Take a stand (seat) against oppression, Colin!

Colin Kaepernick

Let’s first be clear, it’s not about Colin Kaepernick’s Constitutional rights. He has the right to be ugly if he chooses. The issue is whether he should do it or not. If his cause for raising awareness is based on truthful evidence, then his effort to bring attention to it is valid. Therefore, the biggest question that needs to be answered is: Are people of color still oppressed? Let’s examine.

Of course there will always be racists out there who intentionally harass, oppress, and discriminate against people of color, but that’s not Colin’s point. He wants to raise awareness of oppression on a SYSTEMIC level. Meaning, he wants to stop the institutions who are doing the oppressing. Primarily, the police, in his opinion. So let’s look at the most high profile cases of alleged police brutality over the last few years.

The list includes Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, and Eric Garner. Of these, the cases where the jury indicted (Walter Scott, Laquan McDonald) justice has been served. In the remaining trials that have concluded, (some are still ongoing) the jury has determined the officers involved were not guilty of any malfeasance. Even in cases where it is apparent the officers did make mistakes, there is no evidence of racism. You can disbelieve it, but to do so is to disagree with the jury of their peers, not the system.

Colin might also say the problem is that blacks are targeted by police more often – but he has the cause and effect backwards. It’s because crime occurs more frequently in areas of poverty that police have to focus their efforts on those areas. Let’s imagine you have a problem in your neighborhood with mice vandalizing some homes. Is it oppression of your neighbors to put more cats near homes where the most mice are committing the acts? Of course not.

What Kaepernick ought to be doing instead of complaining about police brutality is encouraging people of color to be fathers and husbands. Inspire them to maintain a job and be responsible for their own success. Encourage them to improve themselves so they can advance at that job. Stand against the welfare state which encourages them not to work and teaches fathers that it is not necessary for them to stay in the home.

Single mothers with kids are 4 times more likely to remain poor than married mothers with kids! Two-thirds of all poor families with kids are single-parent households. There is no disputing that marriage is instrumental in reducing poverty. Yet, the number of children born out of wedlock has dramatically increased since the war on poverty began.

In addition, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2014 people living at or below poverty had twice the rate of violent crime as people from high income households. Isn’t it obvious, then, that the biggest source of systemic oppression comes from those who advocate more welfare?

To sum up the transitive welfare oppression:

The welfare state replaces the need for men to stay in the home. When those men leave, single mothers are four times more likely to remain poor. Crime comes twice as much from poor households. Law enforcement is much more likely to police areas where more crime occurs. Thus, ignorant backup quarterbacks sit down during the National Anthem and ruin my favorite Sunday pastime.

Dan Alexander

A full time engineer by trade, Dan is a conservative, Christian, father, and veteran. He considers himself a rebel against the dominant liberal culture.

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