Trump, Clinton, and Obama dominate news again, plus yesterday’s links

Despite it being a holiday weekend, the big three in political news of the day were the big three in news for Labor Day weekend and the days leading up to it. Needless to say, there were many other things happening, but the big three were dominant.

Woman pressured into having an abortion: Each anniversary of my baby’s death gets worse

Religious-freedom laws are not “unconstitutional smokescreens for bigotry”

California prepares to criminalize sting videos against Planned Parenthood

SpaceX rocket: Explosion at Kennedy Space Center ahead of launch

Brave new world: College students told not to take course if they want to debate climate change

United Nations-backed organizations promoting terrorism, antisemitism, violence

Winds of war: Is Russia conducting a massive mobilization of troops for an invasion of Ukraine?

Propaganda: Iran sinks American navy fleet with a huge tidal wave in ISIS-style video showing slaying of “Great Satan”

Ted Cruz: Americans deserve an explanation of why the Obama administration is using their money not to fight terrorism, but to fund it

Khamenei: Iran must avoid negotiating with US, boost offensive capabilities

Top 10 innocent women executed in Iran

Saudi Arabian atheist sent to jail for 10 years and 2000 lashes for discussing his lack of faith on social media

Islam and the west’s death by “freedom”

Tough times for Christians at college: One organization is working to develop university leaders who can stand up to the culture

Big legal fight over assisted suicide in California

24-year-old woman dies at the hands of Planned Parenthood after botched abortion

Majority of women have unfavorable view of Hillary

Clinton supporter Neera Tanden: “I hope she has a press conference soon”

FBI: Top secret rooms at Clinton’s homes were not always secure

Hillary is a Scooby Doo villain

Hillary is a Scooby Doo villain…Politico: She relied on others’ judgment on classified material

…Western Journalism: Laptop, thumbdrive missing. Convenient.

…Twitter: #ClintonsMemory trends

…DailyWire: Top 11 revelations from FBI documents

…Levin: She was sick, a liar, or both

…Mediaite: Here’s all 40 times Hillary told FBI she couldn’t remember something

…Malkin: FBI notes on email investigation challenge America to pick a label for Hillary: Grossly incompetent or massive liar?

2016: The battle of the secret cabals

Mizzou enrollment falls by almost a quarter in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests

Is ruling too late to fix California’s pension mess?

Flashback: Hollywood’s useful idiots pimp ObamaCare

Clinton threatens military action over cyberattacks

Guess what happened to Hillary’s email server when it was revealed

Hillary Clinton, you’re no John F. Kennedy

Clinton’s weaksauce excuses for not holding press conference

Uzbekistan dictator’s Very Soviet-style death

Obama’s Iran deal is a fraud on the American people

U.K. authorities escalate persecution for standing up to sharia

As of...

Five burning questions about Trump’s immigration plan

Rupert Murdoch: Roger Ailes made Trump

Conservatism trumps populism

“Donald Trump is the FIRST Republican candidate to reach out to African Americans” – Kayleigh McEnany

Trump promises black voters: “Wrongs will be made right”

Obamacare in the ICU

Abortion linked to mental health problems down the road

Ohio abortion facility torn down to make way for pro-life memorial

Consider the human casualties of Hillary Clinton’s abortion stance

Parents urge district to fight transgender bathroom law

Say What?! Alabama ACLU sues government for anti-Christian, pro-Muslim discrimination

SpaceX scouring data for clues to launch pad explosion

The “RINOpire” strikes back

Well-known young conservative leading the launch of the Colorado-based Millennial Policy Foundation think tank

Christians are under attack by radical Muslims around the world. This American group is fighting back.

Radical social justice activist is sick of the left’s toxic culture

Missouri lawmakers asked to overcome veto of pro-gun bill

David Brooks: Trump’s like a pig, Hillary’s like a small poetry magazine

Don't let them sweep Hillary's lies under the Labor Day rug
Don’t let them sweep Hillary’s lies under the Labor Day rug

…Resurgent: The FBI found Clinton’s smoking gun, threw it away, and told us on Labor Day weekend

…American Thinker: The decision to wait for late Friday on Labor Day weekend to release the FBI’s investigation notes of Hillary Clinton’s email practices offers further evidence of the politicization of the agency

…Lifezette: 10 big revelations from the Clinton FBI report

…Mediaite: Here’s the super-secret reason there’s no recording of Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview

…CR: 49 abominable facts about Hillary the media won’t tell you

Trumpist Scottie Nell Hughes: Both candidates have KKK ties. Hillary’s are stronger.

Pence: “Donald Trump and I are both going to release our tax returns”

The FBI just warned Trump that spies are hiding under his nose

Trump’s gives the most awkward answer in history to the question, “Who is God to you?”

As of...

LGBT “shame list” of Christian colleges released

Hillary no longer “stronger” together?

Mother Teresa: “The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion”

Obamacare in the ICU

Krauthammer’s take: Clinton email scandal “is completely smothering her campaign”

Young blacks voice skepticism on Hillary Clinton, worrying Democrats

Hillary staffers blamed the “mailman” for losing laptop with her personal email archives

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