An open letter to Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Letter

Dear Sean:

We hear you. You’re mad that your guy is losing. We understand. Our’s already lost months ago to your guy, so we feel your pain. It causes anger and the need for someone to blame. Who better to point the finger at than the “vote your conscience” crowd? But we are not to blame for seeing what you have been too blind to see; that Trump is not worth selling out your principles.

You have continued to attack us as “arrogant, sanctimonious, self-righteous, sore losers, a crybaby, and bad sports” who should “pick our toys up and go home.” You believe we are to blame because we are mad our guy lost and haven’t gotten over it. Unfortunately, Sean, your basic premise is flawed. We don’t oppose him because we are sore, we oppose him because we don’t believe he is a better choice than Hillary. He is not a conservative, and we’re not sure he is even a Republican. Can you blame us for wanting no part in his horrendous behavior towards women? Should we ignore his support for Planned Parenthood? Or his donations to the Clintons? Or his abuse of eminent domain? Should we sacrifice our “self-righteous” principles and ignore his support for gun control, higher taxes, and socialized medicine?

It is very hard to believe, Sean, that you haven’t heard this argument from us before. No one from the National Review, for instance… Jonah Goldberg? You haven’t heard Glenn Beck disagree with Trump’s principles? Ben Shapiro? The Wall Street Journal? I’m sure you have heard it. If you have, then what you are really asking from us is to dismiss our minds. You see, we came to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a bad choice on our own. Therefore, to ask us to join the Trump team is to ask us to sacrifice our minds for YOUR cause. Not a cause WE believe in. Now look at yourself in the mirror. Isn’t that exactly what you did? Isn’t that what you really mean when you state that you are honoring the promise that you would support the Republican nominee, no matter who? That’s no badge of honor! That was you declaring to the country that you would ignore any and all principles, if necessary, for the sake of supporting the letter R.

Think about it from another perspective. Trump doesn’t represent us in any way. On top of that, he hasn’t looked like he could beat Hillary from the beginning. The polls have never showed he could win. Why would we ever support a losing proposition we don’t believe in, who will destroy the Republican brand in the process? How will he destroy it? For years, the left has been trying to portray anyone on the right as selfish, greedy, bigoted pigs. Until Trump came along, it had only been a straw man. Now they can simply confirm the caricature by pointing to the orange, grumpy, billionaire bellowing on the stage.

I have a question for you, Sean. Since it is our fault that Trump is losing – because we are sticking to our principles at a time like this – whose principles should we consider safer to follow, if not our own?

Oh, and one last thing. You said last week, “You own Hillary Clinton. National Review, you own it. Glenn Beck, you own it. Ted Cruz, you own it… She wins, I’m blaming all of you, you own all of her policies.” You can choose to place blame anywhere you want, Sean, but doing so will have no effect on us. We who stick to our principles; we who use our OWN minds to guide us; we who think for ourselves — why would we ever accept that our integrity, our virtue, our worth is at the mercy of your blame?

Dan Alexander

A full time engineer by trade, Dan is a conservative, Christian, father, and veteran. He considers himself a rebel against the dominant liberal culture.

  1. Hannity continues to belittle and disenfranchise those of us who did our homework on Trump. This isn’t a question of Clinton. We know where she stands and we’re not voting for her, but you never know where Trump stands. He’s all over the place. I’ve watched his song and dance for over 30 years and I haven’t seen anything that indicates that Trump is about anything but Trump. I will not vote for Trump. I will no vote for Clinton. Period.

  2. There is no point in putting our names in the jury pool to vote for a guy who has been a stalwart contributor to the Clinton’s campaigns for 40 years. The only reason I will go to the polls is to vote for the best members of Congress I can and for local elections. They are still worth supporting. iI will probably write in a name or leave the presidency blank. I only hope that the revulsion we are feeling towards the Trump ticket won’t sweep them out of office and further compromise us. Ted Cruz was right – be sure to vote for anyone out there who you believe will support the Constitution! The only message worth hearing at the Republican Convention this year. – VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.

  3. This needed to be said and I hope he reads it. The unmitigated gall of Hannity and his ilk to condemn anybody for standing by their principles is astounding! As far as I’m concerned, their culpability if Trump does win is the outcome they should be worried about!

  4. Trump’s dialectic has replaced logic, order and truth in a significant portion of the Right’s mind frame. This is due to pure, unfettered human desire’s ability to believe that it can re-write reality… This is called “leftism”

  5. If Trump loses it’s on Trump period. Trump is the only one who owns any of this. I haven’t listened to Hannity (with very few exceptions) for years. Very little insight. I usually agree with him but not much insight even before all this. Next time Hannity complains about character assassination he should be reminded of what he is saying about conservatives now. Trump has said some pretty good things lately, will he follow through, we can only guess and everyone else here is right he goes back and forth. One thing is for sure Hillary is rock solid statist, she will not waiver, it might actually drive me to put an x next to Trump. I still don’t like him, but the sad truth is one or the other is going to be our next president (Unless Hillary’s health takes her down).

    I’ve listened to Rush since the late 80’s, but seldom tune anymore I can’t stand his spinning for Trump.

  6. A cement brick should be able to beat Killary thats not the point if you win what do you win another progressive BS artist with no restraint a huge vindictive ego who sounds like a jerk 90% of the time. Better the nightmare thats coming gets blamed ona democrat and ont a progressive with an R on his T shirt

  7. Trump, his media enablers (Hannity, Limbaugh, etc), and public figure supporters have made the GOP even more a branch of the democrat party than it already was. Every so called conservative Trump supporter has to continually prostitute themselves and become hypocrites in trying to defend Trump’s liberal and dangerous idiotic comments, record, and positions. Truth never compromises and is always right.

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