2nd Amendment people

2nd Amendment People

I spent Sunday afternoon at my parent’s house with the family.  Always a lovely time, but especially fun as my mother, my father, and I are preparing to take our concealed carry class.

We have spent the last month or two researching what handguns we would like to purchase.  It was a great experience, and we all took it seriously.  It is a Constitutional right that we enjoy, and it is something that should not just be rushed into.  While it is our right, I do not believe in just walking off the street and choosing a gun you saw used in a movie.  It is important we understand our right, and exercise it in a responsible manner.  A quick note to any progressively minded individuals who may be reading this: buying a gun is not easier than voting.  Lets just clear that misconception right up.

My folks and I have been practicing our shooting.  We have to be able to shoot right-handed and left-handed to pass the class, and be accurate while doing so. In other words, we must know what we are doing.  Purchasing and using a handgun has been a wonderful, educational experience that I look forward to continuing.  I grew up around guns.  I come from a family of hunters.  While I prefer fishing myself, I do not have a problem with hunting or with guns.  I even went through a hunter’s safety class and got my hunting license.  My father took me to it and we did the class together.  It was awesome, and I learned a lot.  Not just about staying safe while hunting, but I learned the basics of safe gun use.

A few weeks ago (it could be longer, I do not have a good sense of time) Donald Trump made a classic, off-hand remark – something that has become all too common in his campaign.  He made a reference to “2nd Amendment people” being able to stop Hillary Clinton appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court.  Aside from the media blowout regarding his “threat” to Hillary Clinton, it struck me as interesting.  Are we not all “2nd Amendment people”?  Simply because one does not exercise their right to keep and bear arms does not mean that right simply disappears for them.  Words matter.  While that may come as a surprise to Donald Trump and one of his advisors, Barry Bennett, it is important America elects a leader that understands what he is saying.

Guns and gun violence have become a major topic in America today.  The Media and progressives are always ready to exploit the next tragedy with their well-oiled machine of misinformation about guns.  They have no idea what they are talking about, but they talk nonetheless.  The worst part is that people listen.  Yet, for all the talk, progressives fail to provide a viable solution short of passing laws that have already been passed, or taking away everybody’s guns. (BUT nobody is trying to do that right… right?)  What we need is education in this country.  Yes, gun education.  Yes, gun education taught in high schools. GASP! We have no problem teaching middle schoolers and elementary school children how to have “safe” sex, why not teach them to lead safe lives?  Not just for themselves, but for their friends, familiy, and neighbors.  Why not teach them something from the constitution again?

I am not advocating letting a bunch of dopey high schoolers shoot guns during school.  It is not about encouraging every American, young and old, to purchase and use firearms.  However, whether they plan to use one someday or not, education is important.  Is that not what progressives are all about anyway?  Taking away the fear and stigma that goes along with firearms is important, too.  This can only happen, though, with a leader who actually understands our rights and where they come from.

The two major parties have presented terrible choices for defending our liberties.  Neither Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump understands the Constitution or what it even means to be “2nd Amendment people.”  They do not understand what it means to be 1st Amendment people, or any of the other enumerated Amendments.

We need leadership. Kind of a forlorn hope at the moment.

Russ Wayne

Russ Wayne is an actor and comedian. Like a true entertainer, he throws his political two-cents in where nobody asked for them. Russ is a Christ follower, and a conservative. He has been involved in politics for the past 5 years (he’s a young man, so plenty of time yet). He currently serves as one half of the political podcast, The Russ & Brent Show. An avid coffee drinker, it is best not to engage him until after he has his first cup…or ten. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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