Matt Lauer faces the heat and yesterday’s links

Poor Matt Lauer. All he wanted to do was get the general election head-to-head season underway with a little pre-season action. Instead, he became the story as critics from both sides attacked him for taking it too easy on the candidates… or from being too harsh. He was never meant to win.

Christian father beheaded by ISIS: “Teach my children the principles of Jesus Christ”

Hungary forms government office to help persecuted Christians

New economist report smacks down liberal argument against NC’s “bathroom bill”

School district boots Jesus Christ, prayer and a hymn

Alabama defends pro-life laws banning dismemberment abortions and abortion clinics near schools

Woman sentenced for faking cancer in late-term abortion

10 reasons the U.S. government doesn’t deserve your tax dollars

Obama’s mass-murder program needs to be stopped

Gun rights group sues Seattle alleging Public Records Act violation

Matt Lauer: Fall guy for both sides
Matt Lauer: Fall guy for both sides

…Chicago Tribune: Lauer gets pummeled

…NBC: Trump praises Putin, Hillary defends email

…BPR: Navy Vet destroys Hillary at military forum with question so damning you could hear a pin drop

…RedState: Trump said many ridiculous things last night, but this was the worst

…American Thinker: Trump praises murderous dictator as a better leader than Obama

…TNA sidenote: Why Trump’s praise of Putin is working

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