Terrorism, shootings come to a head and yesterday’s links

Between the capture of Arcan Cetin and the release of videos from the police shooting in Charlotte, the weekend came to a conclusion with some big crime news. The question that remains is how much longer this rash of violence will continue to spread.

UAE: Hopes that Iran deal would end its aggression “thwarted”

ABC News: Humanitarian aid is wrong… when it comes from Israel

Boko Haram leader releases new video on Chibok girls

Mariner suspended for Tweets criticizing BLM and Obama

NY Times issues embarrassing correction after asserting that Charlotte police shooting victim was “unarmed”

Sheriff Clarke: “Don’t be scared. Buy a gun.”

Chuck Todd lets guest wrongly claim “vast majority” killed by police are black

The war on guns: Your guide to fighting false media narratives and anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric

L.A. police commission wants LAPD officers to run away when suspect confronts them with a gun

Albuquerque police ignore laws restricting civil asset forfeiture

Anti-police protest organizer released early after being sentenced for injuring a child

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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