Hillary’s health and yesterday’s links

I was able to make it several days in a row without missing the link updates. All it takes is a fainting Presidential candidate to ruin my mojo. Hillary practically collapsed and likely would have had she not had her people there. That’s the start of the whirlwind week of news that this is turning out to be.

House unanimously passes bill allowing 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia

Majority fear domestic terror attack as 9/11 anniversary looms

9/11 is at the root of today’s foreign policy failures

Clinton receives kid-glove treatment from an admiring press

Clinton camp to lapdog media: Shut up about Hillary’s health — or else

Hill Republicans: Clinton investigations won’t stop if she wins

Teacher punished for expecting student to stand for Pledge of Allegiance

Ron Paul: Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

Ricochet: I just decided not to get the NFL package

Hillary and Donald need American Exceptionalism 101

Surprise! Man wanted for photographing women. In Target ladies room.

The left needs to call off its radical fringe bent on destroying Christians

Group presses for Christian “safe zone” in Iraq

Christianity in Africa threatened by rise of militant Islam

Transgender insanity reigns in two U.S. school districts

What’s in a word? Even in obituaries, Associated Press slants against Israel

We need a “none of the above” ballot option

Obama, univiversity honor militant communist community organizer

Will the NFL dishonor our soldiers and flag on September 11th?

No Trigger Warnings

Trump still prefers foreign workers to Americans

Standing by Putin

NBC reporters pounce on Trump surrogate Jack Kingston like lions on a disabled gazelle

Obama messes up our relationship with another important ally

Greenfield: Obama’s crime against the victims of ISIS

Doesn’t the Obama EPA’s $68B assault on the rust belt make your stomach turn?

That pipeline Obama blocked is routed through “well trodden land”

Is it time to turn the tables on Iran?

Iran begins construction on second nuclear power plant

U.S. military: Iranian behavior getting worse in Persian Gulf

Iran unlikely to join Saudi-Russian agreement to stabilize oil market

Lost my party

Hume and O’Reilly discuss craziness on college campuses

Pro-abortion college speaker dropped after pro-life backlash

Kira Davis: “I’m black and I’m horrified that African-American college students are choosing segregation”

Great news for Brown University: There will now be free tampons in the men’s room

George Washington University provost: ‘No’ to official trigger warning guidelines


Indiana abortions continue to decline

The new pro-life movement: Neither new nor pro-life

New regulation will punish churches that use “discriminatory” gender practices

Hillary’s chutzpah: Slamming Trump over Putin remarks while her Iranian nuke deal benefits Russia

Pfizer CEO: Hillary’s drug proposal “drives” is toward single-payer

Democrat official attacks, threatens job of Daily Mail reporter who criticized Hillary

WaPo should have given Elijah Cummings a writing credit on their “leave Hillary alone” editorial

Impeachment: The Constitutional remedy for Clinton’s corruption

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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