Cruz fights for the internet and yesterday’s links

Lost in the shuffle of Hillary’s health and Donald’s… whatever… is Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s crusade to keep the internet from falling to untrustworthy controllers. Sadly, this more than anything happening in the election will affect every American if it’s not attended to before the end of the month.

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights downplays religious liberty in new report

This Senator wants to ban doctors from dismembering unborn babies in the womb

NCAA pulls championships from seven North Carolina teams

What would the Apostle Paul say about the 2016 election?

The day after: 9 questions for Hillary

The day after: 9 questions for Hillary…American Thinker: Hillary’s health no longer just a conspiracy theory

…Politichicks: Hillary’s long term health mysteries

Media that wrote off questions about Hillary’s health as conspiracies intrigued by idea she’s being poisoned

Barack Obama and the lessons of 9/11

America needs a public option for the internet

DC Appeals Court approves voting by illegal immigrants

Do Democrats want to replace Hillary?

Do Democrats want to replace Hillary?…Politico: Contingency plan?

…Mediaite: Cokie Roberts thinks so

…American Thinker: Hillary’s big problem is the “dump Hillary” impulse among powerful Democrats

…CR: When you’ve lost David Axelrod, you have a problem

…Chron: Conservative media – and NPR – entertain the possibility of a Hillary Clinton replacement

Fearful investors read anxiety from central banks as global stocks, bonds fall

Alphabet (the company that owns Google) teams with French drugmaker Sanofi in a half-billion dollar diabetes venture

Economists: Growth expected for at least 2 more years

Worries about Fed sends stocks down

How Goldman plans to turn retail deposits into Wall Street-style profits

China crude output drops to 6-year low as giants shut fields

Chevrolet Bolt aims to take electric cars mainstream

Samsung, LG sued over alleged ‘no poaching’ US recruitment policy

World stocks advance after worries over Fed rate hike ease

U.S. bars Christian, not Muslim, refugees from Syria

Prager: How is the Godless west working out?

Massachusetts joins the LGBT assault on religious liberty

Israel slaps down Syrian claim over downed jet

North Korea: Another Obama failure

The “strength” of Vladimir Putin

Kerry: “Red Line” Obama now officially working with genocidal Assad regime

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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