Area where Ahmad Khan Rahami lived was extreme. Extremely Democratic.

Ahmad Khan Rahami Home

Ahmad Khan Rahami apparently is not a registered voter. Nor are many of his neighbors in heavily taxed, heavily Democratic Elizabeth, NJ.

There are two registered voters with the surname Rahami who appear in the New Jersey State Voter Registration System records. The voters, 53 year old Mohammed Rahim Rahami Sr. and 26 year old Qasim M. Rahami, are not affiliated with a party. Both share the same address in Elizabeth, NJ, as the fried chicken and fast food store, First American Fried Chicken, reportedly run by the alleged bomber’s family. Upper floors of a house appear to be above and connected with the ground-floor storefront restaurant.

A check of state records shows that virtually all other registered voters with addresses nearby on Elmora Avenue are unaffiliated (no party) or Democrats.

Elizabeth NJ is a sizable central New Jersey city with a population of nearly 125,000. It is so heavily Democratic that in the recent June 2016 primary election for Elizabeth Mayor, the Democratic incumbent ran unopposed while the Republican nomination was unsought, with only two write-in votes in the Republican primary. This past June’s presidential primary turnout showed that only six percent (6%) of the combined party’s primary votes were by Republicans; 94% of the primary votes were by Democrats.  Hillary Clinton carried Elizabeth with over 70% of the vote, getting 7,113 votes to 2,941 for Bernie Sanders. Over on the Republican side, Donald Trump captured nearly 80% of Elizabeth’s Republican voters in the June 2016 primary with 541 of the city’s 678 Republican votes, with John Kasich and Ted Cruz each failing to break 10%.

Home and restaurant listed for sale

The Rahami family doesn’t own the mixed-use property where it apparently lives and runs the fried chicken joint. The last owner of record is an opaque limited liability company called M & M, LLC. That entity was formed in 2013 out of Monmouth Beach, NJ, almost 50 miles away. and now lists a Union, NJ address a few towns away from Elizabeth. It appears that owner is trying to dump the property, having bought it for $250,000 but now listing it for under $80,000 since June 2016, according to this broker’s website. The property taxes relative to the property value are eyepopping — public records indicate the current tax bill for this plot is over $11,500. That’s a tax bill sure to depress property values in any economy.

Eric Dixon

Eric Dixon is a conservative lawyer, campaign strategist and blockchain technology innovator. He has been an election lawyer and delegate candidate for the presidential campaigns of Ted Cruz and Steve Forbes, and has successfully represented media organizations including National Review in lawsuits against the government. A Yale Law School graduate, Mr. Dixon is headquartered out of New York and represents companies, entrepreneurs and investors on financing, corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues. Mr. Dixon is also a former radio talk show host, think tank research director and has completed thirteen marathons.

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