Obama’s failures at G20 and yesterday’s links

President Obama’s final G20 Summit was a disaster. He was insulted by other foreign leaders. Some of our most important allies like Turkey’s President Erdogan preferred to meet with the likes of Vladimir Putin behind closed doors rather than the U.S. President. It wasn’t a good week for his legacy or for the country.

Obama cancels meeting after Philippine President calls him a “son of a whore”

…Modern Patriots: Obama is a terrible President, but I’ll defend him against foreign leaders calling him names

Politicians lie openly and such behavior is excused because it’s “normal”

Louisiana flood did more than $8B in damage

Trend of professors forcing “climate change” on students

The conservative movement has problems that go way beyond “the Establishment”

U.S., Russia work on Syria truce, as Islamic State blasts kill dozens

Islamic State’s ‘Jizya tax’ for Christians is pure propaganda

Turkey’s Erdogan proposes Syria no-fly zone to US, Russia

Imam’s alleged killer tells court Isis ideology is “absolutely wrong”

David Ignatius: U.S. fight against Islamic State rests on quicksand

“ISIS kilometers away from Israel’s northern border”

INSS’s Emily Landau: Tehran shows no sign of moderation, yet Washington “acts as its lawyer.”

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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