Put that in your basket of deplorables

No Labels

I often wonder if people are allowed to have an opinion today. I find it very ironic that those on the “progressive” left talk so often about “no labels” yet, they are the first group swooping into label. You do not agree with them? Oh, well you are a racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, sexist, misogynistic, anti-dentite. It does not even matter what was said, what matters is the narrative – something the Democrats are wonderful at creating. They pull out their custom made Social Justice-inator 1800 label maker and go to town. Yet, they rarely have actual substance to back up who they are labeling.

Label me this, Batman

I have had several conversations recently that have used some of those labels. They were just tossed into the conversation without any explanation for why said person was homophobic or racist. Are people really that comfortable with labeling friends and family as terrible people without even batting an eye? They seem to be. No wonder we have such a hostile political climate. If we cannot have a conversation, we shut down a key source of learning.

People expressing an incorrect view or belief is a way to correct an incorrect view or belief. It also challenges. Simply because your parents slapped a window decal claiming how proud they are of their honor student, does not mean you are the smartest person out there. Heck, my parents did not have any window decals praising my prowess in any capacity, and I still join the conversation. If I am wrong, I want to learn.

There’s a label for that

Once you bring out the “phobe” and “ist” labels, you shut down the conversation. That is all part of the plan, though. Is it not? Progressives, ironically enough, do not want to go beyond that point of the conversation because it scares them. They could realize they are wrong. Gasp! It is behavior reminiscent of every nature documentary. Something new is introduced into some critter’s world and they are wary of it. They do not like change. They are scared and they lash out.

Hillary Clinton recently joined the fracas. She said that half of Trump supporters were a “basket of deplorables.” She has a way with words, doesn’t she? She then went on to list all the phobia types I mentioned above, and then some. (I forgot xenophobe, I apologize for my failure)

The “no labels” crowd is really the “labels only” crowd. They live in their neat and orderly society with everything properly labeled and in place. Control is established, and if you get out of line… well, just do not get out of line. If conservatives want our view point to grow and spread we must combat the narrative. Smack down this basket of deplorable rhetoric and take back the conversation. We need to re-establish the marketplace of ideas. We should be allowed to express our views, and our ideas will rise and fall on their own merit. Whether you are a football player or just some hack at a computer pretending people like you, we can all learn something.

Russ Wayne

Russ Wayne is an actor and comedian. Like a true entertainer, he throws his political two-cents in where nobody asked for them. Russ is a Christ follower, and a conservative. He has been involved in politics for the past 5 years (he’s a young man, so plenty of time yet). He currently serves as one half of the political podcast, The Russ & Brent Show. An avid coffee drinker, it is best not to engage him until after he has his first cup…or ten. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I’m not sure I’m some of those labels as I don’t know what a few of them even mean. I am not deserving of strong condemnation but I might need to be checked or challenged in my thought process. I strongly agree with you that we need to have conversation or healthy debates. The left if very good at shutting down the right with their tactics. Time to draw them in with a good old fashion question or two. See if they can answer it straight without calling names.

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