Even (some) Trump supporters should embrace a unified conservative party

Donald Trump Supporters New Political Party

There’s a misconception about our efforts to build a new political party. Our opposition to Donald Trump as the default standard bearer for the conservative movement does not mean Trump supporters cannot or even should not participate in what we’re building. In fact, lukewarm Trump supporters – those who are more opposed to Hillary Clinton than approving of his policies – should view us as the ideal foil in the event that he wins.

Someone needs to reel in his liberal ideas and speak out when he veers left.

Our party will not officially launch until AFTER the election. We are currently active in a handful of races to get conservatives elected, but we are not endorsing any Presidential candidates. Our opposition is to the plague of liberalism infesting our nation’s political system and spreading through the culture at a breakneck pace. If Mike Lee sponsored a liberal bill in the Senate, we would call him out on it just as fast as we would if the bill was sponsored by Elizabeth Warren.

Supporting a new conservative party and voting for Trump are not mutually exclusive. We will not support him, nor will we promote the Sean Hannitys of the world who have led the charge to get him the nomination, but we understand why people such as Mark Levin are willing to give their unenthusiastic support. We are confident that people like Levin will be active participants in our party when the dust settles in 2017.

The importance of dissent

Last month, Trump proposed a “softening” of his immigration stance. During his town hall with Sean Hannity, he performed an impromptu “push poll” of the audience. Using language and phrases intended to shift the audience’s views on immigration while polling them, he heard very strong opposition to his softening the first time he tried it. So, he tried again. And again. After eight tries, he successfully sold his softening to the crowd. By the final push poll, there were only a handful of dissenters, including one vocal gentleman who stood and declared that we need to deport those who are in the country illegally.

The guy who stood in dissent even while continuing to support Trump – that’s who we want in our party. Those who were opposed, even silently, to Trump’s leftward lurch on immigration – you are the people we need in our party.

Over a 10-day period, Trump tested the waters to see how his supporters and undecided voters would react to the softening. His data told him one thing: he risked losing more support from the right than gaining from the middle or the left if he continued to soften, so he stopped. After his 10-day social experiment, he ended up pretty much where he started.

That’s dissent in action.

There are plenty of sheep in the Republican Party who cheered Trump even when he proposed a $10 federal minimum wage.  They doubled down their support when he proposed “free” paid maternity leave, even if they were violently opposed to it a year ago when President Obama proposed nearly the same thing. They switched their stance on taxes as quickly as Trump did when he decided to pull back middle class tax cuts while continuing to expand the national debt. Blindly supporting him every time he invokes his inner liberal in an effort to project strength and unity only empowers him to keep pushing left. Those who do are not likely to want to participate in our new party. We’re okay with that.

Regardless of who wins…

At this point, it’s practically impossible for anyone other than Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton to be the 45th President of the United States. Moreover, we’ve seen far too much shifting by the GOP as they abandon those in Congress who would promote conservative values; the “Establishment” has been picking off conservatives in favor of moderates throughout the primary cycle. We’re not suggesting that we abandon this election. Every day, we’re pushing for conservatives to win. However, it’s abundantly clear that the nation is shifting left due to a false narrative that conservatives have no place.

Some may take offense to a statement I made when opening this article, that Donald Trump is the default standard bearer of the conservative movement. It doesn’t matter how many of us know that he’s not conservative. “They” – the majority of ill-informed Americans and their ill-informing mainstream media – believe that the GOP is the manifestation of conservatism and therefore Trump is the champion. This narrative will continue until their progressive agenda is realized.

There is only one possible solution to save conservatism and therefore to save the nation. The GOP refuses to be fixed from within and as long as conservatives identify as part of the GOP since it’s the lesser of two evils, we will not be able to turn this country around. Now is the time to act. Only a unified conservative party, one that accepts those who embrace conservatism as a state of being rather than a GOP campaign pitch, can bring the conservative will to bear.

If you know Trump supporters who would be interested in joining the party knowing that we will not form until after the election, please share this article with them. Then, share it on social media for your conservative friends to see. We need to swell to a tipping point of support as quickly as possible and only you can help make that happen.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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