ICYMI: Harry Reid went off on CNN

Harry Reid Interview

Harry Reid called the latest polls “incorrect” and told the CNN Host “you do them to generate news” saying “I don’t buy your silliness” during a CNN interview. Watch:

Harry Reid, uniquely explained Democrats plunging poll numbers across the country saying to CNN’s, Manu Raju, “your numbers are not fair.” Discrediting the validity of polls is typically a Republican tactic. Hillary and other Democratic candidates down the ticket have been plunging in the polls, especially Harry Reid’s old Senate Seat in Nevada. The amount of pushback displayed by the minority leader is personal, not only is the White House at stake but his Senate seat, which he is retiring from, may go to a Republican as well. The old Harry Reid playbook of essentially lying on the Senate floor about the Republican Nominee such as Mitt last cycle, has had little effect on Trump. All of their typical tricks have been rendered useless primarily because they overplayed their hand early. Once you tell someone that their opponent is Hitler, there’s not much more that can be said. Covering the 2016 election season has been a giant crap show, but a huge treat has been getting to watch the Democrats get slapped around by the Donald.

Raju asks Reid his thoughts on Clinton’s declining polls.

“I want to ask you about your concerns about Hillary Clinton’s numbers right now,” he said. “She is struggling. Why do you think–what does she need to do–”

Harry Reid stops him mid-sentence.

“You listen to me,” Reid said, “You keep going back to your numbers. Your numbers are not fair. They’re not reliable.”

Reid also said, “They’re tightening because people like the ones you work for get these cheap polls that they can keep making news on.”

Raju accused the Senator of using the Senate chamber to attack Democratic political opponents saying, “I mean, you’ve been going after him on the Senate floor where there’s supposed to be business done in the United States Senate,” he said. “You did the same against Mitt Romney in 2012. Is it okay for the Senate minority leader to use the Senate floor to overtly campaign against a presidential candidate?”

Reid excused that by saying it was his job to “point out things that are wrong.”

When asked what Clinton may need to do to turn this around, Reid said he thought Clinton was doing a good job. He followed up by saying, “I don’t buy your silliness with your $500 polls you buy overnight.” He also stated,”I don’t believe them. They’re not right. They’re incorrect. You do them to generate news.”

Raju ended the segment by saying “We spend a little more money on polls than $500.”

It’s amazing how Harry Reid ignores reality. His party’s candidate just literally collapsed, and the video of that collapse went viral for days. His party’s candidate just called half of Trump’s supporters deplorable that went viral spawning shirts and memes. She’s her own worst enemy in so many ways. Regardless of this, her surrogates will just keep spinning.

Kevin Batts

I'm a veteran and I spent two tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m from Oklahoma, but I reside in the great state of Texas. I work in the energy sector. I was raised in extreme poverty by a single parent who did all she could to raise my sisters and I. During my time in the military I struggled with severe PTSD. Without God, I wouldn't have made it through these struggles. My experiences, both good and bad, helped shape my worldview. I’m a believer of conservative and Libertarian principles. In my heart, I'm a Conservatarian, a classic liberal and a promoter of the bill of rights and the rule of law. At the intersection of liberty & justice is where you will find me. I've never been comfortable with blind nationalism. I love America. Most of all I love American exceptionalism. I love the principles enshrined in the bill of rights and the limits placed on the federal government through the constitution. Our liberty is what makes us exceptional. Small "r" republicanism is what keeps us from killing each other. These ideals aren't about perfection. There are no utopias in this life. We can only succeed when we strive to leave each other to our own endeavors with love, compassion and malice toward none.

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