Liberal press shifts to making Hillary the victim

Hillary Coughing

It’s happening, just not in the way that most had anticipated. Conservative wonks have been expecting the usage of the “poor little Hillary” card by the mainstream media ever since it became apparent that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be the nominees. We had assumed it would be based upon harsh attacks by Trump and his surrogates that would be painted as misogynistic rants, but now that it’s happening we’re kicking our own collective tails for not seeing its real manifestation all along.

Hillary’s media is playing the victim card because she’s crumbling. They’re not playing it to combat Trump’s bullying. They’re playing it to counter Hillary’s tangible weaknesses and missteps.

In our defense, the circumstances were ripe for things to play out exactly as we anticipated. From what we’d seen of Trump, Hillary, and the media before the primaries, it made sense to expect it all to go down differently than it has.

First, Trump had gone through the primaries having every insulting syllable he uttered blasted across the media spectrum.  It was part of the media’s clever two-part plan of supporting him until he locked in the nomination and then turning on him when he tried the same tactics in the general election, except he didn’t do it. Did he outsmart them or did his campaign turmoil from having so many different advisers coming and going inadvertently shield him? We may never know, but it’s working. Thus far he hasn’t said many newsworthy things while attacking Hillary. It hasn’t been necessary.

Second, Hillary has had a career where her lies, failures, and evil deeds slipped off her as if she were made of Teflon. Every smelly scandal from Whitewater to Monica Lewinski to Benghazi to her email debacle seemed to leave only small marks that were quickly plastered over with concealer. Conservative media had never been able to make anything stick.

Lastly, the media’s ability to manipulate the situation for the sake of their liberal overlords has been unbreakable throughout President Obama’s tenure. Would that protection continue for Hillary? All indicators said were affirmative.

What we’re seeing today is the media’s reaction to polls. They are starting to realize two things: attacking Trump seems to make his support grow and defending Hillary seems to make her support dwindle. Whether by decree from the overlords or in collective response to the circumstances, they’ve called up a different tactic from the liberal media playbook. They’re setting up the victim card.

Making her seem strong in time for the election can only happen if they weaken her now. They’d hoped that her email controversy would be buried by now and they never thought her health concerns would make it beyond Drudge and his satellites. Hillary proved them wrong on both counts by continuing to be shown as a liar on her emails and by highlighting her failing health in view of the press. They couldn’t ignore it. The “vast right-wing conspiracy” was on mass display over Labor Day weekend. Twice. At this point ignoring it would make the media seem like the leftist conspirators that they are, so they’ve switched strategies.

They’re covering it.

Will it hurt her? Yes. Will it hurt her come election day? Probably not. That’s why they’re covering it now. There is still time for them to cover it, have it somehow dismissed by doctors, and then turned into “old news” in time for election day.

That, at least, is their hope. It will likely work.

Somehow they’ll spin it as the type of news that was explored and summarily dismissed. Somehow they’ll make many voters think that they’ve looked into it and there’s nothing to see here. Somehow they’ll turn future questions about her health into sexism mixed with ageism by the right. After all, Reagan was older than Hillary when he took office.

In the middle of all of this is the alt-news. Sites like Drudge, Breitbart, InfoWars, and Gateway Pundit make it harder for Americans to take Hillary’s problems seriously. They mingle real news of her coughing with conspiratorial news that, frankly, I won’t even mention. Thankfully, there are a few good conservative sites out there covering this for what it really is.

Here are some of today’s responses from leftist media to paint Hillary as the victim:

…and a couple who are reporting the story properly:

We’ll be watching with morbid fascination. As detractors of both candidates, we’re less interested in who wins the Presidency and more interested in how all of this will play for or against conservatives in Congress and further down ballot.

There was a time when some of us thought Donald Trump was the only GOP candidate who could allow Hillary to win. Perhaps we had it backwards. Depending on whether the media can successfully play her victim card for her, we may find that she’s the only Democrat who could allow Trump to win.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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