Hillary the victim and yesterday’s links

With even mainstream media unable to look away as Hillary Clinton’s health gets more attention from voters, the spin machine on the left is hurriedly painting any questions about her health as sexist, ageist, or whatever “ist” they can come up with on short notice.

Christian pastors facing death sentence in Sudan allowed family visits

Top Saudi Imam calls for killing Shia, Jews, Christians in prayer broadcast

Christian man warns Iranian regime to “fear God’s judgment” before his execution

In violence-racked Baghdad, the few remaining Christians struggle to cope

Egyptian member of parliament encourages women to undergo genital mutilation to “reduce their sexual desires” to match “sexually weak” Egyptian men

U.S. intel agencies investigating covert Russian influence before election

China emptied a city of millions of people for the G20 summit

U.S. spends $10M to register new immigrant voters

EPA to shut some Oklahoma wastewater wells after quake

Over 100 conservative leaders say no to a lame-duck Congressional session after election

Trump should refuse to debate without Johnson and Stein

Donald Trump is Napoleon the pig from Animal Farm

Persuaded to vote for Trump?

Trump: “I don’t think anyone cares” about my tax returns

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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