Charlotte riots and yesterday’s links

The riots in Charlotte continued into a second night. We now know that they didn’t get too bad the following nights, but it could get worse now that videos have been released of the incident. However, those are for a future archive. For now, here’s what was happening before…

Socialism’s left Venezuela a “walking dead” nation

IRS commish’s case against his impeachment in a nutshell: It might dissuade the incompetent from entering “public service”

More Obama-Kerry disgrace in Syria

Gun found, book still missing
Gun found, book still missing

16 officers injured in Charlotte chaos

…WBTV: Protests erupt after fatal officer-involved shooting in Charlotte

…Charlotte9: Live updates

…Daily News: Cops say Scott was armed. Family disputes claim.

…RightScoop: Multiple videos of the chaos

…NPR: Protesters shut down interstate

…CR: Police Chief calls for “voiceless majority” to stand up

The NY Times’ smear job on Scott Walker had everything it needed other than the facts

Obama “midnight” regulations coming

GOPe budget deal snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Mizzou newspaper fires conservative columnist for “sparking controversy”

Debate moderators: Referees or fighters?

Nevada Attorney General leads 21 states in lawsuit against Obama’s overtime rule

Can Islamic terror be eradicated?

Nearly half of Australians favor a ban on Muslim immigration

Iran “determined” to boost military after U.S.-Israel deal

GOP Senate campaigns being outspent in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire

Hag-ridden by the future while longing for the 50s

Funding Planned Parenthood will end global warming

Military is hostile to Christian beliefs, according to retired Navy chaplain

Disturbing trend of labeling Trump the “Christian” candidate

Muslim rebels murder 26 Christians in door-to-door raid in central African republic

Only in Liberal Land

Hillary struggles to attract Obama coalition of young voters

NRA hits Hillary in new ad

Of course Hillary has a problem with millennials

Facebook: Article about Hillary needing help up stairs violates community standards

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