Has anyone heard From God?

Michele Bachmann

They just keep coming – articles by Christian writers encouraging fellow believers to vote for Trump. But, out of the scores of articles I’ve read, not once has a writer revealed that “the Trump-direction” was laid upon his/her heart through prayer and seeking. And, believe me, I’ve been looking for those words. I already touched on this topic in an earlier blog, but it bears addressing again because, frankly, it’s starting to get a little offensive.

The articles I’ve read seem to fit a cookie-cutter mold when trying to “convert” Christian #NeverTrump’ers. I find a recurring use of such arguments as, “No president has ever walked on water.” Or, “No president is going preach from the Oval Office.” My personal favorite is, “God might be using Trump for this moment.” I actually believe that one with all my heart, but not in the way they are spinning it.

I believe God is using the entire circus that we call today’s political arena to a) get our attention back on Him, b) bring judgment on this country for turning away from Him, and c) teach us to be careful what we ask for… especially when we haven’t consulted Him first.

Here is the basis of my quandary: these Christian writers regularly infer that Trump is the obvious choice for us, but they never attest to that assertion with any claim that God communicated this fact to them. If it is indeed the Lord’s grand plan to put Trump in the White House, wouldn’t we Christians expect to get a sense of this “leading” in response to the many prayers that (I assume) have been going up in faithful expectation of His input?

Sure, scripture reveals to us that God used a lot of people to further His plans, and yes, even those of questionable repute. I don’t think a single Christian doubts that there exists a possibility that God is capable of doing a profound work through Trump. But where’s the witness to it? Where’s the evangelical who will stand up and testify that the Lord laid upon his heart the mission of bringing the rest of us into the fold for this very purpose? After all, God will reveal His will to us when we seek Him in prayer!

I did receive a direction from Him when I sought divine insight into this election sometime last year. But Trump was not laid upon my heart. And that hasn’t changed over time. Based on where I am in my Christian walk, I cannot stray from the direction I was given in response to my prayers, and it doesn’t matter how many evangelicals try to persuade me with their out-of-context scriptural references.

In fact, I find it rather insulting (and disheartening) that these writers feel obliged to usurp the encouragement of prayer and choose instead to promote their personal opinions. You see, that’s the great thing about being a true Christian – we don’t have to rely on man’s opinions, because “… we have the mind of Christ!” (1 Corinthians 2:16)

This leads me to the question of why this is so prevalent right now. Is there a concern that most Christians are rather dense and need some nudging? Is there a sense that we fellow Christians are just waiting for our “elders” to lead us to their way of thinking? Is there a gnawing panic that some tax-exempt statuses may be negatively affected if this goes the other way? Or is it just a lack of understanding of scripture and how God works? For example, God certainly used King Saul for a moment in time, but not for a positive purpose. The book of 1 Samuel teaches us that God gave the Israelites the King they were clamoring for when they had decided He wasn’t enough. Saul did more damage than good during his reign, and God allowed it to be that way.

The bottom line is this: whatever it is that compels these Christian writers to suggest to us how to vote, it’s not what God would have them do. He would have them urge us to seek Him, reminding us not to rely on our own understanding (or their’s), but to acknowledge Him (pray) and He will direct our paths (lay His will upon our hearts).

So here’s my suggestion to Christian writers out there: Before you write another article encouraging us to vote for Trump, stop and pray about it. If you haven’t had the experience of hearing that “still, small voice” in response to your prayers, then please, please, don’t deign to guide us with your human reasoning. Instead, inspire us to pray about it for ourselves and to anticipate God’s perfect response. Unless you have heard from God, this is your only proper direction to Christians!

Betty Tompkins

I have worked as an advertising writer since the early 80s, just after graduating from UNC-Wilmington with a BA degree in English. I started with Lewis Advertising in Rocky Mount, NC and moved to Greensboro, NC where I worked for many years with Trone Advertising. After years of making some great contacts, I was able to relocate to a wonderfully remote mountain area and continue my writing career on a freelance basis. Over the last several years, my priorities have become more spiritual in nature and I now find myself writing more from a need to keep the Word “relevant” and less from a monetary need. I am a total Cruz conservative. I do not identify anymore with the party as it has devolved. Now, watching “evangelical” (I don’t agree with that word as a description of all Christians) writers take on water in a show of political desperation breaks my heart daily and I have developed a passion to write about all things "steadfast".

  1. Thank you for such well written words. I know that the word of God says that the steps of a good man are ordered by God. And even Apostle Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. So, my question is-is any of these candaites seeking God and are they following God? I trust in God and stay protected in His arms.

  2. Thank you for your article! I also wrote a blog on this topic encouraging Christians to “vote their conscience”, meaning to vote according to what God placed on their heart. I have, in fact, heard from the Lord and He commanded that I vote for neither Trump or Hillary. He also commanded that I do not affiliate with either party because there are no parties in the Kingdom, so I changed my party affiliation to “unaffiliated” after almost 30 years as a Republican. God speaks, I obey and I don’t ask questions. God’s will, will be done!

  3. The last we heard even remotely concerning God, from any current or former candidate, was Ted Cruz when he advised, “Vote your conscience.”

  4. Thank you for the well written and truthful article…

    As to the evangelicals that have followed after Trump ….

    38 As he taught, Jesus said, “Watch out for the teachers of the law. They like to walk around in flowing robes and be greeted with respect in the marketplaces, 39 and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets.

    40 They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers…

    Mark 12

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