Depraved silence: Ignoring the obvious Hebrew target of the the New York City bomber

Saturday night’s terrorist attack in New York City had an obvious motive.

The bomb was placed in a dumpster, right in front of a storefront for the “King David Gallery 23” at 131 West 23rd Street.

King David Gallery

King David, for the uninformed, was the Hebrew king who battled Goliath, among others. But there is a second and more recent meaning of huge significance: the King David Hotel was named for David, and it was the site of the Irgun terrorist bombing in 1946 of the hotel then serving as the British administrative headquarters for Palestine.

Looking at the photo above, note the scaffolding above the storefront. Unless you are right in front of the store, you can easily miss the store’s name. Yet the significance has to be there, and to the knowledgeable, it is obvious. Almost too obvious.

In fact, the Hebraic connection is so clear that to ignore, downplay or refuse to mention it reminds the observer of the judgment by the fictional Nucky Johnson character from “Boardwalk Empire,” who remarked to a lying adversary:

“You’re too smart, to be that dumb.”

Here, the unspoken connection must be made: A Muslim terrorist set off a bomb in front of a Jewish store, and not merely any Jewish store, but one bearing the name of the hotel in the infamous 1946 Jewish terror attack on Palestine. So it isn’t mere terror. It is terror with a specific faith in mind, and a particular political agenda – vengeance – which at the very least is a plausible motive.

The silence by the authorities regarding this connection is deafening. Yet it isn’t the only highly concerning behavior in the wake of the bombing. Despite the authorities’ proficiency and success in apprehending the main suspect, Ahmed Khan Rahami, within some 50 hours or so the area around the bomb site remained remarkably unguarded days after the attack.

Right in front of the King David Gallery 23 on Wednesday was an identical small dumpster, apparently unguarded.

King David Gallery Dumpster

This dumpster is identical to the dumpster in which the bomb was placed and successfully detonated Saturday night.

But across the street? Another unguarded dumpster, and this one is huge!

King David Gallery Dumpster Across the Street

Also escaping press attention is the property damage to the brick building above the King David Gallery and the scaffolding. The front facing the street lost every window to the blast.

King David Gallery Windows

Eric Dixon

Eric Dixon is a conservative lawyer, campaign strategist and blockchain technology innovator. He has been an election lawyer and delegate candidate for the presidential campaigns of Ted Cruz and Steve Forbes, and has successfully represented media organizations including National Review in lawsuits against the government. A Yale Law School graduate, Mr. Dixon is headquartered out of New York and represents companies, entrepreneurs and investors on financing, corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues. Mr. Dixon is also a former radio talk show host, think tank research director and has completed thirteen marathons.


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