Jason Falconer and yesterday’s links

We’ve had more than a couple of days worth of stories building up. Perhaps the most interesting and under-covered is the story of the man who stopped the Minnesota ISIS stabber. The 2nd Amendment is alive and well and demonstrating its importance regularly.

NBC deceptively edits Hillary video to make Trump look bad on Chelsea bombing

The problem with Hillary

Hilarious hammering of the colossal Clinton book dud

Court rules man treated for mental illness can have a gun

China is supporting Syria’s regime. What changed?

Hawaii vetoes major solar power project

George Will: Pat Toomey’s choice

Sound economics protects us from locos

Time for elected Supreme Court justices? Probably not

On top of a mountain of debt

The secret law for Wall Street

Samsung Electronics says sold shares in four companies

Big government and big sugar are a big problem

Pharma lobbying held deep influence over opioid policies

Watchdog: U.S. government “violating law” by funding pro-BDS campus centers with tax dollars

Brown University reinstates ROTC for first time since Vietnam War

Will Christian colleges unite against the NCAA?

Wheelock College and its former president sued by Jewish professors for antisemitic discrimination

Ahmad Khan Rahami captured
Ahmad Khan Rahami captured

…Guardian: Live updates

…NY Times: Police raid NJ home

…CNN: Found sleeping outside bar

…Right Scoop: How it went down

Trust me

Free trade brings abundance. Protectionism brings scarcity.

More than 40 North Dakota farmers lobbying in Congress

Candidates can’t campaign as dividers and govern as unifiers

This badass Army helicopter pilot tells her Kiowa Warrior story

According to the ex-chief of Turkish counter-terrorism, Erdoğan is protecting ISIS

America faces a new world, and we are not prepared

Israel alone is considered the “occupying power” by the U.N.

Pro-painkiller echo chamber shaped policy amid drug epidemic

Obama and Netanyahu to meet Wednesday

How Captain Kirk celebrated the Constitution on Star Trek

Codias: A new social network for conservatives

Media bias alert: Gun owners attacked

Governor Bullock lied to Montana voters on 2nd Amendment support

Anti-gun LA Times encourages another erosion of 2nd Amendment

Sowell: There are no good choices, but nevertheless we must choose

What conservatives can learn from Gary Johnson

Missing fingerprints lead to over 800 wrongful U.S. citizenship approvals. A note to DHS: You’re failing miserably at the wrong time.

Gary Johnson is glad no one got hurt in most recent Islamic terror attacks

Syria cease-fire falters as international support group meets for crisis talks

…CNN: Outrage after aid convoy, warehouse attacked in Syria

…BBC: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit

You can be Jason Falconer

You can be Jason FalconerFederalist: Hate of evil should supersede any fear of the 2nd Amendment

CNN: Ahmad Khan Rahami: What we know

Telegraph: Rahami possibly radicalized in Afghanistan

Federalist: It’s deadly to pretend ISIS doesn’t mean what it says

CNN: 7 questions about the bombings

TNA: Area where Ahmad Khan Rahami lived was extreme. Extremely Democratic.

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