“The Flight 93 Election.” Seriously?

Flight 93

There are times when you have to wonder at the actions of certain people. The nightmare that is the 2016 election sank further into absurdity with the use of an historic event to try an make a point. Like many of the morally relative actions of the Trumpian cult, apparently invoking the memory of 9/11 is perfectly acceptable when attempting to push their point of view.

The past few days has seen the emergence of a screed entitled, ‘The Flight 93 Election,’ which was lauded by a former great of conservative thought, Rush Limbaugh (full disclosure – I was once a 25 + year listener, up until a few months ago).

Perhaps the title and opening was the work of someone wanting to drive traffic – it was after all “exclusive online content,” and the author did hang a lantern on this hyperbole. However, careful consideration of the implications of using such crass clickbait should have been obvious to those responsible for its publication.

Since the author did open a Pandora’s box with regard to an heroic and historic event for her loathsome purposes, we should examine its allegorical implications beyond the superficial histrionics. Consider that the metaphor is of a group using coercion and intimidation to take control of something forcing the majority to take desperate action to take back control before an impending disaster.

Do the Trumpians really want to go there?

Whoever conjured up this clickbait analogy failed to contemplate it’s deeper meaning, in that it reflects very badly on them. Do the Trumpians really want to invoke the subject of a group of cowardly terrorists hijacking an aircraft away from the majority? And most likely those of the Trumpian ideal would place themselves in the heroic role of the passengers bravely charging the cockpit… more is the pity if this is the case.

Those of us dwelling in reality can easily see the analogy of the hijacking of that flight, being comparable to the take-over of the GOP by the Trumpers. They were at fault for putting the party and the nation in dire straits by their uninformed candidate choice. But, let us also not forget that they had accomplices in this endeavor with a compliant media only too willing to install the worst possible candidate for the GOP, along with certain radio hosts and “conservative” websites heralding the effort.

One makes the presumption that we are only to think of the single instance of that story, discarding any thoughts of what took place on the way to that dire situation. But this falls right in line with the current mindset of the Trump cadres. In this case we are to forget what they did to force us into this binary situation. We are only to consider that which was manifestly thrust upon the everyone else months ago when Trump first attained “front runner” status.

Even before the nomination process was complete, radio hosts and “conservative” websites had bestowed “nominee” status upon Trump. Thus, the binary choice became a self-fulfilling prophecy long before it was a reality. So, suddenly we had no other choice; suddenly we were all thrust upon a metaphorical flight 93 by unknown actors. And led by Mr. Sacrifice himself, we are to bravely charge the cockpit and set things right with whatever his policy pronouncements are at the moment.

The stark reality is the Trumpians used the tried and true insanity of insisting that the “front runner” of February somehow had a lock on the election, damn the polls that show otherwise. Any kind of bad press about the man was downplayed because “he can win.” Obvious character flaws and a mercurial style of blurting out every unguarded thought were push aside in favor of the one man who can beat Comrade Clinton.

This is the problem with the author’s cynical use of the tragedy and heroics of 9/11. It shows just how absurd the Trump candidacy has become. And it shows how desperate the Trumpians have become in trying to use the same intimidation tactics to support the man. Who knows what they will think of next.


As an engineer by training and student of history by avocation, I've always been fascinated by the interaction of technological advances and the march of history. My love/hate relationship with differential equations has taught me that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics. In many ways political struggles can be distilled down to a conflict between individual and collective rights. I tend to favour the former rather than the later. Therefore I view the common sense civil right of self defense as the last bulwark of liberty for a free people. Giving up that basic civil right is a mistake free people can only make once. Over the decades of my life I have noticed that collectivists tend to cloak their ideology under ever changing deceptive labels while they falsely perpetrate old failed and discredited ideas as new in the name of ‘progress’. The actions and agendas with regard to individual versus collective rights are vastly more indicative than the political labels taken on by some. For the sake of simplicity I could describe myself as a Conservative. But the phrase ‘classic liberal’ also applies…

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