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A New Conservative Party

This is the first email sent out to those who have expressed interest in building a unified conservative party. It will be the last one that we post publicly. Please fill out the form at the bottom if you would like to receive future installments.

First and foremost, thank you for expressing interest in helping to form a new conservative party. The level of support has been much greater than we had anticipated. In less than 2 months, we’ve been contacted by tens of thousands of patriots who feel abandoned by the GOP or other political parties. Some of us started feeling this way recently. Others have watched it slipping away for years. Many, like me, have felt it but have held onto hope that through efforts by groups like the Tea Party as well as conservative politicians like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and the Freedom Caucus that true conservatism could find its way back into Washington DC. Alas, most of these efforts have hit a sudden roadblock in 2016 and the gains we’ve made are on the verge of being erased.
Exciting things have been happening organizationally and logistically. We’re extremely eager to move forward as quickly as possible, but the foundation must first be built or we’ll risk losing velocity the way so many third-parties before us have experienced. We want to do this right. We’re not here to make a statement. We’re here to make an impact. We aren’t going to run symbolic candidates. We’re going to run winners. To do this, we must follow the path laid before us by the Grace of God and through the framework established by our founding fathers.

There are so many details to go over, so many nuances to consider, that trying to fit it all into a “newsletter” is a foolhardy attempt. It also doesn’t makes sense to have the first official communication become a lengthy diatribe against the system, so we’re going to keep it as short and productive as possible. To that end, let’s dive into what will be happening going forward.

Finding leaders and participants

The interest has been grand. Now, it’s time for the active members to step forward. Most of you will want to participate in the most important ways: with your support and your votes. We are going to be a party that draws strengths from the grassroots and through the voice of the people rather than one that serves “elites” within the party. As much as it can be helped, there will be no “elites,” but there must be leaders. There must be participants. If you are interested in doing more for the country and the party, please reach out to me directly. We have the start of a good core group with knowledge of election law, ballot access, and outreach, but to make a real impact we need more leaders. We also need more participants – those who have no interest in organizing a rally or event but who will spread the word through their channels in order to fill them up.

Spread the word

The biggest reason that other conservative third parties have not been able to gain traction is because they have failed to achieve the right velocity. We have a strong start, but we will need to “go viral” with our efforts if we are to have any chance of turning this country around.

Our velocity strategy is sound, albeit untried in politics… more on that in future. Even the best strategies fail if they can’t reach a tipping point. To reach that point, we’ll need you. We need thousands to turn into hundreds of thousands. From there, the strategy will do the rest. Getting there will require you to spread the word. Tell friends. Forward this email. Share it on social media, in particular the updates page at The New Americana. For now, that will be the digital rallying point for everything pertaining to the new party. Before election day, we will be announcing the new online home for the party itself. The reason we haven’t announced it yet is because we need…

A name for a unified conservative party

There is possibly nothing more important in the early days of the party than to have the right name. As of now, we have several options but we want to get more. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it. Here are the criteria:

  • Encapsulate Unified Conservatism: Our hope is to be able to unify the various smaller conservative parties under our umbrella. There are hundreds of thousands of patriots out there who are attached to parties that have not been able to make an impact even after decades of existence. When we have the numbers, we will work with these parties to bring everyone together. It’s important to understand the distinction between “uniting” and “unifying” the parties. Uniting conservatives means bringing them together with a shared purpose and the Tea Party has done that, but they failed to unify them in a way that allows for a single voice. Our conservative party must go beyond uniting and must fully unify us all. To do this, we need a name that can be as enticing as the Constitution Party or the Conservative Party (and preferably even better).
  • Digital Logistics: It’s a sad reality that the party must have an easily recognizable home with a website as well as social media profiles. There is so much waste in this regard; we’ve reached out to a few web properties who are wasting great URLs. If you think of a good name, check to see if the .com and .org URLs are available. Check to see if the name is taken on Facebook as well. If the URL is available or for sale, please let us know. An easy way to see if a URL is taken is through instantdomainsearch.com.
  • Remember Identity: Members of a party must be able to call themselves something. Take that into account when searching for possible names. For example, the “New Conservative Party” was recommended recently. The identity for the party would almost certainly be associated with “neocons” which is a preexisting designation we wouldn’t want to take as our own.

If you have a good name in mind, contact me! It’s important to note that the name is not something that needs to be rushed. We want the best name available and we’ll take our time in selecting it. If need be, we’ll purchase it from the owner. The important thing is that it needs to fit all of the criteria. The movement and the party do not need a name at this early stage. As long as we have one before November, we’ll be fine.


Unless something crazy happens, we will continue as a movement until after the election. The foundation of the party will be born from the need for conservatives to have a home and how we position that need will be based on the outcome of the election.

Today, we are a movement and will act as such. Our advisers from the Tea Party are using us as a rebuilding mechanism that allows them to learn from their mistakes over the last seven years. We don’t mind. We’ll be their guinea pigs knowing that they have full knowledge of our party intentions. Once the election is done, we will launch the party itself.

The “something crazy” that could happen is if a candidate steps forward who needs our support. Right now, Independent Evan McMullin is the only viable person to even consider and many of you have expressed concerns about him. Others have expressed support. I don’t believe he has a chance with or without our help, but I’m willing to listen to him. Unfortunately, his campaign has had the hardest time setting up a meeting with us. We’ve met with the other conservative candidates and have withheld endorsements for now. We encourage you to give us feedback on any candidates you believe need our support as a movement, even down ballot.

Wrapping up

This is already more detail than we intended to pile into a single email. We chose Friday, the worst day of the week for such communications, because we aren’t looking for the highest “click-thru rates” or “open ratios” with this sort of communication. We are looking for those who want to be part of building something important at a grand scale. We’re looking for the people who have read the email all the way through and who are either excited or concerned.

You should be excited because this is worthy of the passions that haven’t been seen politically in this country for decades. You may be concerned because the task at hand is monumental and you aren’t certain it can succeed. We accept both sentiments because we share them. If there’s one thing we will never do, it’s sugar coat realities. This is going to be hard. It’s going to take more effort than most have been willing to give to their party in the past. We know it can be done because we know that we’re on the right side of the political spectrum, but being right is no guarantee of success.

For this to happen, we need you to raise your hand even higher. You’ve already raised your hand by putting your email on the list. You’ve raised it higher by reading this all the way through. Now, we need you to take one more step and reply. Let us know that you’re with us. Let us know how you can participate. Help us build the party that this country needs.

Thank you and God Bless,
JD Rucker

If you want to receive updates about the new conservative party of if you have questions, email me – [email protected] – or fill out the form below.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Acronym: ACUP logo: melting pot

    American Conservative Unity Party

    ACUP.com Domain is wide open with any
    .com, .org. and dot anything else, is available.

  2. The American Constitutional Republican Party or simply the Constitutional Republican Party
    Constitutional Republicans – We’re the conservative Republicans.
    Restoring our constitutional republic one election at a time.

  3. I would suggest this name: the “Keepers’ Party”.

    Why “Keepers Party” and not “New Conservatives Party” or “Constitutionalist Party” or “Reformed Republican Party”? I believe we need something new to associate our identity; it would be easy to cling to something like an eagle or a tea party patriot… but we should seek to unite under proven principles while differentiating ourselves, We must make the separation from the dysfunctional Republican Party clear and stark as day; lest our enemies, the donkey and the elephant, seek to turn that against us.

    We are the barers of the spirit of liberty in this nation, the custodians to keep its conscience and health alive. We are the watchers on the wall, the guardsmen at the gates against threats both foreign and domestic. We are the principled folk who have always stood at the ready to defeat the monsters of tyranny and the breakers of the shackles of oppression wherever we find them, no matter how long it takes. We are the ones who have always stood in defiance of cruelty, selfishness and arrogance so frequently expressed by the agents of government largess. We are among heroes who dare to venture into the dark to defeat the forces of evil, knowing we may not return. We are the advocates of freedom.

    We are the keepers of the United States of America, a constitutional republic… and we must, we MUST seek to unite to keep it… or we shall go the way of Rome, as Benjamin Franklin famously warned.

    At the very least, we must show the American people that we do have the ability to create something better.

    As for our symbol? I would nominate none other than Paul Revere, for his famous ride through the dark and uncertain night, warning of the coming threat of the British Empire. We must seek to follow Revere’s example and his unshakable courage in doing so, and that of other brave folks who dare to challenge the iron grip of tyranny in the seeking of freedom. Perhaps, in rendered, we could have him holding a lantern, as if to navigate the dark roads of Massachusetts?

  4. As many of u probably have, I’ve tossed around a gazillion names in my head. Then I thought what name would I be proud to “sell” to my friends and neighbors. Something strong with class that can stand the test of time. I came up with American Heritage or just Heritage. That’s what we’re about the heritage of our founding documents, our Founding Fathers. Yes there’s a Heritage Foundation, but aren’t they about what we’re about? They may not mind if our hearts and minds are in the right place.

  5. How about the name of the Revolutionary Army? The Continental Freedom Party. Or more along those lines the Patriot Heritage Party. Or even Constitutional Patriot Party?

    Maybe a name like the Ordered Liberty Party, or the Constitutional Heritage Party. A name is important, the Freedom Party is what it’s all about. Freedom from Tyranny, freedom from burdensome regulation, taxes and rule by fiat. That is what our founders railed against. Our Constitution is about freedom from oppression by government.

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