Bringing the conservative movement together under one umbrella

Bringing the conservative movement together under one umbrella

Who is the real enemy of America? It would be those who keep the conservative movement, unique in its ability to keep America together, from achieving its fullest potential within the minds of the people and the halls of government. It isn’t Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama. It isn’t the nebulous “Establishment” or the powerbrokers in and out of Washington DC. It isn’t Vladimir Putin, Ayatollah Khamenei, Xi Jinping, or Kim Jong-un.

The true enemy of conservatism, the only thing that can prevent it from wrenching the steering wheel from the big government majority that controls both major parties and therefore Washington DC itself, is the disunity of the conservative movement. We are a splintered group that has allowed a false impression to reign. The message seeping from the mouths of the media into the ears of anyone listening is that the conservative movement is comprised of disparate factions pushing in different directions. This narrative exists to convince us that we have no real power. How can a conservative movement have power when fiscal conservatives fight social conservatives who fight the “alt-right” who fight originalists who fight… you get the picture.

From every angle, we are herded away from our core principles based upon the lie that we need to be inviting and encompassing. We have done what liberals and the Establishment have not done – compromised our integrity in order to achieve crumbs of power. The left has made no compromises to their principles even while the GOP enjoys control of Congress. They’ve played the victim card when appropriate (their gun control sit-in, for example) while bullying the GOP to give them and President Obama blank checks. The Establishment has made no compromises; they use conservative principles as campaign slogans but continue to promote heavy-spending big government practices at every turn.

We are our own worst enemies because we fail to accept two realities: we’re right and we can make Americans learn the truth. The second reality is one that we must believe in our hearts if we accept that the first reality is correct. If we truly believe we’re right in our convictions and we don’t believe that a majority of Americans can learn this truth, then there is no reason to fight in this manner. If that were the case, then America is already lost and the conservative movement’s future rests in another country altogether.

I refuse to believe that.

Some conservatives may believe that we have not failed to accept the reality that we are right, but our collective actions don’t always match that reality. If we know that conservatism in general is the right ideology to guide this country, then we wouldn’t be willing to accept anything less than a full embrace of conservatism by the leaders we support. Nobody’s perfect; we cannot be so rigid that an occasional moderate stance erases our support. Even Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have made some missteps during their first terms as Senators and only a fool would doubt their conservatism. However, the willingness to bend must be much more rigid than what we’ve allowed with our votes.

One could look at Tim Huelskamp or Kelli Ward as examples of conservative losses in recent weeks, but support for Trump is the perfect example of this. If more conservatives truly believed that conservatism is right, there is no chance that Trump would have won the nomination. Unfortunately, many conservatives have been sold on the progressive notions that Trump has proposed. They now believe that “fair trade” is superior to free trade. They ignore the alarm bells when he dips his toes in the amnesty bucket and pretend like everything is okay when he delivers a harshly worded but completely ambiguous stump speech that’s pawned off as his new immigration policy. They cheered when Trump claimed he could eliminate the national debt in 8 years, then accepted it when he said he wanted to borrow more and raise the national debt a few months later. They’ve taken every liberal policy proposal that Trump has offered and either convinced themselves that this is the latest iteration of conservatism or that conservatism is no longer what they wanted.

Trump and the GOP that he represents do not espouse the conservative principles that can save this country. That does NOT mean that we’re going to turn our backs on those who support Trump. All of his supporters have their reasons and regardless of who becomes the next President, we must take advantage of this moment to unite as conservatives so someone is there to pick up the pieces when it all starts falling apart.

That’s the silver lining. If anything good comes from all of this, it’s that we have a unique opportunity to come together as a movement and as a new party to fight today and build for tomorrow. We have seen the face of the enemies from both sides of the political aisle. As I talk on a daily basis with various leaders, politicians, journalists, and interested citizens who want more for America and strength behind truly conservative principles, I grow more hopeful. This hope is melding with an undying dedication to see this through to its beginning; we will not rest until a new conservative party gains the traction to make a difference. THAT is the beginning. Everything we do until then is coordination of efforts towards the goal.

This is being posted before Labor Day for a reason. We need more conservatives to raise their hands and say that they demand something better. It’s the perfect time to talk to people, share this post, tell them some of what we have planned, and ask them to sign up for updates below. You don’t have to sell them on the concept; if they’re worried about the direction the country is taking, they’ll want to be kept up to date on helping to build and unite the conservative movement. Even if you’re reading this after Labor Day, it’s not too late to help. Talk to people. Email this post. Share it on social media. Get the word out. We can bring together all of the conservative leaders of all the conservative groups in the country, but we’ll get nowhere without the voice of the people rising up in unison with us side-by-side. We must all be in lockstep; you will not hear me tell you to follow me or anyone else. Instead, let’s walk together.

In the coming days, we will be meeting with Tea Party leaders, conservative candidates, and leaders from other conservative parties to open the dialogue on uniting under a single umbrella. If you represent a conservative group, I’d love to include you in this meeting. Please feel free to email me: [email protected]

As we’ve learned with absolute clarity this election cycle, the gains we’ve made through the Tea Party and other organizations are faltering. The GOP’s leftward lurch is slaughtering conservatives at every level of government. If conservatives remain splintered, the last hope for this nation will fade as the progressive mindset builds steam. Today, RIGHT NOW, we can start to take back what we’ve lost and build momentum to save America from itself.

If you want to receive updates about the new conservative party of if you have questions, email me – [email protected] – or fill out the form below.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. You are correct in your assessment of a splintered movement. It is similar to tribalism that does not work well when faced with a common, strong enemy.

    I read an article this morning re: Catholics shifting to Hilary. As a Catholic I find this abhorrent. It cannot only be due to the Latino Catholics. Lots of attention is paid to Evangelicals while no one seems to care about the Catholics, which is a large voting bloc. I for one vote principles. We will need to educate Catholics on how conservatism is the ONLY group that stands for Catholic beliefs. There are many Catholic conservatives, but they are mostly ignored.

    We need to unite for sure, but the word conservative has been hijacked by RINOs. I talk to people who clearly are confused now what the term even means. We need another word that hasn’t been bandied about and misused. Maybe traditional or some such word.

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