russ Hepler is a pastor, teacher, political activist, author, and conference speaker with over 30 years of experience. He holds a B.A. from Messiah College and an M.A.R. from Evangelical School of Theology. He has been an issues’ advocate, a campaign volunteer for local, state, and federal candidates, Regional Field Director for PA Christian Coalition, president of a county chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life, local Republican Committeeman, and an elected member of a town council. He is also a former and current homeschooler and taught in a Christian school (middle school History and Bible) for a number of years. He was formerly a blog writer for The Federalist Papers Project with over 900 articles published. He has been a guest on the American Family Radio program Today’s Issues with Tim Wildmon and on the Bill Martinez Live radio show. One of his sermons – Father’s Day – Where Have All the Heroes Gone? – was featured on the American Pastors’ Network. His first book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! A Practical Guide for Christian Political Involvement – was published in 2012. It has recently been updated and expanded for 2016 – Yes! We STILL Can Turn This Nation Around! An Updated and Expanded Practical Guide for Christian Political Involvement. Both works are available at He and his wife, Sherry, have founded Transformation 1202 Ministries to educate, encourage, and challenge people of faith to get involved in the political and cultural issues of our day. The ministry has a website, a blog, and a Facebook page: Turn This Nation Around.

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