The blame game just got more interesting

North Carolina

Great news! A recent Supreme Court ruling has just clarified who will be to blame if Donald loses the election, and it’s not the #NeverTrump’ers. That’s right. While we’ve been bickering back and forth about who is and isn’t to blame for Trump, the U.S. Supreme Court has been deciding the case of North Carolina’s voter identification requirements. It moved along to them after the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals shot down several components of the law back in July because, according to them, there was “discriminatory intent” when the law was approved by Republican legislators in 2013. Now, apparently, the “intent” is headed back in the other direction. The eight Supreme Court judges were equally divided (as you can imagine) on their decisions, which means the July ruling by the lower court stands.

Voters in the swing-state of North Carolina will not have to show any kind of photo ID to vote on Election Day. Listen, the list of states that do not require any kind of document for any person to walk into a voting booth and cast a vote is growing every day. Let’s look closer at that, and in doing so allow me to state the obvious: Would Trump fans ever likely have an issue with being required to prove who they are at the voting precinct? I dare say that the vast majority of them have IDs and most of them would proudly wear them as a banner across their chests just for the opportunity to vote for Trump. How about the conservative voters who have decided to go with Trump because he’s not Hillary? They will go armed with IDs, too. With that logic, it must not be Trump voters who would best benefit from these “nobody gets turned away” states.

These quiet, but constant voting victories for Obama’s Justice Department benefit no one but Hillary. Oh, and please don’t let it be lost on you that there’s a plan on the table to look at putting our entire election process under the auspices of Homeland Security’s “critical infrastructure,” with the ultimate purpose of “protecting” each and every vote.

Don’t you see? #NeverTrump’ers are just drops in a bucket in the long run, because the end run is being played on a bigger field than our little balls can handle. And we’ve been too busy fighting among ourselves to notice it. That has to stop, because it’s creating a diversion and distraction that conveniently screens the insidious game going on behind the scenes.

When looked at in full view, you can see that it’s not the stubbornness of #NeverTrump’ers that will take the election from Trump – that’s small thinking. There’s a much bigger, invasive strategy at work here with its own stubborn “intent.”

So, from here on, if we must continue to soothe our discontent by assessing blame, let’s put it where it truly belongs.

Betty Tompkins

I have worked as an advertising writer since the early 80s, just after graduating from UNC-Wilmington with a BA degree in English. I started with Lewis Advertising in Rocky Mount, NC and moved to Greensboro, NC where I worked for many years with Trone Advertising. After years of making some great contacts, I was able to relocate to a wonderfully remote mountain area and continue my writing career on a freelance basis. Over the last several years, my priorities have become more spiritual in nature and I now find myself writing more from a need to keep the Word “relevant” and less from a monetary need. I am a total Cruz conservative. I do not identify anymore with the party as it has devolved. Now, watching “evangelical” (I don’t agree with that word as a description of all Christians) writers take on water in a show of political desperation breaks my heart daily and I have developed a passion to write about all things "steadfast".

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