Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe and yesterday’s links

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson really stepped in it on Morning Joe when he was unfamiliar with Aleppo, the Syrian city that is considered the epicenter of the Middle East militant problem currently. Of course, neither Clinton nor Trump have offered much more with their foreign policy proposals.

At forum, Matt Lauer fails to disclose past relationship with Clinton Foundation

Hillary: I did exactly what I should have done with classified information

No, it’s not “sexist” to ask about Hillary’s health. It’s journalism.

Audience at #NBCNewsForum isn’t sick and tired of hearing about Hillary’s damn emails after all

Donald Trump proposes ending spending caps to boost military

Katrina Pierson makes confusing claim about the Dallas Morning News

Berman: Trump doesn’t need my vote… or yours

National polling between Trump and Clinton tightens, but the electoral map stays the same

EpiPen’s dominance driven by competitors’ stumbles and tragic deaths

US made $1.7 billion transfer to Iran in foreign cash, Treasury says

Shifted to In stinging decision for Uber drivers, appeals court says they must go to arbitration

Hillary and Donald vs. free speech

The false promise behind quantitative easing

DePaul launches “free speech” speaker series… without any conservative speakers

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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  1. Johnson’s mistake on Aleppo was big. Almost as big as when Trump said that Russia “is not going into Ukraine,” although it was already there. The big difference is that Johnson was man enough to admit to his mistake.

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